The Bullied

Chapter Twelve

Karen Jacobs was probably the most shallow and boring girl I'd ever interacted with. Her primary concern in life was standing out from the crowd and always looking her best. Aside from her body, Karen wasn't worth going out with really. Although rare, some girls could be both hot and funny. Well, I was being too harsh on her…Karen had her uses.

No one would ever be able to guess that I, the guy dating the hottest girl in the school, would be screwing around with a loser like Emmeline. Karen was the perfect cover, and too self-absorbed to know that she was just a tool.

I had already messed up by drawing attention to Emmeline early on in second year biology. I would be careful not to make the same mistake ever again. In my defence, I really didn't expect that we would eventually hook up. When I had met her, she'd just gotten me angry and all I wanted to do was push her around. Of course, I can't say that's really changed, but now I can let out my anger in other ways with her...

Third year of high school.

I had been excited to take photography but after a few weeks, I'd started to understand that my teacher, Ms. Kantor, was rarely focused on the class. She always seemed slightly out of it and my guess was that she might be doing drugs in her spare time. I couldn't prove it of course, nor did I care enough to, but she most definitely wasn't completely lucid when she was teaching. Most classes so far had consisted of her assigning handouts about labelling camera parts and looking at her vast collection of photography books "for inspiration." She had introduced the dark room on the first day, a rare day where she'd been clear-minded, but after that she had told us we weren't ready to use the cameras or the dark room.

The frustration and boredom was rampant in the classroom. Seeing as our teacher could barely tell who was who, people often left class after attendance and many disregarded class entirely to sit in groups, chat, text, and eat freely. Our teacher didn't seem to care one way or another and sat at her desk vacantly. I was one of the few students who just sat quietly at her desk and did the assigned work, although admittedly, I had been doing homework from my other classes too when the handouts became too tedious.

In mild irritation, I glanced at my teacher and wondered what kind of grade I would end up with in this class. I was a good student generally, but I got the feeling this teacher would not take note of who actually completed the assigned work and would simply assign marks at random. Sighing loudly, I dropped my pencil and leaned back in my chair. It had been a stupid idea taking this class. It was too late to switch into anything else so essentially, I was just going to have to live with the risk this class posed to my cumulative average. Why did I ever think this would be a good class to take?

I was startled out of my thoughts by my phone vibrating. I froze in terror. I had my phone in my pocket nowadays, for fear of missing texts from Roman. I had already been cornered and disciplined as he put it, for keeping my phone deep in my bag and missing his messages once before.

Swallowing nervously, I pulled out my phone and read Roman's newest message:

Come to the dark room alone. Do it without being seen or there will be consequences.

The dark room? The one attached to my classroom? But why would he want me there? I glanced around my classroom for signs of him. He wasn't here. Actually, how was he going to get past my entire class and get into the dark room? Admittedly, the class wasn't really paying attention to who was coming and going in the room, but it would be a risk nonetheless and if I'd learned anything about Roman recently, he was definitely careful to avoid risks when it came to being seen with me. My phone vibrated again and I glanced down at the screen.

Hurry up.

Deciding now was as good a time as any to get up, I casually made my way over to the back of the room. The dark room entrance was out of sight but I'd need to be sure that no one noticed I'd walked over here. I pretended to look at the photographs hung around the walls near the dark room as I slowly inched my way closer to the black revolving door. I snuck a glance at my classmates and was relieved that no one seemed to have noticed that I was back here. Quickly and quietly, I stepped into the revolving door and entered the dark room.

Almost immediately, I was aware of another presence in the room. I gasped quietly in surprise but otherwise made no other noise. For less than half a minute, I was terrified because I couldn't see anything.

Before my eyes could adjust to the dim red lighting of the room, I was shocked by the sudden rough sensation of a mouth meeting mine. The force of his body against mine propelled me backwards as Roman made out with me, hungry and harsh. His intensity honestly scared me. It felt like he was a starving man and I was the meal he was devouring hungrily. Some might have assumed Roman's kisses were simply passionate but I knew better. Roman wasn't passionate; Roman was feral and bestial. At most, I contributed by remaining passive as he gripped my chin and the back of my head. Right on time, I could feel the heat and desire begin to pulse somewhere in the pit of my stomach, but I refused to acknowledge it. I didn't want to feel this way so I would ignore it to the best of my ability.

As Roman continued to kiss me, I closed my eyes, remaining passive. From his text, I'd expected he was in here waiting for me, but I couldn't understand how he'd gotten in this room… unless he'd been waiting in the room before my class? Impossible. Roman's mouth moved down my neck and I winced as he nipped harshly at my collarbone. There was another door that connected to the darkroom but it was always locked so I'd never seen where it went. Could Roman somehow have the key?

"You know, I've always wondered if it's true that girls have different sized breasts," Roman murmured, snapping me out of my thoughts as he suddenly pulled me away from the wall and spun me around so that my back was turned to him. I shuddered in dread for I had some idea of where this was going. Roman sunk his head into the back of my neck, I could feel his lips stretched into a smirk.

Before I could say anything, he stepped up behind and pressed his entire body into mine. I gasped in surprise as I felt his hands immediately grope my breasts, one in each hand. I could feel the coldness of his hands despite being fully clothed. I could feel my face burning in shame and humiliation. No one else had ever touched me like this, but I knew for certain that I didn't feel any pleasure from him squeezing me, almost clinically. It was too embarrassing to feel anything else.

"Stop! T-This is embarrassing!" I pulled at his hands desperately, but Roman's grip was too strong.

"Yours' seem pretty even," he replied, ignoring my resistance entirely. Roman bit my earlobe playfully and I squirmed my head away from him. "Can't be sure with these clothes on though, can we?" I froze, horrified of what was surely about to happen next.

"Take off your bra, Emmeline," said Roman, all signs of playfulness and amusement gone from his voice. He sounded devoid of all human emotion and coupled with not seeing his face for some time and being in a dark creepy room, this was a literal horror movie in progress.

"No, I can't do that! I can't do it here," I hissed back in mortification and disbelief. I shuddered as I felt his cold fingertips through my shirt as he slowly trailed his hand down my back.

"Do it now. Don't make me ask again. Relax, you can keep your shirt on." The unspoken words between us seemed to echo in the dark room: For now.

"Roman, s-somebody could come in at any sec-" I gasped loudly as I felt Roman unsnapping my bra through my shirt, losing his patience. This isn't happening…

I could feel my bra come loose. Roman quickly moved his hands underneath my shirt to the front of my body and pushed my bra of my body. I was frozen with the terror that he'd touch my bare body and my entire body was tense, expecting to feel his cold touch any second, but he merely chuckled lowly and carefully removed my bra, passing it through both of my arms. He stuffed my bra into his jeans, over my weak protests.

My shirt was pretty thin and I was grateful to have packed a denim jacket in my backpack at my desk. I would head straight for my desk to get the jacket. Roman abruptly drew my thoughts back to him as he moved his hands over my clothed stomach and headed up my body slowly. I drew an unsteady breath and he palmed my clothed breasts in his hands firmly. The chill from his hands was even more pronounced without the protection of my bra and my trembling hands grasped at the tops of his, futilely. In the eerie red light of the dark room of my photography class, Roman's face, his pronounced smirk, was now visible and almost sinister.

"Huh. What do you know. The left one really is a bit bigger."

Mere moments after removing my bra and thoroughly squeezing my breasts through my shirt, Roman decided he wanted to feel them naked next and commanded me to remove my shirt. I protested fiercely in fear that someone may come in and see me topless but Roman had an easy solution.

"Get inside here, no one will see." Roman held the door open to a smaller room within the dark room. I peered apprehensively into the smaller, fully dark room, no larger than a bathroom stall. I remembered Ms. Kantor once saying this inner room was another option for loading film around a steel reel, aside from the option of working in a light-proof black bag with hand holes. The room had creeped me out even back then and I remembered thinking there was no way I would use it; it seemed haunted and shutting the door for complete darkness and silence seemed even more scary. It reminded me of a coffin. I wasn't afraid of the dark, but the room itself felt claustrophobic and it didn't help that people spread rumours that a student had once died in here.

"No way, this room freaks me out. Let's just stop—"

"We aren't stopping yet. Get in there now, Princess, before I get really angry." Roman replied, the warning evident in his tone of voice. Seeing no alternative, I swallowed hard before stepping into the small space. At least Roman would be inside the room with me. Ushered into the room by Roman, I hesitantly entered the small space. As soon as I was fully inside the room, Roman shut the door behind me, trapping me in the pitch-black room alone. No!

"No! No! Let me out! Oh my God! Let me out now!" I panicked, throwing my weight against the door. The door had no lock, but it seemed as though Roman was blocking it with his own body from the other side. Did he plan on trapping me in here? "Oh God, let me out! I'm scared, Roman! I'll listen, I'll t-take it off, just please don't leave me in here alone!" I could make out his muffled laughter on the other side of the door, but even that was incapable of dispelling my fear.

"I'll open the door… but your shirt needs to be off right now otherwise I'm closing you in there again, Emmeline." Mortified, but desperate to get out, I yanked my shirt off my body, shame completely forgotten in the face of fear.

"It's off! I took it off, please open the door!" A second after my plea, the door opened, the faint reddish dim lighting of the dark room a welcome sight after the complete blackness. I made to quickly exit the smaller room, topless, but Roman pushed me back into the room yet again.

"Wait, why? I took it off like you asked!" I protested desperately.

Roman stepped into the small space behind me and closed the door. I felt myself freeze up again in fear, but it was a different kind of fear now. My forgotten shame came flooding back to me and I felt my face ignite all the way down my neck and collarbone as I realized that I was now topless and that Roman had likely seen it all when I'd tried to leave the smaller room before.

In the darkness, I couldn't see the cold hands reaching for me but I gasped as they made contact with my stomach. Wasting no time, Roman's hands roamed around confidently over my stomach, shoulders, arms, and breasts. I could feel my nipples pebbling as he ran his palms over them. Roman seemed to notice this as well because I heard a sharp intake of breath from somewhere in front of me. All of a sudden, his hands disappeared, and I let out a faint sigh of relief. Was it over?

No, not even close. My overly sensitized ears could hear the rustling of fabric. What was he—?

"O-oh!" I gasped, shocked as I felt him step closer to me and embrace me, bare-skinned. He'd taken his shirt off too. His skin, like his hands, was cool to the touch and I shivered in his chilly embrace. Completely silent, Roman moved his chest across mine and I squirmed, uncomfortable from the erotic sensation of my nipples and fleshy breasts brushing against his flat, hard chest. I had never experienced a sensation like this before and I was surprised to find that it wasn't unpleasant at all; in fact, I was shocked to realize that I could feel heat pooling in the pit of stomach. Did all boys feel this solid? Blushing at the realization of what I was doing and how I was enjoying it, I opened my mouth to complain when I lost my voice at the sudden feeling of Roman gently brushing his lips and teeth around my throat and chin.

"Don't speak! Just shut up for a minute, Princess… I need to—"

Roman stopped mid-sentence, but his grip on my arms tightened almost painfully. Perplexed, I was about to ask him to let me go and why was he acting so weird when we both heard it. Giggling. Voices coming from outside.

There were people outside in the dark room.

At most, two people, from the sounds of it. Oh God, why were they in here? What if they tried to come into this room next? We were stuck! If I was caught in here with Roman, the entire school would know. Worse, Roman might still going out with Karen right now (it was hard to keep track nowadays with how often they broke up and got back together) and if she found out, she would be after my blood.

"What do we do?" I hissed, immediately groping around the floor silently for my shirt. If they opened the door, I would not be topless for the whole class to see. Thankfully, I found my shirt discarded not too far from where I stood. Triumphant, I was about to put it on when I realized Roman still had my bra.

"Give me my bra back! We have to get dressed!" Roman shoved my arms aside as I reached blindly for my bra. I know he took it once he took it off. I prayed that he hadn't left it outside.

"Shut up, you idiot! Stop moving around! They're gonna hear you thundering around like an elephant!"

"They might come in here anyway! I need my bra!"

"Just put your shirt on and stop moving around!" Reluctantly, I did as Roman ordered and slid my shirt over my head. I felt better covered at least. Beside me, I could just barely hear Roman also shrugging his shirt back on. It seemed like it had gone quiet outside again. We both strained our ears for any other sounds outside. Nothing.

"Maybe they're gone?" I asked, hopefully. Roman did not reply but instead seemed to be rustling his pants and suddenly there was a blinding light. Squinting at the sudden blue light, I realized he had reached into his pants pocket and pulled out his cell phone. Oh! I had had my cell phone in my pocket this whole time too! Embarrassed, I realized I could have used my phone as a flashlight when Roman had first trapped me in here. Still mentally kicking myself for my stupidity, I almost missed Roman's blaisé reply.

"Right, I'm outta here. I have to get back to my physics class. This has been a real blast, Emmeline, we should fool around in here again some time, good elective choice." Not waiting for a reply form me, Roman abruptly pushed open the door and I quickly scrambled out after him, back into the red glow of the dark room. Looking around carefully, I breathed a sigh of relief when it became evident that no one else was in the dark room with us anymore.

Roman reached down and grabbed my neck, turning my face up to his and kissed me firmly before turning and leaving through the door that was always locked. Shell-shocked, I could only watch as he abruptly disappeared. My lips tingled from his kiss and I reached up shaky fingers to touch my lips.

It took me a second too late to remember that he still hadn't given me my bra back.

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