Laughing doesn't make

This a joke, so

Stop trying to kid me.

I'm not smiling

I don't see how

You find this funny.

It's sickening

And frightening

And unbelievably real.

You hug me

And cry but you

Can't even feel.

Are you happy

With your blessing

From a horrid mistake?

I can't help but think

That the love of family

Was nothing but fake.

Trust me when I say

That I want to forget

And I want to forgive.

But I'm so sorry

I just cannot respect

The way that you live.

I'll still love you

Like the family

That we once were.

But to the others

You've become known

Mainly as Her.

A/N: We all have people that have hurt us, and sometimes we distance ourselves from the pain that they bring. But when that person is family, it makes the decision a little harder. Please read and review :)