Defining Love

Love can be defined in a million ways. It has so many meaning to so many different people. It sometimes is a happy event. It can also be a very sad one. It is odd, good, bad, gross, tragic, dramatic, comedic, random, and unexplainable. For some people it's magical. For some people, it's just terrible.

For a young couple, excitedly and nervously awaiting their first kiss, it's sweet and innocent. Maybe even feels like fireworks.

For an old couple, it's long and experience and often tragic, because the longer you're with someone, the less likely it is they'll be around much longer.

Sometimes, it's just disgusting, like when you discovered you're accidentally dating a sibling. Worst day of your life.

It can be a little hard to get used to, maybe for some parents who just found out that their kid isn't interested in the opposite sex.

It can lead to heartbreak after heartbreak after heartbreak and it often does. But we usually move on and find that person who won't break our heart.

Sometimes, it makes us do strange things, like paint a mural on a nursery on the first of every month at midnight.

For a young widow, it can be full of wonderful memories and also heartbreaking sorrow.

Love is many different things. You can love your family. You can love your friends. You can love your pets. And you can love your other half. Your love can be a happily ever after or a tragedy worthy of a play. It's happy, sad, dramatic, funny, cute, sweet, innocent, beautiful, amazing, magical, terrible, heartbreaking, and spectacular.

But the only person who can define love is you.

So tell me now, after reading all these tales of sorrow and joy, of heartbreak and happiness, how do you define love?

And this is the end of my Broken Hearts Collection. I hope you enjoyed.