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"The hospital?" I asked, unable to stop staring at him.

Zoe nodded, looking like he was going to break.

"I-I…I want to…and…I want to see her again…"

He wanted to see her room again. Of course, I couldn't stop him. I didn't want to see him get hurt again though either. I knew this would only hurt him.

All I could do was mutely nod and look at the others though.

I noticed the confused expression on the boy I thought to be Asami's face.

"Zoe…You know the room isn't the same anymore…that they have different doctors and everything now…right?" Liz whispered, cupping Zoe's cheek gently.

Zoe nodded, closing his eyes for just a moment.

"Can you see her?" I heard Harley ask quietly.

I shook my head, looking down for a moment. Then I looked up again, standing and gently helping Zoe up, letting the usually outgoing teen put his weight against me.

"Come on, let's go."

Of course, Liz, Brady, and Komi immediately objected. Of course, I ignored them.

Zoe's face lit up slightly and he held my hand tightly, and I knew that even though the others didn't really approve, they would follow anyway.

Sure enough, when I glanced behind us as we started to walk away, they were all on their feet and following us.

Brady immediately took Zoe's side in the formation we used to have. Komi stayed in the middle, and I noticed that Harley had fallen back to walk with him as well, though he was on Komi's left flank and Asami was on his right.

Liz was behind them, watching Asami and Komi.

No one said anything.


Zoe's eyes built up with tears when we were there.

Floor 3, room 14A.

No one was using the room, so the nurse let us go inside. Zoe crawled into the hospital bed and curled up into fetal position as he cried.

Brady drew the blinds and sat next to him. He wrapped his arms around Zoe gently, pulling him close and petting him gently, comforting him in that way that only Brady could.

I sat on the floor, and Harley sat next to me. Komi sat cross-legged across from me, Asami stayed next to him, and Liz took the chair beside the bed.

"He's going to be okay…" Harley murmured, his eyes on Zoe, "he just…needs time…"

"I know…" I sighed, not really noticing I was talking out loud, "you've been saying that for years…

Liz and Asami gave me weird looks, but Komi smiled at me. He knew what was going on.

I just ignored the looks for now, deciding it would be better to tell them later.

"Because it's true…"

"I know," I rolled my eyes, sighing at Harley again. Then I looked at Komi and smiled slightly. "So how did Yoma like our present?"

Komi snorted, running a hand through his hair, "he freaked out. I don't really know, we don't talk, Ri…"

I frowned, looking down. Yoma was a good kid…I never really did understand why they didn't talk…

He was sweet and funny and…

"Riley?" Komi and Harley asked at the same time.

I looked up and I know I was blushing. "Y-Yeah?"

Komi rolled his eyes, "you really need to stop doing that…"

It was then that I noticed he and Asami were holding hands. I doubt Komi even noticed yet. But they were.

Asami looked pleased with himself, though he was obviously still worried about Zoe.

I glanced back at the two people on the bed, noticing that Zoe was no longer crying.

Finally, he was laughing. It wasn't forced or anything, and it was obviously weak, but it was still a laugh.

I smiled, watching them. Liz was watching Asami and Komi by this point, so I didn't have to worry.

I felt the smile disappear as I looked around the room. I was all so familiar. They'd painted the room and changed the wallpaper, but everything was essentially the same. I remembered all the nights we'd stayed here with Zoe, all the times they cried…

That's another story for another day though. We can worry about that another time.

Zoe rubbed his eyes, looking at Asami and Komi and smiling slightly. I glanced at them as well.

I don't know what they had been talking about, but Komi was pouting with his arms crossed, which looked extremely childish and immature, and Asami was sticking his tongue out at the blond, his own hands at his sides.

Harley laughed at this, rolling his eyes fondly.

"They're cute together…I never thought I'd say it, but they are…"