Into the lion's den by Disneyluver (this was written in 2003-BK)

Summary: I thought this up during 2003 RV summer camp. However I uh, misplaced it and only found it during 2006 spring break.

Stitch (from "Lilo & Stitch"): She mean she lose it for long time

Disneyluver: No more Chinese food for you and I did not. It was on my Alphasmart!

Stitch: What Alphasmart?

Disneyluver you really want to know (stitch nods) okay (takes a huge breath ) : It's a small good-for-nothing-stupid fossilized embarrassment of a computer with the worst spell check in the world and a super small screen. You can't play games on it or add anything into the dictionary. If you need to print something you have to connect the alphasmart to another computer and download what you need to print to that computer. Basically it is a word processor.

Stitch: Me understand now. Bye-Byes. (he leaves)

Disneyluver: I almost forgot, please remember to review it after you read it. ithank you and now, if there are no more questions, on with the poem!

That time of year is nearing yet again

We must assemble armies brave enough

To take huge risks like the person who walks into the sleeping lion's den

Answering the call will be hundreds of willing loyal men and women

Eagar to go places and to awake the instinct to fight

But a chosen few will we select.

We pray that they will survive the many battles that pave the way to the holy night

For remember this:

Disney's own little Chihiro won the sought after Animated Feature Film Oscar

Not but a few months ago

Ice Age will freeze her in its bitter cold

She'll get naught and they the gold

People did predict.

But what happened was the complete opposite.

The moral from this story is:

At the Oscars until the envelope is opened and read

You never quite know what to expect