Eli Phoenix

The Search for the Phoenix

Book 1

Chapter 1: The Magical Meeting

While I, Eli Phoenix, was worrying about my first day of high school, and in middle of summer school so I could get a study hall. There was a meeting going on in a different realm that would decide the fate of humanity.

In a red fancy room that had a few candles that barely showed the room any light. There was a circular table in the middle of the room with seven men, most of the men looked wise and old. The men were all leaders of there own territory in the world of magic. There names were Lybon, Resormont, Prestice, Gant, Tribon, Rheth, and Polo.

"Why have you called this meeting Lybon?" a man slouched over in his chair with greasy black hair and a green cloak that matched with his eyes named Prestice asked.

"Well Prestice I have heard some of you are planning to attack the human world which would bring on a war." A long white haired man, named Lybon, answered in a calm voice.

"Yes we are." a man with long gray and black hair named Resormont answered. "And I don't plan on stopping so if you want to declare war declare war."

"I will not declare war until there is an attack or anything that would upset me." Lybon said.

"I'm sorry to say but there will be something that upsets you so I think that we should choose our sides and then get ready for a war." Resormont said.

"All right, raise your hand if you would like to fight the war to destroy the human race." Lybon announced.

Resormont, Prestice, Rheth, and Tribon raised their hands. Rheth was the youngest, but the most powerfullest. He was an elf, but when I say elf I don't mean one of those small guys I mean a human sized elf. He had brown hair that stopped at his shoulders. Rheth was very well known for his torturous ways and misuse of power. Tribon was an elf too. Tribon wasn't to well known and didn't do too much, but all of the things he has done didn't make anyone to happy. He had really long blonde hair and was reckless. Prestice is a horrible leader. Whatever Resormont would do Prestice would do.

"So does that mean Polo and Gant are on the side to keep the human race alive?" Lybon asked.

"Yes!" Gant and Polo answered in unison.

Gant was an old Troll with brownish, whitish hair that wasn't to long. Real Trolls are basically just look like humans but are short and stubby. Polo was an elf. He was young with perfectly flowing blonde hair.

"We will all go back to our kingdoms and await a war. There will be no injuries or attacks today. Now we shall declare this meeting over and leave this premises at once." Lybon got out of his chair and left through the doors behind Resormont. Slowly everyone else started to leave.

Resormont teleported back to his kingdom because he is a wizard. He appeared in front of his kingdom and went to his room while stooping to talk to people on the way. Once at his room he sat there staring at a piece of paper. Then Tribon and Rheth appeared with Prestice. Prestice had teleported them to Resormont.

" What are your plans for the invasion Resormont?"

"Look for yourself." Resormont held the page up to their faces.

"It'll take a few days to get the soldiers ready and then another few to travel the distance, but it would work." Tribon said.

"So we come in from one side at first and then while they are all distracted we will invade them from all the other sides?" Rheth asked.

"Correct" Resormont said.

"And, Resormont, we will be invading Lybons kingdom?" Prestice asked.

"Yes and then the war will be over in a day because Lybons palace is the only thing on the enemies side keeping us from winning." Resormont said.

"Then we shall attack and conquer." Rheth said.