A pirate's life for me/ Lies and Secrets

Chapter Eight

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She ate her 'bread' slowly but only when it was in her mouth so that she wouldn't have to make conversation with anyone. Tom turned to face her and smiled. She made a deliberate show of chewing to show that she couldn't smile back. He nodded and Emily couldn't work out why he was nodding.

"So lad 'as Jack teached yer the Pirate Code?" He asked grinning. She swallowed and shook her head.

"I wa' teachin' 'im 'ow ta use a cutlass 'nd then the otha Pirate Ship 'ame a'ong 'nd neva go' round ta i'" Jack interjected defensively.

"Tis true." Emily whispered, still unsure about how she should act around Jack. Tom nodded again and she wondered whether it was something he did without even realizing it.

"Wuld yer like ta learn the Pirate Code?" Tom asked.

"Aye." Emily replied, knowing that she could not say no.

"Tis eleven rules 'nd e'ery pirate mus' obey 'em." Tom began wisely.

"Wha' happens if a pirate breaks one?" Emily asked.

"I' depen' on the rule tha' is broken." Jack replied. She wondered whether Tom would be annoyed at Jack for cutting in but he wasn't. Instead he looked at Jack in a way that said continue. "I' ranges from marooning, body par's cut off 'nd death." He said it as if it were something you would say in passing but it turned Emily cold.

"Wha' are the eleven codes or rules?" Emily asked slowly not sure she wanted to know the answer.

"One: Ever'thin' mus' be equal. From shares seized from a raid to the runnin' o' affairs. Two: E'ery man shall be call fairly ta turn by their list on board o' prizes." He grinned broadly. "Tis where yer punished server'y fer breakin' a code. Fer if yer defraud the co'pany yer shall be marooned. If yer rob 'nother man yer ears and lips will be cut off 'nd yer will be marooned" Emily nodded taking it all in. " Three: Nun shall 'ame fer mon'y either wiv dice or cards. Four: candles ta be pu' out a' eigh'."

"Makes sense now." Emily murmured. No one had heard her so she missed number five.

"Six: no boy or wuman to be allow on ship. If 'ny man shall be foun' seducin' the la'er sex 'nd carr'in' 'er ta sea in guise, 'e shall suffer death." Tom continued fully in his stride now. Emily had turned white and she tuned out. She could feel her pulse beating fast. I didn't realize I was breaking a rule, let alone one with such a severe punishment. Oh god, if anyone finds out and they think Jack has been helping me. Oh god, what have I done?

"Miles, Miles!" She blinked stupidly and then remembered that she was Miles.

"Sorry, twas a lo' ta take in." She said shakily. Tom and Jack both nodded.

"Well, we all know tha' yer no' breakin' 'ny rules so no need ta worry." Tom smiled at her and she could only nod, telling another lie. She could tell that she had gone pale because she was shaking, felt ill and Jack was looking at her worriedly.

"Think I'm gunna go 'nd lie down. Tis been a long day."


She lay on the sofa staring up the ceiling, scared. Not only is this going to affect me but it will place the Captain in danger. And what about Jack? Would people believe him if he said that he didn't know I was female? I have to keep it a secret no matter what. She punched the pillow as Jack walked in and she looked up to see an amused look on his face.

"Dinna rea'ise tha' yer 'ated the pillow." He said laughing. She shook her head and she couldn't think of anything appropriate to say.

"Der's summin I wanna show yer." He continued. She could see that even though he said that he would treat her as a friend, he wasn't keeping to it.

"Wha' is I'?" She asked coldly. She was desperate to keep her distance and she planned to keep it that way. He looked at her carefully.

"I canna tell yer, fer I' will ruin I'." He said smiling wryly. Emily was not in the mood for him to pull another stunt like the one in the ship's hold but she could see the eagerness in his eyes and caved in.

"Fine." She stood up to leave but he put his hand up to stop her.

"T'nigh', when I' is dark 'nd der are no ligh's excep' from stars. Tha's when yer will see." She rolled her eyes and lay back down on the sofa.

"Fine bu' as tha' is in a few 'ours, I wish ta ge' some sleep." She said smiling slightly.