My heart was beating so hard, I thought it would burst from my chest.

By Sinéad Hegarty.

The door bell interrupts my train of thought, Cleo and Liberty must be here! It's already four ten. I was starting to wonder if they were going to arrive at all! But they're late which means that Cleo must be freaking. Cleo can't be late. I think back to the time I first discovered this; it was two weeks after I had first met her, she was coming over to my house to do homework. She had decided to take the bus over. (Apparently it was easier on her parents.) Or so she said anyway! The bus was five minutes late, then it broke down so she had to wait for another bus which took about ten minutes. So she was fifteen minutes late and nearly had a heart attack! I was freaking out when she arrived and was nearly in convulsions. It turns out she had a mild case of OCD! I of course had no idea of that at the time and was nearly as bad as her! It was scary, to say the least. I smiled at the thought. We had only been friends two weeks then and here we were six years later still friends. We were seven at the time, now we're thirteen! I trudged over to the door still smiling but, just before I opened it, it burst open, as if possessed. (I knew better than to think it was possessed though because every time I took 'too long' to open the door Liberty would throw it open. (She tends to be a bit impatient at times.)) And in marched Queen Bes and her minion! Cleo came straight over to me, slightly hyperventilating, and gave me a hug. Her OCD had improved quiet a bit since I had first met her. She didn't freak out as bad, just hyperventilated. Most of the time anyway, some times it was really bad. But I shouldn't think about it, it doesn't help her if I'm negative near her. Liberty said 'Hi' and ran to the loo. She must have had a latte before she left, after me specifically telling her not to. Silly goose. You'd think she'd listen after seven years of it. So how long do we have before your mom picks us up? Cleo inquired. She'll be here around five thirty. Knowing her though it will probably be more like quarter past! Cleo giggled quietly. Oh well, I said we'd be ready at half past, so we'll be ready at half past and that's that. I stated. Liberty came back out of the bathroom looking relieved and stated Come on, time to change! And marched towards my room, bag swinging.

Ok, so which should I wear, this, or this? Asked Liberty posing with each outfit. The first one, responded Cleo. No the second one….Oh I don't know. What do you think Sinéad? Cleo confessed sounding confused. Well…personally I prefer the first one. But that's just me. It's your decision. I responded. How's this look?Inquired Cleo. Fabulous! You look gorgeous! I exclaimed. Just fabulous! Seconded Liberty. And moi? I asked. Fantastico! Called Liberty from the bath room where she was putting on her make up! Absolutely agreed Cleo. Ok are ye ready to go? I demanded. Yep. Replied Cleo. Ya, one sec, Replied Liberty. Ok, ready. Let's go! Exclaimed Liberty. And just then we heard a horn honk


outside. There's our ride! I stated. Let's go! We ran down stairs, out the door and hopped into the car.

It took an hour and a half to get to Cleo's cousin, Ruby's house. So it was nearly seven by the time we got there! We went in to the house and we're nearly deafened by the music playing. There was no one there though so it was very quiet, other than the music. Hello? Shouted Cleo, Ruby? Is anyone there? Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! We screamed because Ruby had jumped out on us from nowhere. Holy crap! You scared the living bejesus out of me! Screeched Cleo. Where is everyone anyway? Liberty asked. There coming, there coming! God! Exclaimed Ruby sauntering away. Cleo made a face but followed Ruby anyway. Ten minutes later the first guests arrived. Some of them were Cleo's cousins others were Ruby's friends. Cleo spent a lot of time chatting with her cousins so Liberty and I spent most of the time sitting in the corner talking to strangers or each other. Altogether it was alright.

At around 10 o'clock Liberty and I went to find Cleo so we could leave, as we had decided earlier to leave at ten. When we eventually found Cleo she was chatting with Ruby and one of their cousins. Come on Cleo its time we left. I screamed at Cleo over the racket of the music. Oh, what's the time? She screamed back. Its five to ten. Who's bringing us home? I said flashing a smile at Ruby. Dunno! Will you Rubs? She said turning to Ruby. Ya, sure, why not! I've nothing to do here anyway. She turned away walked towards the front door. At the door she grabbed the keys and turned to see if we were coming. Come on! She mouthed to us from where she stood just outside the door. I just shrugged my shoulders and started walking towards the door. Outside we climbed into her car and off we went.

About 45 minutes later we stopped to get a drink and some petrol. I went inside and got four bottles of coke and paid for the petrol. Then I went back out to the car and we left again. Where are we? Asked Liberty. I don't know, but we're about three quarters of an hour from the house….. I think! Replied Ruby. Liberty's only response was a groan which she tried to repress but didn't quiet manage to. We kept driving for another ten minutes before we met any traffic, we were going around a severe bend when suddenly a car appeared out of nowhere. It was swerving uncontrollably all over the road. Liberty squealed, Cleo shut her eyes and put her hands over them and I just sat there, frozen to the spot. The last thing I heard was tyres screeching and Ruby screaming….Then everything went black...

When I opened my eyes all I could see was blackness. I waited a few minutes for my eyes to adjust and what I saw made my stomach twist…..We were hanging over a cliff. My heart was beating so hard I thought it would burst from my chest. We must have swerved to avoid the car and drove into the barrier. Carefully I leaned to look out my window and saw that we were very VERY high up. I immediately sat back in my seat. I wasn't the biggest fan of heights. To say the least. I looked around only to see ruby and Cleo just waking up. Where are we? Murmured Cleo. Am, don't freak but we're hanging over the edge of a cliff! Oh, and don't move too suddenly either! I said plastering a fake smile on my face and turning to see


her expression. Ruby squeaked and Cleo nearly fainted. Just then Liberty came to. Whe... Started Liberty. Where are we? Well...let me see; right now we're hanging over a cliff! Calm down its ok just don't move too suddenly! I finished for her. Bu...Bu...Bu...w...w...w...what…What happened? She whispered and started hyperventilating. Calm down Libs! It's going to be ok. I whispered back trying to look hopeful. Ok who has a mobile? I looked at Ruby who was sitting there staring at her hands, I looked at Cleo who was rocking every so slightly in her seat, and back to liberty who just stared back at me. Well? I asked my voice rising and cracking a little. I do. Ruby whispered quietly. Holding up her phone. I grabbed it from her and attempted to call 999, but there was no signal. Damn it! I exclaimed loudly. Here, I said shoving the phone at Liberty you try it! God damn it liberty try the damn phone for signal! I screamed shoving the phone at her. Just then the car lurched and Cleo, Liberty, Ruby and I all screamed. Holy... ok...ok... come on guys we have to get out of here! Liberty can you please try the phone! I said pleading with her. Mmmmm...Ya. She said dialling 999 and holding the phone to her ear. Hello? Hello? Ya hi, we've been in an accident about 30 minutes outside Colorado on the R186, we're hanging over the edge of a cliff and we're slipping! Please help us! Please come quickly! Please! She listened to the phone for a few more minutes then hung up and turned to me and said, they said they'd be here as quickly as they could! Ok so while we wait for them we're going to try and get the hell out of here! Liberty can you try and break the back windscreen if we find you some thing to break it with? I asked her trying to sound hopeful. Ya sure. She replied. Ok let's try and find some thing long and solid. After a few minutes of searching Cleo said here, will this do? She was holding up a steering wheel clamp. Cleo you're a miracle worker! I exclaimed taking the clamp and handing it to Liberty. Ok off you go Libs, just pull your sleeves down over your hand! Just in case. I added because she had given me a funny look when I had said it. Ok here goes! She said smiling weakly. While she hacked away at the window I tried to think of what we could do to try and not tip off the edge of the cliff. I could only come up with DON'T FALL OFF! There we go! How's that? Enquired Liberty. Excellent Libs! Thanks! Ok now try and climb out the window without cutting yourself! I whispered, smiling at her meekly. Seriously? She replied incredulously. I nodded. Emmm...ok, I guess. She replied turning in her seat to face the back window. She sat forward onto her knees leaning towards the window. She looked back and attempted a smile in my direction. It'll be ok Libs. I said smiling. She shoved her head through the hole where the glass used to be, then her torso, then her legs. When finally she was through she climbed off the boot and onto the ground where she stood smiling for a few minutes before turning back to look at me. While I was looking at her expression changed ever so slightly, I thought she looked the tiniest bit relieved. I can hear the ambulance and the police coming! She shouted to us smiling hugely. I felt so relieved then I almost forgot we were hanging over a cliff. Almost. Ok you're next Cleo! Out you go! I said looking at Cleo who was staring wistfully at Liberty standing beside the car jumping up


and down. Ok. Here goes. She turned and climbed out the window onto the boot the onto the ground where she almost fainted with relief. She dropped to the ground and started crying. Then the car creaked and started to slip over the cliff. GUYS! I shouted. A little help please! GUYS! LEAN ON THE BOOT! I screamed at them. They jumped up and hopped onto the boot so that the car stopped moving and evened out. Ok so you guys stay there and Ruby you climb out now. OK? I said turning to face Ruby. Yep yep I'm going! She said climbing over the front seat and out the window. Ok now you! Shouted Liberty to me. Ok here goes nothing! I replied. I turned and climbed over the seat and was just putting my head through the hole when my foot got caught in something. Am, guys, my foot is caught in something! I said worriedly. Seriously? On what? Replied Cleo. I don't know! Hold on, it's the belt. I 'm caught on a seat belt! I sat back into the car and tried to untangle myself but couldn't. I was stuck! Guys I can't get out! I shouted at them. Just then the car slipped a bit. You guys? Help me! I'm stuck, I can't get out! I screamed at them. HELP ME! Just then the car slipped a little more and didn't stop. It fell of the side of the cliff with me still in it screaming for my life...Then I blacked out...

The car caught in a tree growing from the side of the cliff. The police arrived with an ambulance and fire brigade in tow. The fire brigade sent a man over the cliff to Emma just before the car slipped and fell to the cliff bottom. They got Emma out just before the car crashed to the bottom. She was unconscious, but alright. We all had to go to the hospital to be checked out. But, thankfully, we were all alright. Emma had to spend the night in hospital to make sure she was alright but he was checked out the next day.