A pirate's life for me.

Chapter One

Emily turned away from her mirror as voices from the street below drifted in through the window.

"Run and bloody well get them!" A man yelled. Emily glanced out of her window and saw half a dozen men chasing after two obscure figures. Pirates! Emily felt excitement flow through her body. Opening up her wardrobe she took out a pair of black boots, white breeches, a white shirt with puffy sleeves and a black coat with gold coloured buttons. She quickly changed and swooping under her bed picked up a tri-cornered hat. I can't wait! Pulling up her hair she placed the hat upon her head.

Taking a quick look in the mirror she smiled at herself. Although her face looked slightly feminine it still held the features of youth, her chest barely developed gave her a slight boyish figure, standing at five foot eight and slightly muscled arms and legs added further to all the features that allowed her to carry the image of a boy off easily.

"Ye look simply fine." She attempted a deep sailor's accent but only managed the deep part. Shaking her head dismissively, she ran for the stairs and went down two at a time.

Walking onto the cobbled street she moved her head left and right trying too see straight down the street but unable to see anything due to so many people filling up the road.

"Great! Just great." She muttered under her breath annoyed. Taking a deep breath she dashed off down the street. She followed the street straight down to the docks.

"Fuck!" She yelled annoyed at the sight before her. There were four ships before her and she had no idea which one belonged to the pirates. Sighed exasperated, she walked along the dock, scrutinizing the boats; desperate to work out which one belonged to them. She could tell just by looking at the ships that they didn't belong to a bunch of lowly men.

Walking down a set of stairs she walked underneath the gangplank and surveyed her surroundings. The sand was slightly damp and the planks above her dripped slightly. Stepping forward cautiously she checked the area, slightly fearful at who could be lurking in the shadows. She turned round and gaped at the man before her, shocked into silence. The man in front of her had long black hair, which cascaded freely from his head down to his chest. Eyes so dark causing his skin to look chalky pale underneath patches of grime and dirt. He stood well over her, hitting at least six foot four. Most frightening of all was not his long jacket which was black with blood red lacing, nor his height but it was the gold hoops for earrings and the hat upon his head which bore the skull and crossbones. Both key items for a pirate.

She stepped back her mouth moving up and down wordlessly. Conflicting emotions running across her mind. She knew that she should be scared and run as fast as possible but she didn't. Staring up at him she felt excitement and only slight apprehension.

"What's yer name lad?" He asked, inspecting Emily carefully. She looked him straight in the eye.

"Miles." She replied gruffly.

"Ye a pirate lad?" She looked at him carefully and decided to go with the truth.

"No but I stole what I wear now." He grunted in assent and began to walk in a circle around her. Every last inch of her being begged for him not to realize that she was female. A hand grasped her shoulder and she inhaled the smell of tar and rum.

"Welcome aboard the Foe Turn. I am Captain Walder Word and ye Miles are me new crew member."