A chill wind swept through the empty corridor. Black stones surrounded in all directions, only illuminated by a few scarce torches that hung on the walls. There were no windows in this hallway. Several arched opening led to other hallways or large rooms that were all equally dark and isolated. The place had been so long abandon that cobwebs had begun to form in every crook and corner. The place had once been filled with creatures of all sorts but now no creature dared approach it. Until now.

The sound of claws could be heard scraping across the stone as a few creatures made their way through the passages. Every step that was taken lifted up a large cloud of dust into the damp and gloomy air. Their pace was neither slow nor fast, but a steady jog. The creatures knew exactly where they were headed and walked with icy confidence towards their destination.

Finally the hallway opened up into a large chamber where a single creature lay waiting for the group. Two intimidating red eyes opened up in the dark. "You are all late." The voice was icy with hardly any emotion behind it.

"I apologize." One of the creatures, a twin-tailed cat called a Nekomata, spoke as she bowed her head to the one hidden in the dark. The Nekomata had black fur and bore a scar on her left cheek. "Tracking down the targets turned out to be more difficult than expected." The Nekomata's shockingly yellow eyes showed no fear or hostility.

"Has the deed been done?" The other creatures shifted nervously around without response. "Well?"

"We have yet to confirm anything regarding the current status of the task." The Nekomata replied, bracing herself for the anger she was sure to come.

A low growl echoed from the dark creature. "Then why have you come?" The voice snapped harshly. "It was agreed that once your task has been completed that you report to me. Not before."

"The newcomer insisted that we report to you that we had located what we were looking for." The red eyes narrowed. "He was very confident that he could handle things on his own from that point… he didn't want any distractions."

"Hm." The creature stepped out from the shadows. It was another Nekomata. She had odd dark purple fur with black stripes. Her ears and tail had black tufts of fur at their tips. The most unusual feature about the Nekomata, however, was the red gem on her forehead. "Did he say when he'd return?"

"Yes- by moonhigh tonight." One of the other creatures with a deeper voice responded. This one was a Dragon. His scales were nearly black in color, and like the odd Nekomata, he had cruel red eyes.

The Nekomata looked up at the single window in the chamber. It was dark outside but it would be a few more hours before the moon reached it's peak in the star-filled sky. "I shall wait outside and escort him here when he arrives."

"Kura, go with Zera. I wish to talk to Daruh alone." The third creature that had entered the room was also a Dragon. However, his scales were a light grey and he did not have the same muscular bulk of his companion. His blue eyes were filled with a rare intelligence that was not often found.

"As you wish, Yugito." The Nekomata dipped her head in respect before leaving the room with the dark-scaled Dragon.

"What is it that you wish to discuss?" The other Dragon spoke. His voice was smooth and clear.

"Your… prophecy." Yugito looked at the Dragon. "Has it changed."

"Not at all." The Dragon felt uncomfortable discussing the subject. "It's still the same as before."

"When the dark eternal comes

All will plunge to chaos and despair

Where the lives of all or none

Will all be torn beyond repair

Piercing through the darkest night

A warrior shall arrive to aid

With heaven's pure and fiery light

Will never flicker nor fade

With the sun's final beam

The eternal reign shall end

And up rises a hopeful gleam

That all shall heal and mend"

Yugito gave no reply to what the Dragon had just recited. The prophetic words had warned her once before and she had learned not to ignore them. Prophecies were strong. Her best choice was to eliminate the threat.



"The newcomer is here." Zera led in the newcomer.

"Have you completed the assignment?" Yugito eyed the newcomer, a tall Nekomata, with curiosity. She had not met the newcomer yet, but Kura insisted that he would make a good ally.

"Yes, Ma'am." He spoke carefully as he had been instructed to. "I do have something else to report."

"What would that be?"

"On my way… I came across a town… " He hesitated

"And?" Yugito flicked her tail impatiently.

"There was an object there- a sphere of some sort." Yugito's ears pricked up.


The Nekomata stared up in shock. "That's it?"

"Go now. I will give you further instructions at a later date."

"Daruh, Kura… I want you two to prepare a trip to Marua. Have the newcomer tell you how to get there." The two dragons nodded quietly. "Once you're there… destroy everything and take the sphere."

"Yugito, if you wipe out an entire town, someone would be sure to notice." Daruh spoke quietly.

"Are you questioning my orders?"

"No, Yugito." The Dragon lowered his head.

"Then go and get ready. I'll send Zera to scout the area. When she returns, you better be prepared to leave." Both of the Dragons left without another word. Thankfully that left plenty of time as Marua was a good three week trip. Yugito stared after them for a moment before realizing that Zera was still there.

"He's right, you know." The Nekomata spoke. "The world will learn of your return sooner or later."

"Then let them." She hissed. "It's about time I have my revenge."