a/n: no idea where this one came from, y'all. so... r&r. :)

don't leave me, she giggled,
grabbing his hand and laughing.
her teeth glowed in the darkness,
fireflies dancing around them.
and he smirked and poked her arm
and said he wouldn't.
they were fourteen and silly and happy,
and nothing had yet destroyed them.

don't leave me, she begged,
her dimples disappearing as she
touched his cheek.
so he kissed her forehead and wrapped her
in his arms. and he swore
he would never let her go, never
abandon her the way her father
had. he made love to her that night.
they were seventeen and she
was falling apart. he still thought
he could put her back together.

don't leave me, she screamed,
reaching out to him, but he
didn't see; he was too busy striding through
the open door, slamming it shut behind him.
she fell to the ground, wailing, wild,
more alone than she'd ever been.
they were twenty-two and
things could not be the same as before.

don't leave me, she whispered,
sobbing into his chest. a tear slid down
his cheek and he promised he
would never go anywhere again.
he said she was the one he loved;
and he could not be without her.
they were twenty-five
and he was ready for the rest of his life.
but she was not.

don't leave me, he asked of her,
the only time he said those words.
but it was too late and she was already gone,
stone-cold and lost to his world.
he'd never understood just how broken she really was -
but she would never be able to
laugh again. so he was thirty-one and alone,
because she would never turn thirty-two.