A/N Hey people, this is my very first story on internet so I'm very curious of what you all think of it. It's just a little drabble I came up with so this will not be a full story. Also I'm thirteen and Dutch so I'm not really experienced in writing and talking English. Have fun.

Silence fell as the night rose into dawn. The only sounds you could hear were the footsteps of an early waked fisherman walking down the lake.

'It is strange', thought Henry Cooper as he stopped walking to look around him. It was completely silence as usually around this time birds were singing and now he couldn't even see a flicker of an animal passing by. When he thought about that he nearly fell into the lake and he had to watch himself not to wet his feet. Suddenly he heard a little crack. Henry turned around, hoping to see one of his friends who usually went with him to fish but strangely couldn't come this morning. But instead of one of his friends, he found himself looking into the eyes of a young man. The man was tall, highly attractive, had a pale skin and shocking red eyes… red… Just like blood… Before Henry could say a word or even feel fear the creature lounged at him and the last thing Henry felt was all his blood being sucked out him.

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