Hurtful Pride

They were both far too prideful, and that was the problem. Both knew that they had done wrong in their relationship. Each knew they owed the other an apology, but both wanted the other to apologize first.

Emma wanted him to admit he had been flirting with that stupid skank at the restaurant. It was their second anniversary and he had been eyeballing her the whole time. It wasn't okay and she wanted him to say he was sorry.

Keith felt like she was overreacting. He hadn't been flirting with her and she didn't need to punch the poor waitress. They were banned for life from that restaurant. She couldn't at least feign regret for him?

The pair were prideful to a fault. Both saw themselves as right. Neither would admit otherwise. They refused to get off their high horse.

They were a good match, everyone knew it.

But they were too alike, everyone knew that, too.

They were too stubborn to apologize. They would rather have the relationship end then admit they had been wrong.

Their pride cost them their relationship. It was as simple as that and it was such a shame.

I don't have the time this July to write a whole novel. So my plan is to join the NaNo rebels and to write a series of one-shots. They're all romance, some happy, most sad. Some personal experience, some fabrications of my overly creative mind. I hope you enjoy the collection!