Um...this is really morbid, and contains a six year old helping her daddy kill her mother. You've been warned, so please don't flame me.

"Emilia, Mrs. Sarah call, is it true that you ripped up all the other girls dolls during naptime?"

"They wouldn't let me be the mommy, so I killed all the babies." My daddy was smiling at me funny. "Don't be mad daddy, I sorry."

"I'm not mad child, this is a very special day though. I've been waiting to do this since you were born." He came over to where I was playing and grabbed my hand. He took me over the basement door, opened it, and attempting to lead me down the stairs.

"Daddy, you says I'm not allowed to go down there. A monster lives in the basement." I felt his grip tighten around my hand.

"I lied, now come with me. I have something to show you." He helped me down the stairs slowly. I wondered if he hid my birthday present down here and I'd get it early. At the bottom of the stairs, I looked around, my eyes stopping on a big black curtain. That must be where my present was. I watched my daddy pull the curtain back, letting me see a lady tied to a chair.

"Emmy, baby, you've gotten so big." The lady cooed. Why was she calling me "Emmy"?

"Emily, I'd like to introduce you to your mother." I looked at the lady, my mother, and wondered why she was down here.

"Damn it Zero, untie me this instant!" she yelled.

"Quiet Anna, you still don't obey me like you should, so I decided that your death would make a wonderful example and lesson of Emily on killing what turned out to be a pathetic excuse for a human."

"She's human too jackass!" a slap echoed through the basement and I watched a pretty red mark spread across the lady's face. Daddy slapped her.

"Mrs. Sarah says not to hit things."

"She also says not to rip up other peoples dolls. Don't speak unless spoken to Emilia. Learn the lessons this whore never bothered to obey." I blinked away the tears his harsh tone brought, and followed him with my eyes as he stepped around the chair in a tight circle, looking at me the entire time.

"Emily, tell me why you "killed the babies"."

"I couldn't be the mommy, so no one else got to be the mommy neither."

"Did they make you angry?" I nodded. "Emily, you wanted revenge. A skill perfected by each and every person devil blood courses through. Even though you're only a half-blood, it will be one of the most useful skills you ever possess."

"Emmy, don't listen to him, you are a human being!" another slap. This one caused tears to leak out of the lady's eyes.

"Daddy, she's crying."

"Excellent observation," he said dryly. "You can use emotion and pain against a person, like so." He stood behind the chair and ran his fingers through her long, messy, blonde hair, making her visibly shake. "Anna, don't you love me?" he cooed, undoing the knot holding her to the chair. I saw her glance at the door and back at the loosened rope, but didn't move as daddy unwrapped the rope.

"Does she know she can move?"

"She's too afraid to." Daddy smirked. "One of the strongest emotions a person can feel for another is fear."


"Because fear paralyzes, destroys, worries, and gives reason for avoidance. It gives you power." He took a step toward her.

"What if she has to go to the bathroom?"

"What did I just tell you about speaking out of turn?" his hand connected to my face, leaving a stinging space on my cheek. I let my tears fall, stomping in front of him and throwing my fist at his private place.

"Mommy's so proud of you Emmy." The lady praised. If she was proud of me, then I must have done something real bad. Scared I took a step back and looked at daddy. He was looking at the lady, not me.

"Annalies, you don't quite understand, do you love?" he tsked, "there's nothing you can do to change what our daughter is and will be."

"She just stood up to you."

"Ignorance. That's the only human trait she possesses." He turned back to me. "Watch and learn." He licked his lips and got as close to my mother as he could without touching. She was trembling and trying to move away from him without actually moving.

"Once you try it yourself, you'll love the feeling of their fear, and desire the power as well." He whispered, quiet enough I had problems hearing him. Smiling funny again, he picked her up off the chair and laid her real soft on the wooden X on the cracked concrete floor, and strapped her arms and legs to it.

"Always remember to be theatrical when committing murder. Especially if police are or will be involved. Slash and dash murders are so tacky. Wouldn't you agree Anna?"

She stayed silent.

"Be creative, use your imagination." He walked away and came back holding a yucky looking box. "Go ahead and get closer. I want you to get a good look at this." I sat criss-cross on one side of her head and daddy knelt on her other side, and sat the box between us.

"What are we going to do daddy?" I reached for the box, only to have my hand smacked away.

"You're going to learn a few crutial points of murder." He opened the box and carefully removed five huge fishing hooks. "I found these at an estate sale, thought I may be able to use them. They're meat hooks."

"Oh..." I watched, entertained as he placed the hooks aside and opened the ladys' shirt. He placed his hands over her boobies and rubbed his thumbs on them.

"Right here are where the lungs are, and here's the heart." He moved his left hand down and to the right. "Lungs cause suffocation and heart leads to a quick bleed-out."

"Why are you killing my mother?" As soon as I said it, I put my hand over my mouth and closed my eyes, I hoped he wouldn't hit me again.

"Because she tried to run." I opened my eyes, and tilted my head. "She took you when you were a baby and tried to abandon me. Leave me all alone. I couldn't let you go. This way, she can't run away from me ever again. Especially with you." He cracked his knuckles and removed a tiny knife from his pocket.

"I'm going to show you one of the three places we're going to insert the hooks, and then you'll get to guess on the other two." He placed the tip of the knife in the middle of her tummy, just below the ribs, and cut a tiny "x" on her. Before he gave me the knife, he wiped the blood from the mark and licked it. Holding back my questions, I poked the blade a little bit above where the first mark was and looked to daddy for approval.

"No honey." He took the knife. "Heart, lung, lung, liver, trachea." He made a check mark in a different place with each word on the list, ignoring the ladys' pained noises.

"You can't do it there?"

"Only if you're in a hurry. They're quick and cause little pain."

"Don't you not want to cause pain?"

"Pain is the basis of revenge. Always have a motive. Always crave the pain. Now where do the other two hooks go?" He gave me the knife again, and I looked between it and my mother a few times before lightly touching the tip of the knife on one side of the highest mark daddy made. He nodded, so I made an itty bitty 'x', flinching at the blood that came out.

"Excellent, now where's our last hook going to go?" Carefully, I made an identical mark on the other side of her neck and laid the knife on her tummy. She was crying a lot, not making any noise, but her lips were moving.

"Daddy, what's she saying?

"She's praying that her pathetic God will spare her a painful death. The question is, why would he choose to save her now. Do you have any idea why Anna?" She didn't answer, but her lips stopped moving. "Precisely. Emily, come here." I moved back up by her head and looked at daddy. "I'm going to let you help me put the hooks in."

"I don't want to." I mumbled.


"It makes my tummy hurt daddy. Blood means pain."

"Blood means life and sanity. You're going to help me Emily. Now if one wanted to, they could dip these in murcury, but I want to keep the blood pure." He took out three of the hooks and placed two on the floor, lining up the third with the lowest 'x'. "Put your hands over mine." I was shaking, but I did as I was told, I didn't want daddy angry.

I felt the hook go in, and the scream the lady gave made me cover my ears. The noise died down after a few minutes into gasping and sobs after daddy finished putting the large hook in. I found myself watching the slow steady stream seep around the cold gray metal, down her pale skin, and onto the floor.

"Go ahead, try it, " daddy purred, "it tastes much better warm." I felt like I was going to throw up, so I grabbed another hook and held it out to him. "Thank you, now, cover your ears." I pressed my hands to my ears as the screaming started once more. This time it only lasted a few seconds before it was replaced by loud gurgling as blood filled her mouth. By the time daddy had all the hooks in, the lady was quiet and still. There was a lot of blood. It was in puddles on the floor and running down her chest, and dripping into her hair from her mouth.

Daddys' hand came in front of me, his finger swiping through a thick stream of blood. My eyes followed his hand up to his mouth where he licked the blood and rubbed the rest between her fingers.

"You really should try some Emily, it's still warm."

"I don't wanna daddy." I swallowed thickly, looking in the ladys' glassy brown eyes that reflected my blue ones like mirrors.

"Don't you want to make daddy proud? You're always so good at making me proud." Without looking up, I nodded a little. I knew without looking up that his long pointy teeth that scred me were out. Cautiously, I dipped my pinky into the blood and flicked my tongue across it.

Right as it hit my mouth, I felt my sharp side teeth grow longer. It did taste good. Smiling, I looked up at daddy, who smiled back.