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The Dragons' Eye Chronicles

Book II: Shadowsong

Chapter 1: Learning isn't Fun

"You are the most despicable child in this entire school!" The principle of Crescent High hissed.

Randy blinked, trying to keep the smile off his face. "Thank you."

"You set off a stink bomb in the science room."

"No, I did the lab incorrectly, making it smell bad. Blame sulfur, not me." Randy pointed out easily. He had done the lab wrong. He just didn't know it at the time

"Then you managed to catch the class room on fire!" The women's eyes bugled as she read of the paper the science teacher had sent her, describing what had happened.

"Okay, that wasn't my fault either. Someone knocked the alcohol burner over. Who knew sulfur was flammable?"

"According to Mrs. Sneggs, you learned it was flammable two chapters ago."

"Eh, I forget fast, and I didn't do well on that test." Randy shrugged. By now he was used to this scolding. He'd been down here at least once a week for the last two months.

"Where is Rebecca?" She asked, finally realizing that she was missing a child she needed to be yelling at.

"Becca is at the nurse. She got burned."

"Ah. See what happens Randy? Play with fire and your friends get burned."

"No, actually. I got burned too, but you dragged me here against my will." Randy started to roll back his sleeve to indeed show that he had been burned but she ignored him and continued.

"You are perfectly fine Randall. I brought you here to teach you—."

"The same lesson you taught me last week. Yeah. Got it down pat."

"Then why do you keep on-?"

"Hey…" Becca called, peeking in after a quick knock on the door. "You wanted to see me?"

Randy glanced back at his best friend a little worry coloring his expression. He quickly noticed the bandage that covered her right palm and went halfway up her arm.

"Yes, come in Rebecca."

Becca grimaced at her full name. She hated it with a passion only a 15 year old could muster.

She plopped into the chair across from Randy and asked him quietly from the side of her mouth, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," He whispered back.

"Quiet!" The principal snapped at them, making Becca jump. Randy rolled his eyes. "I will not have you two—."

"Lindsay? I can handle them." Another person peeked in. It was the assistant principal, someone who was considerably nicer to children ands didn't hold a hate for the world.

"But, Miss Korff-."

"I can handle them." She repeated slowly, motioning for Randy and Becca to come with her to her office.

They both jumped out their seats, following her without question.

When they arrived in her office, Randy's mom sighed. "What am I going to do with you Randy? Everyday week you get into even more trouble than the week before."

"Sorry Mom. It's not me. I don't try to do it."

Lynn Korff closed the door quickly prior to taking a seat at her desk.

"But you did Randy, and pretty soon, the principle is going to start you with suspension and expulsion and then you'll be out of another school. Again. And I had to work hard just to get you accepted here where I could keep an eye on you."

"It really wasn't his fault, Mrs. Korff. I was there. Whatever Mrs. Sneggs said is bound to be a lie. She always lies about this stuff."

"Why would she lie about her room catching on fire?" She asked incredulously.

"Because she started it!" Randy burst out.

Mrs. Korff sighed again, resting her elbows on her desk and placing her head on her hands. "Start from the top, Becca."

Becca nodded. "We had just finished setting up the apparatus for our science lab. Sneggs came over to us, and told us we set it up wrong, so Randy reached out to put out the flame for the alcohol burner and…it just kind of exploded. It caught the sulfur from the experiment on fire, conveniently creating a sort of stink bomb."

"It exploded?"


"Did you guys get hurt?"

Becca showed Randy's mom her arm and said, "Randy got the worst of it though. I just got burnt."

"Let me see. Did you go to the nurse?" She asked, eyes filled with mom-like worry.

Randy rolled up his sleeve carefully, wincing as he did so to show her the large burn covering most of his right arm. Small bits of glass had also been imbedded in the wound from the glass alcohol burner breaking. "No. Mrs. Whatsherface didn't believe me and wouldn't let me go to the nurse because she thought I might escape."

Lynn picked up the phone on her desk, dialing the extension to the Nurses office.

"Hi, Sarah. Could you come down to my office?" A pause as Nurse Sarah Dunlap answered on the other line. "Yeah, it's Randy. Thanks. Bye."

"I'm fine, mom." He protested. He wasn't much of a doctor person.

"No, you're not. Let me see it again."

Randy held out his arm again for her to look at. It wasn't a good sight to see for a mother—it was a terrible looking wound, like a burn that hadn't quite healed right and would always bleed and be a never-ending injury that would always plague him. It didn't bleed too much right after, but now it was starting to stain the white of his sleeve dark red. Glass shards also managed to get imbedded it his skin, causing even further damage and more pain.

Randy didn't show that it was hurting though, if only for his mothers sake.

When the nurse showed up with half a hospital crammed into her bag, Randy only winced once, and tried to get off the topic of his injury as the nurse set about to picking out the glass.

"So…I heard we're getting some new kids. In our grade, right?"

"Yes. They're orphans, so don't be hard on them. I haven't heard their names yet." She replied as she wrote a pass for Becca to go back to class. Becca took the pass but didn't leave right away. She sat there for a little longer, waiting for Randy so they could head to the next class together. The had six out of eight classes together, the only difference being that was in while he was in orchestra and he was in advanced English instead of English 9.

"Make sure you change that was a day till it's better Lynn." Nurse Dunlap commented before walking out.

"Thanks Sarah!" Randy's mom called after her. Lynn finally turned back to the children again.

"Becca do you know what chorus class Mr. Westin has right now?"

"Chambers, I think. Why?"

Mrs. Korff picked up the phone and dialed a number. While she waited for someone on the other end to pick up, she said, "I want you two to go down there for the rest of the period until I sort out where I can put you." Someone on the other end got the phone. Becca guessed it was probably Mr. Westin.

"Hi, Michael. Do you mind if I send Becca and Randy?" A pause as the chorus teacher responded to the question. Lynn's expression brightened. "Thanks Michael. They'll only be there during fourth period for a day or two. Thanks."

Lynn smiled at them. "He said it's fine as long as Randy doesn't mind singing."

Randy automatically groaned. "It'll be like High School Musical all over again, and this time I'm the lead hot guy who wants to sing and play basketball."

His mother chuckled when he said 'lead hot guy'

"You suck at basketball." Becca reminded him quizzically.

"I know. That makes it worse."

"Go on guys." Lynn said after writing out a different pass for Randy and fixing the one she handed to Becca. "You only have a half an hour before class ends then your back to the usual schedule."


"Hi Becca." Mr. Westin greeted them as they walked into the large classroom that was pretty much empty. There were only twelve kids in the Chamber Singers, the best the entire school had to offer when it came to singers. "You must be Randy. You ever sing before?"

"Only in the shower." Randy answered truthfully.

The entire soprano and alto section consisting of six girls started giggling hysterically. Randy smiled at them widely, unknowingly putting his charming face on. This only made them blush and laugh harder.

"Well, you sound more like a tenor, so here." Mr. Westin handed him a stack of photocopied music, all for tenors. "You read music?"

"Yes." Randy answered as he walked into the group Becca pointed out as the tenors. There were only three of them and they all looked like nice guys around or above his age, but he guessed they must have been seniors, cause he didn't know any of them.

"Okay, we're going to jump right into this, so sight read. Try not to drop out of it." He added. Randy smiled. He was a pretty good sight reader. His smile disappeared after the next thought. But I've never really sung in front of people before…

The teacher gave the staring pitches on the piano and let them hum for a second before starting playing the piano part to the song. Randy found it vaguely familiar, but he couldn't place it. He kept his eyes on the music and came in on cue, hoping to god he didn't sound terrible compared to everyone else.

"Five hundred twenty five thousand…" They sang. Randy could hear Becca, practically outshining all the other sopranos. He wondered briefly why she didn't join chambers instead of concert choir. She was probably one of the best singers he'd ever heard.

He brought himself back to attention, and kept singing, "In truths that she learned or in times that he cried, the bridges he burned or the way that she died…"

Randy stopped, realizing that he had been the only one to continue on that line by himself. Everyone had stopped, Mr. Westin included.

Now everyone stared at him, and he said with an embarrassed smile, "I'm pretty sure the music doesn't say 'give Randy a solo',"

"Are you sure you've never sung before?" asks meekly.

"Yeah. Seriously. I've never been in chorus before. What's the big deal, though…I'm not that great…"

"Randy…You just saw this music for the first time and you sang better than any of us." admitted one of the tenors he would later learn was named Alex.

"Sorry?" Randy apologized, unsure what else to say.

"Sorry?" Mr. Westin burst out laughing. "You just made my day!"

"Really?" said Randy in a tiny voice.

"Yeah!" The chorus teacher exclaimed, amazed at this lucky find. Who knew he'd find a nother good singer. Truthfully, he wished that it would take more than a few days for things to get back to normal. He was happy to have another good voice in the group. Especially one so brilliant and wonderful.

"Tell me, you play an instrument?"

"Yeah. Trumpet."

"Cool. All right. Come here minute. You too, Becca. The rest of you can have a study hall if you want. Just be quiet." The group let out a quite cheer, and put their things away, instead pulling out homework or other things to work on.

Randy and Becca glanced at each, standing by the piano where Mr. Westin sat, pulling something out of a thick music folder Becca had never seen before. It was covered in dust, which he blew off before opening.

He flipped through it, until he found what he was searching for. It was a piece of music, a duet from some play no one had heard.

"The Requiem of Wind?" Randy asked.

"What is this?" Becca asked, glancing at each page briefly.

"A musical. One of my students wrote it and gave it to me before she graduated. She said if I ever found the right people I was supposed to produce it for her through the school.

Randy groaned on the inside, thinking to himself, this is just like High School Musical! Why'd I have to jinx myself?

"You want us as the lead parts?" Becca said, her voice going squeaky. Randy knew she loved acting and wanted to do it as a career. It was her dream to have a lead role.

Mr. Westin smiled and nodded. "Try singing this. I want to see how well your voices blend."

Becca started, her voice beautiful and chilling. The room immediately fell silent, everyone listening in.

Randy had heard her sing plenty of times prior to this, but now, he felt like he was hearing her for the first time, her voice sending him into what seemed like a whole new world.

He was so immersed in it, that he nearly missed his entrance. He came in right in time; his voice melding and intertwining with hers so well that it made everyone shiver.

They sang together for a glorious two minutes, but it felt like so much longer than that. When they stopped, the silence was almost painful to listen. One girl in the alto section wiped a tear from her eye and started clapping. After a moment the rest of the room joined in.

Randy had no idea only twelve people could make that much noise over two people singing.


I woke up with a strangled cry, from whatever nightmare had been plaguing my dreams… I remember bits and pieces of it, but it just kept slipping from my mind. I shivered and ignored it. Who needs to remember a nightmare anyways? They're no fun.

I glanced over and took a look at my dinky alarm clock, noting that it was only about five in the morning. I didn't have to get up until six. I sighed and stood, stretching backward. There was no way I'd be able to fall asleep again.

So, I flicked on the lights and yawned, facing my full body mirror on the door of my tiny closet with slight distaste. My hair was a mess, sticking up in every possible direction gravity would allow, showing that I had tossed and turned most of the night. My eyes were red, like I'd been crying and I looked tired as hell. Well, I felt like it, truthfully.

Well, nothing a bit of makeup couldn't fix.

I picked my outfit first, a dark green blouse with black jeans and my heels. I wasn't ecstatic about walking a mile to and fro to school in them, but it would be worth it. I knew I'd get a ton of looks and it'd be funny to see how Ceriz reacts to that.

I threw that on quick and went in to the bathroom, after grabbing the new hairbrush I bought yesterday.

I ran it through my hair quick, glad that it was cooperating. Using my long bangs, I made a single braid that went across the side of my head and clipped it into place. Next was makeup. I bought a bunch of random stuff. I've never really used makeup before—never really needed it.

I put on the black eyeliner first, struggling because my eyes kept watering and messing it up, but I got it eventually. Next I put on mascara—that was easy enough. Last I added a bit of eye shadow, a dark olive green that matched my blouse. A bit of lip gloss finished the look off.

There. I looked presentable on my first day of school.

Actually, I felt kind of like a model. Or a hooker. Whichever you prefer, really.

There was a knock on the door that nearly sent me flying. "You done?" Ceriz asked impatiently.

I walked to the door, my heels clicking to the rhythm of my walk.

"Yeah." I told him as I opened it. When he saw me, his eyes went wide.

"You look like a…"

"A hooker?" I offered with a smirk.

He grimaced at me. "No. Not at all. More like a supermodel."

I smiled at him brightly. "Aw…Thanks Ceriz!" I gave him a quick hug before heading toward the kitchen.

"Whatdya want for breakfast?"

"Nothing. I'm not really hungry."

I bit my lip and thought about whether or not I was hungry. "Yeah me either." I decided.

"What time is it?" Ceriz asked.

I glanced around, trying to find a clock. When I found one I replied, "About 6:10. Why?"

"We have to leave by 6:30 if we're walking."


Ceriz got dressed and we both brushed our teeth before heading out. I kept one of my satchels so I could carry some notebooks and a folder or two. Ceriz didn't bother with anything.

I was starting to regret wearing heels after about five minutes of walking. My injury kept bothering me, but I tried not to show it.

I was finally grateful for what Maranda had done two days ago, though I told her it wasn't necessary; she had transported over to the school with my harp and dropped it off in the music wing, making sure to lock it up. She made sure they knew it was coming because if someone touched it besides me I would personally kill her.

"Did I tell you my name is different now?" Ceriz said glumly.

I glanced at him with wide eyes. "Really? I guess your name isn't exactly from the right time period."

"Yeah. You have to call me Ian now."

I snorted. "I don't wanna call you that! It sounds so…normal."

He raised an eyebrow at me. "That's kind of the point."

"I'd rather give you a nickname. Everyone else can call you that if they want."

"Well, what're are you gonna call me than?"

I shrugged. "I'll think of something."

"And here we are." I said happily. It was a nice enough looking building, pretty big, a little bit bigger than my old school. "Finally!" I said with a gasp.

"You okay?" Ceriz asked with a bit of concern.

I smiled and nodded at him.

We blended in with the crowd of people getting off of buses and I wondered briefly why we had to walk when the all got to ride on those big yellow buses with wheels and seats.

The first thing we did when we got inside was go to the main office. Three old ladies sat there, chatting happily about the latest gossip.

"Hi…" I started with a smile, "It's our first day… is there anything we need to clear up before we head to our first class?"

"Oh! You must be Raven and Ian!"

I blinked and realized that my name probably got changed too. I don't remember ever noticing that change on my schedule but I may have missed. I kept the smile on my face and just nodded numbly, going with it.

She fumbled with her papers and handed us each a piece of paper with a map of the school on it. "You two might need these… And, the assistant principle will be with you in a moment to take you to your first class and relay some of our policies."

A woman walked through the same door we just came and greeted us warmly.

"Hello! You must be our new kids. Welcome to Crescent Valley!"

"Hi!" I said back quickly, taking an instant liking to her. She seemed nice and had a sensible fashion, dressing her age, unlike the one lady sitting at her computer behind the front desk who wore a sundress. A low cut sundress.

"I'm Mrs. Korff, the Assistant Principle. You must excuse me, but I haven't learned your names yet." The name struck a chord, but I can't remember why…

"I'm Raven Andreievich."

"And I'm Ian Fantis." We said, one after the other.

"Good to know," She replied, happily. "So what is your first class? I presume you have basically the same schedule,"

"Yeah. We both have Orchestra." I confirmed after taking a glance at both Ceriz' and mine papers. I wondered how he got into that…I didn't know he actually played an instrument. I mean he plucked at my harp the other day, but other than that…

"Wonderful. My son actually plays trumpet in the orchestra. I'm sure he'd love to meet you both." She said as she walked us through halls filled with kids our age and beyond.

When we got to the orchestra room, we were greeted by the sound of people talking and instruments being tuned. About thirty people loitered about the large space, talking with friends while they got their things ready to be played.

One boy with dirty blonde hair was discussing something with a girl, probably his girlfriend.

"Randy!" Mrs. Korff shouted. The boy with dirty blonde hair turned and faced us, than started walking toward us, an odd expression on his face.

Something clicked. Randy Korff. Duh. He was the kid we were supposed to befriend. And Becca something. Becca Karter. I'm hoping that's whom he was talking to. That would make things even easier. The girl followed him too.

"What's up mom? Am I in trouble?" He asked quickly.

She laughed. "Not this time honey." He immediately relaxed. "I just wanted you to meet these two. They're the new kids. This is Ian Fantis and Raven Andreievich."

Randy glanced at us both but his eyes stuck on me. "Hello beautiful!" He gave me a lopsided grin. "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" I smirked at him, but stepped closer to Ceriz and said, "Sorry, taken."

Ceriz smiled at me, the first sign of emotion since we arrived.

Randy sighed, "No fun. You leaving mom?" He called to his mother who had somehow sneaked away without anyone noticing.

"Yes. I'll see you later Randy." She was out of sight in a minute.

"Well, as you know, I'm Randy." He said pointing to himself then to his friend, who was silent up till now, "And this is Becca."

"Hiya," She said with a little smile, obviously shy.

He led us back to the teacher's office, which was connected to the music room itself.

"Hey, Mr. Taliani." Randy said, speaking to the bald man who looked somewhat like Captain Picard from Star Trek. He looked like he was in his twenties, probably just out of college.

"Yes? Oh! Ian and Raven I presume?" I wonder why everyone knows our names already.

"Yeah." I said, once again, speaking for both of us.

"Nice to meet you both!" He said, seeming honest. "What do you two play?"

"I play harp," I tell him with another smile. My face was already starting to hurt from grinning so much. And I still had seven more teachers to meet.

"I play piano,"

"Good! Two great editions! I haven't had a harpist or a pianist in years!" He said happily, leading us out of his office and back into the main room just as the bell for first period rang.

"Everyone!" He shouted to get the classes attention, "This is Raven and Ian. They're new, so be nice. I'm certain you'll like them both." Everyone said a quick hello in unison.

Mr. Taliani turned to me; "I received a harp from the principal yesterday… I presume it's yours?"

"Yes, it is. Thanks." He told me where to find it, and let Ceriz take a seat at the single black grand piano in the corner of the room.

I grabbed my harp from the back of the room and took it out, sitting across from Ceriz and at the edge of the violin section.

Ceriz cracked his knuckles and started to play softly.

I played my harp quietly, eagerly accepting the sheet music that one of the students gave me.

"Hi," The girl next to me said. I didn't have to talk to her long to know she was popular. Her tone of voice said it all. "I'm Lexi. I was wondering if you'd like to sit with us girls at lunch."

When I looked at her I knew for sure she was a snotty popular person. She had way more makeup on than was right for a girl her age. Ceriz was right I didn't look like a hooker. She did.

"That's okay," I said politely, "but do you think you could point me to the geeks? I'd fit in better with them. I play Dungeons & Dragons after all," I smile at her sweetly.

Her expression melts into one of horror. "Sure." She says with a squeak.

"Thanks." I reply with another to nice smile. She knows I just totally dissed her without even saying anything mean. I just told her I'd rather hang with the misfits than her. She knows I'm not one of them now, which, I'm glad. Popular people all tend to be snobs.

"Raven, would you like to play something so we can learn a little bit about how you play?" Mr. Taliani asked.

"Sure…." I thought for a moment and decided what to play. I grinned, "If anyone can name this, I am officially your best friend." And I played my song. It was quick, but anyone who's layed a certain videogame would know it.

"It's the Fairy Fountain song!" Randy shouted with a smile, "From Zelda."

"Bingo! Hi new best friend!" Everyone laughed and clapped for me.

Mr. T just smiled. "Your turn, Ian,"

"Okay," Ceriz replied readily, "I'm a little rusty though."

He started playing something I can't even begin to describe. It was a full three minutes of emotions and notes, mixed together until you can't tell them apart. When the last note came to an end, Mr. T stood up and said, " Did you write that piece?"

"Yes. Just now." Everyone clapped even louder for him, including me.

"Ah, you improvise well! You are both such wonderful additions indeed! Now let's get to playing…"

The rest of the day went well enough, most of the teachers kind and pretty awesome. I smiled when I learned that Mr. Taliani was also the ninth grade English teacher. He was turning out to be one of the best teachers ever, besides Mrs. Toward.

There was only one teacher I didn't like. At all. Her name was Mrs. Sneggs. I had her third period, and boy was she mean. When I walked in she didn't even notice me. I sat in the back and waited. When she noticed me, she croaked like someone whos smoked for twenty years, "Who the hell are you?"

I didn't enjoy that. Not one bit. It was even worse because that was one of the two classes I didn't have with Ceriz.

I had chorus with Becca fifth period, and than Art sixth with her again and Ceriz and Randy too. Oh, and I picked out a nickname for Ceriz. Firefly. He grimaced when I used it the first time, but he didn't tell me not to call him that. Truthfully I think he actually likes it.

Overall, it wasn't that bad.

Overall, I might actually enjoy my time here.


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