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Celia woke with a start. When she had fallen asleep, the sea had been cal,. Now there was a terrible storm. She heard the boat crunch.

She reached for her glasses, she was practically blind without them, and got up. She felt icy water at her feet. She let out a stifled scream. The boat was sinking.

"Emily! Rick!"

Emily was her four year old daughter and Rick was her boyfriend. They had been together for about a year now.

Her foot bumped something. She put her glasses on and fell down to her knees in shock. It was Rick, a bloody gash on his head. There was a blood reaching around her in the water that was now two inches high.

"What do I Do?" she thought. "Check for a pulse!"

She felt his neck where his jugular vein would be. No pulse. She bent over and hugged her knees. She felt like she wanted to give up. She started to cry and rock back and forth.

"Mommy," she heard. Emily was calling her. She had a job as a mother. She couldn't give up. She listened and followed her daughter's voice. She found Emily in her bed under the blanket, crying. Celia felt a new strength rushing through her.

"Come here sweetie. Grab your blankie, were gonna get on the raft."

"Where's Ricky?"

"He's on another raft," she said as she faked a smile. "He'll meet us at home." She tried not to cry or stop smiling as she said this, it would break Emily's little heart. As they were leaving the cabin, she tried not to look back and Rick's bleeding body, and the blood spreading farther and farther in the water.

The wind was blowing hard up on the deck. The rain was falling so hard it stung, icy cold daggers against Emily's and Celia's skin. Celia almost slipped, but she kept her balance. Her glasses had fallen off though. She paid no attention though, she was practically blind from the rain anyway.

She felt her way to the raft, and pushed the inflate button. She grabbed the survival bag that was right next to it. It contained a few days worth of water and food and a small portable radio.

She sat their holding Emily, who had fallen asleep shivering. She held her as close as she could, tightly wrapping the blanket around her, trying to keep her as dry and warm as she possibly could.

The storm died down after a few hours. Celia felt exhausted and started to drift into a deep sleep. She didn't dream at all.


She woke with a start. She looked around, just the sea and her and Emily on the raft. She started to close her eyes to sleep again.


` Her heart started to race, immediately she was fully awake, adrenaline pumping through her. She crawled closer t the edge of the raft and peered over. A large shark, fifteen sixteen feet, was circling the raft. Every now and then bumping the boat, eager for a meal.

She looked around again, hoping to see land or a boat. All She saw was a blur of ocean and sky. She was helpless without her glasses.

"We didn't go out that far," she thought. "I don't have my glasses, were probably close. We'll be rescued soon." She decided she was safe and went back to sleep.

Emily woke up a few hours later, she was cold and thirsty. Very very very thirsty.

She looked around and saw water all around. No boats or land. Just water.

"Mommy I'm cold and thirsty." She nudged her mom. She was hot to the touch.

"Sleep some more…you'll…feel better…." Her mom went back to sleep. Emily tried to wake her again, but her mom didn't budge.

Well, she could get water herself, right? There was water all around her! In fact, maybe if she drank enough, they would get home! She was so thirsty that she could drink the whole ocean she thought.

She crawled over to the edge of the raft sleepily. She leaned over the rubber edge and went to put her hand in the water to drink. Wait…where'd her arm go? It was just there… She fell back in shock, fully awake now, and terrified. She wasn't in pain yet, it hadn't registered.



"My arm's g-gone!"


"No, look mommy!"

She opened her eyes. She couldn't see well with out her glasses.


As Emily got close, she felt a warm liquid drip on her. Her heart skipped a beat.

"Oh my god!"

Emily bent over and threw up bile. The pain had finally hit her. She started screaming at the top of her eyes, tears pouring from her eyes. The pain was too much for the small girl.

"I HATE YOU!" Celia screamed at the top of her lungs. She hated the sharks that had hurt her daughter, the most precious thing to her. The only thing she had to live for. She hated there position. She hated Rick for dying on them. She hated the cold. And the sea that trapped them from getting home. She hated the pain her daughter was in. She hated the fever she had that made her weak.

"It's gonna be O.K.," she said. She took her shirt off and wrapped it around her daughter's bleeding stump. She needed to stop the bleeding.

She held it for hours, the bleeding not stopping. Emily had finally calmed down, she had passed out from pain. She looked around to see if there was something to help. Her eyes landed on the survival bag. The radio!

"Hello? Hello? HELLOOOO?" No answer. She tried again and again, stating there area and situation. "Please someone answer! My daughter could die!" Still no answer.

"Ugh!" She threw the radio down. Emily groaned and Celia went and lay down next to her. She felt colder than normal, or was Celia's fever that high?

She was home! They had found them! Oh finally! Emily wasn't in pain, they had treated her, they had found Rick, he wasn't dead. He just had a small concussion. The she opened her eyes. Emily was gone. She started to panic.

"Emily! EMILY!"

She woke with a start. How long had she been asleep? Days? Weeks? Or was she hallucinating again? She had gone days without food and water, and she was freezing. Emily was barely there, she was in so much pain. Her arm had slowed the bleeding though.

"Emily?" No answer. Usually she would answer with a groan or some kind of movement or sound. "She's in too much pain to answer now," Emily thought.

Emily glared at the sea. She hated it, but she loved it as well. It put Emily in pain, but it could take it away. It provided escape. Emily was going to die soon, possibly before Celia. But what if Celia died first? Emily would be all alone…

"What if someone comes and saves you?" a voice asked.

"No ones coming! We've been waiting for days, no ones come! We drank all the water, were going to die now," she said in reply to herself.

She looked at the blurry form of her daughter, she wished she could see a clear view of her face one more time. Emily, the most precious thing to her in the world. She couldn't bear for her to be alone in this raft.

"Emily…what I'm about to do is because of love, O.K.? I love you."

"I love you too mommy," she heard in reply. She didn't know if it was real or her imagination. "A hallucination…" she decided. Her daughter was in too much pain she hadn't answered her before.

She picked up her most prized possession, her daughter. She hugged her tight and held her tight for minutes. She could feel her daughters breathes. Her heartbeat. Her warmth. Then she decided she needed to get it done now, otherwise she wouldn't be able to do it. She held her head up and kissed her forehead.

"Mommy, look a boat!" she heard Emily say.

"I wish there was too, but I know it's my imagination. My body's telling me not to do this..."

"Goodbye…I love you so much," she said aloud, then he dunked Emily down into the sea, the water was freezing on her arms. Tears streamed down her face and her body shook in grief as she felt her daughter's feeble struggles. They stopped after a while. Celia couldn't count the seconds, they were the last seconds of her daughter's life.

Her daughter was gone. Drowned by her own hands! Now she waited for death to slowly come. An hour passed by like this.


Celia thought she had imagined the ahoy she had just heard. She looked behind her, just in case. Sure enough, there was a boat.

"She's gone, and, and," she started stuttering out. Emily had really said those things. She would have been O.K. She could have lived. But, Celia had drowned her…

"Who?" she heard the man aboard the ship say.


"There was only you," the man said.

She looked in the water below her. Emily was gone. She bent over in grief and started crying again. Emily had gone off by herself. Celia should have been with her!

"I don't deserve to live…" Celia thought. And because of love, Celia threw herself into the ocean after Emily. She started swimming down and down and down. Everything went cold and black. Then it was over.