Rose was on a late night walk, she did this normally it was so she could escape here family. She turned into an alley, she saw someone running, "hi rose it me Lucius, umm... grab this and this"

He handed her a small packet and gun, "what's with-"

Before Rose could finish Lucius interjected "don't worry about the packet, um... and the gun you know just in case"

Rose grabbed the packet and the gun, the gun looked odd it was different to all the other ones she had seen. "why do I let you involve me with your illegal shit?" Rose asked

"don't blame me, You ran into me" Lucius replied. Rose was still inspecting the gun when it fired. The bullet had gone straight through Lucius's shin muscle, He quickly kicked the bullet away with his other leg, the bullet exploded.

"what the fuck Rose, you shoot me!" Lucius screamed

"I'm sorry, wait no I'm not you deserve it'

"you can kill me later, now see that house, when I say go you climb that fence and hide near that big tree"

"did you hear that, he must be around here" a voice yelled from a passing car.

"go now" Lucius whispered to Rose

"if you're not back tomorrow I will kill you again"

"give me a week you did just split open my shin, but go now"

"If you die I will have your blood on my hands forever"

"there is no forever just today"

"you would say that" Rose glared at Him

Rose started to run, she heard gun shots, screaming and a few small explosions, these must have been from Lucius, why did his bullets explode Rose asked herself. She jumped over the fence, Rose took out one of the bullets. She had a close look, it looked like a screw, she pulled it apart, inside was a small capsule, it seemed to be full of an extremely unstable substances. She tried to remember early in the day during school.

Her and Lucius were sitting in a science lab.

"were are dealing with very explosives powders, if these are mixed correctly they will turn purple and make smoke but if we mix them incorrectly it will make an explosion more powerful than gun powder" the teacher was giving an explanation.

"fuck this is boring, why can't we make it explode" Lucius whispered to Rose. Rose just started at him. "why do you think?" Rose asked sarcastically. One of the other groups made their powders explode. Lucius saw this as a change to escape. "where did he go in such a hurry" Rose asked herself.

Was this what made his gun bullets explode? She asked herself, she realized it was quite, The gun fire had stopped, what had happened to Lucius. Rose peaked over the other side of the fence. All she could see was a massive blood puddle where Lucius was. Rose hoped it was just from her shot. She went home hoping to see Lucius the next day.