Why do I play the game?

I play because I like the taste of dirt in the morning.

I play because I swing for the fence

I play because I was too pretty to be a cheerleader

I play for the bruises

I play to win

I play because they said I was too rough for football

I play because it's where 12 girls become 1 family

I play for the fun times and the friendships

I play for the early mornings and late evenings

I play to hit the long ball

I play to get bruises, to get scars and to make the winning catch

I play to see beautiful sunsets

If this game were any easier it be called baseball

It's 7 innings. 4 bases. 2 teams. 1 game. 1 family.

There is no second place finish

There's 1 winner and 1 loser.