Purse Strings / From My First Heartbeat

Cracks of the jigsaw puzzle exasperate the landscape,
but I now see that there is no piece missing and just like another moment
when I realised the tree cannot bear any fruit because of sterility,
this epiphany has inspired me to slash the purse strings that have
kept me tied to an underestimated expectation for the future

Because I finally understand that life has accepted me from
my first heartbeat yet I have constantly avoided the idea that my chance
to make a difference on earth forever is only a moment away
if I simply let my tears be interrupted in favour of a liberating goodbye
to those who tell me that siberia should be acknowledged as my fate

And now that I'm renting this house owned by love, I cannot return
the gesture through ignorance again, rather I must fulfil this obligation
for my sanity and others who are weakening unaccountably in a similar situation
as I currently hold the baton to enthuse others in carrying on the message
through living it, and so here I testify that I take on the challenge with hope of no haw.