I haven't felt this helpless in a long time.

The longing is strong, as my heart starts to pine.

I want to build a path that leads to you,

But I'm totally helpless, there's nothing I can do.

The colors have drained from my world.

My helplessness has begun to tiptoe and crawl.

This loneliness is like a thorn at my chest.

I can't find joy in anything else, I can't find rest.

All I can do is hope and plead and pray.

I keep begging God to help us out of this today.

And yet no magic or miracle happened,

In spite of the teary eyed hours that I have spent.

This unfair fate makes me feel insecure.

What if you forget me baby? How can I be sure?
I believe in you, I believe in us.

I feel helpless, but I know that this time will pass.

Then we'll be stronger than ever before.

I need to tolerate this cruel separation a little more.

As long as in the end I see your face,

I'm ready to face all the obstacles and helplessness.