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Josje couldn't be more upset with herself; she had officially blown her chances.

Her parents had moved from the Netherlands to Great Britain when Josje was only two years old. They had moved into a small house in Bristol near a rink. Since day one, Josje had been awestruck by the girls who entered the rink all dressed up for skating. She begged her parents to go there every day, and when she turned three, she was allowed to attend her first skating lesson. She couldn't have been happier that day.

She loved her life in Bristol; she had awesome friends in kindergarten and the skating club and her skating improved.

Josje was only seven years old when a coach advised her parents to move to London so she could get a better training. They did everything for their daughter, who was an only child, so they moved to London. Skating became the biggest part of Josje's life and she loved it to pieces.

Yes, she was good at it. Josje had won various championships all across Europe and placed third in the last World Championships. That was nearly a year ago.

But something had changed after Worlds. Actually, her whole life had changed ever since. The day of the long program, just before the medal ceremony, her boyfriend, Dean, had broken up with her. He told her he wasn't able to handle her skating anymore. He said he didn't want to put her into a situation where she had to choose between him and skating, so he'd made the decision for her.

After the ceremony he had left the arena holding another girl's hand. He kissed the girl in front of the arena not knowing that Josje had left the same time. At that moment she knew that all his words had been a line only.

Just a little later her mum was diagnosed with leukemia. The following months had been the hardest. Just two months after the diagnosis, her mum had died.

The solid rock in Josje's life was gone.

After her mum's death, Josje's dad backtracked from everybody. He wasn't able to deal with the lose of his wife.

Josje felt lonely most of the time and cried herself to sleep ever so often. Somewhere along the way, something in Josje broke. She still wasn't able to point out what it was exactly, but it had affected her skating for the worst.

She still landed all her jumps. The spins were there, the posture was good, but still something was missing. She skated just like she had learned it; technique was not the problem, but the expression was. Her heart was missing. At least that's what her coach, Felix, kept telling her.

Josje and Felix had had a lot of talks in the past few weeks and they agreed that maybe turning pro would be a chance for Josje to enjoy skating again. The pressure of the competitions would be gone.

Today was the day of her first try out for a show. She had applied for a show traveling all over Europe and the people in charge had invited her to the tryouts.

That's where she had blown her chance. Injuries were part of skating and everyone knew it, but Josje had always belonged to the lucky group: the one that got away with only bruises. But today she'd fallen not on a jump, no, but in the middle of a footwork.

She fell on her arm and it started to swell right away.

Now Josje and Felix were sitting in the waiting room of the hospital in Cardiff.

"I'm sorry I messed it, Felix!" Josje turned to her coach with tears in her eyes.

"Don't be! It's not your fault. It happens! You'll get another chance!" He placed his hand on her knee, squeezing it gently.

That's when a nurse came by to walk Josje to the treatment room.

"I'll wait right here! And Josje, don't worry!" Felix called after her. Josje turned around and smiled at him weakly.