Hey Guys! It's so nice to speak to you all again! I just have a few update notes for you all:

First of all thank you for reading and taking on the Another Time Another Place journey with me, it meant so much to me you have no idea!

Second of all, the sequel is finally in the works! I have been so consumed up until now, which is why you haven't seen any updates yet! It's in intense planning stages, with my beautiful beta Rylee (although I haven't asked her yet!) so I'm planning to write it in July.

I want all of you involved in the sequel, and I think the easiest place to do that is Twitter, which is where I will be putting sequel information, questions, polls about what you want, competitions to get in the story and win some physical ANAP prizes which I will send out to you!

The only catch is, I suck at Twitter, and if anyone out there is really good at using it, I would really appreciate someone to help me set up and help a little bit. If you want to help out, please do send me a message or just review this 'chapter' and I will get back to you

I am going to give you my twitter name which is : blue5887 and you will see literally nothing on the page, but the reason I'm giving that out is so whilst I set up I can get an idea of how many of you will be interested in using it when you follow me, so I know whether to just abandon the idea now! Lol.

Anyway, looking forward to hearing from you all, in the form or a follow or a twitter help message lol.

All my love,