Chapter 22
Our Remains

I stared at the floor while I leaned against the couch behind me in the theater room across from Alex. He was tied up, straight jacket style and he'd apparently elected to be bound like this because he didn't trust himself anymore.

It had been an entire day since I confined myself to that bathroom in soggy clothes with a bleak outlook on life. I changed my outfit but that didn't change my outlook on anything. I was still depressed.

I sighed. I had been in this room alone with him for ten minutes now and I still hadn't got the nerve to speak to him or even look at him for that matter.

"How long are you going to be stuck like this?" I finally managed.

"Mo said you were thinking about leaving here." he stated, ignoring my question. That stung.

I finally looked at him. He was on the floor across from me sitting against the wall. I could tell his smile was fake from a mile away. There was probably more pain behind it than what I was feeling.

Did he feel like he failed me?

I couldn't think of anything to say.

Both of us were broken.

"I don't know what to do." I mumbled. The awkward silence was killing me. The air grew stale in the several minutes that passed between when he and I spoke.

"Do whatever you must." he said indifferently. I could tell he wanted to say something else, but the words got lost between thought and feeling.

We both knew this didn't feel right.

More silence. It washed through the room like a torrential wave and I kept getting stuck in its undertow. I'd never thought of silence being so loud it was deafening, but today, it did.

Alex lunged at me. In my effort to escape I saw those intimidating emerald eyes smirk at me. He was tied up. It wasn't like he could do harm.

I ran out of the room before I had a chance to be caught like a deer in the headlights. Damian was obviously back. I slammed the door shut, successfully keeping that monster in the room. Mo came running my way.

"Are you okay, kid?" he asked.

The words didn't register. I stepped aside and let Mo do his business with that monster in the room.

I found myself in the closet by the front door searching for a coat as if I were on autopilot now. I had 4 more hours until daylight hit.

I ached inside as if a million barfing butterflies had consumed me and spat me out into little pieces across the hardwood floor I was walking across. I tried my best not to cry. I'd shed way too many tears this week.

I couldn't stay here if I wanted to save my sanity. I couldn't leave if it meant losing Alex. When I really thought about it, I wasn't going to get Alex either way.

'Be strong.' I reminded myself. I felt so weak. When I finally made it to the door, I looked behind me. The room was empty. Just a bunch of living room furniture and that wall of windows.

I would miss this place.

With a deep breath, an incoming bout of nausea, and a roaring fit of uncertainty and fear of the unknown, I did the only thing that I could: I left.

A/n: Two really short awkward chapters. Sorry. The end of this story was hard for me. Be on the lookout for the sequel. I will have the first chapter up soon. Thank you for reading!