Love Letter

Author:Lim Chiew Ting


A beautiful day as usual shines upon us, the busy street is full of crowds .Everyone had something on their mind, ignoring the luxury shops and things on sale around them. The adults always busy working to earn money for the family, the teenagers focus on study and relationships with other. A teenager girl ignores everything happening around her and walks into a coffee shop named "Brewed Awakenings Coffee & Tea Lounge" which usually opens at 9am. Even though is a coffee shop, but it only serves teas.

'Ring'! The bell on top of the door tells the waiter there's a customer.

"Ah, Welcome. Early as usual I see, Charlotte." Blake greets Charlotte while preparing to open the shop. Blake is a waiter works at this coffee shop and he knew Charlotte well because she is a regular customer as she comes to this 'tea' shop every week.

"Hello Blake. I was too much free time on my hand so I came early. I hope you don't mind." Charlotte smiles back at Blake. She wears a black jacket with a T-shirt inside pairing with a trouser along with a metallic scarf around her neck. She walks in to the shop and sits at the usual place where near the large window. It can get a nice view looking people walking on the street.

"Let me guess…Boston tea as usual?" Blake starts to take orders after he finished tidy up the shop.

"Yes." Charlotte reply. She is waiting for someone whom is important to her. They always meet here every week to know the condition between each other.

"Alright, coming right up." Blake walks into the kitchen, and come out with the tea to Charlotte.

"Here it is."

Charlotte takes a sip of tea while looking at the busy street. She had many things in her mind; things changed a lot after she graduated from primary school.


Another teenager girl walks into the coffee shop. She is wearing the school uniform and holding a handkerchief as she looks like she is going to cry out anytime. She looks around the coffee shop searching for someone. The girl walks towards Charlotte direction. Charlotte sighed and put down her tea

"Sniff…Charlotte…sniff…I messed up again..." The girl sit down and she starting to cry. Sofia and Charlotte have been best friends ever since primary school. They promised each other that they would meet each other in this 'tea' shop after graduated. They meted up here in this coffee shop to check up with their condition every week because they study at different school.

"Sigh, what did you do this time Sofia?" Charlotte put down her Boston

"I lost something this time."

"There's always something you lost every time we meet each other. What did you lost this time? A Pen? Wallet? Ninja Mask?" Charlotte asks.

"I lost my…" Sofia was about to say what did she lose when Blake decided to break into the conversation.

"Hey Sofia, Glad to see you again! Jasmine tea as usual?" Blake starts to take order from Sofia. Blake always takes orders whenever he notices new customer walks in.


"No. She is not taking Jasmine tea this time. She is going to try something else." Charlotte replies Blake before Sofia could do it.

"She is?"

"I am?" Sofia confused. She did not even know that she is going to try something else other than jasmine tea.

"That's right." Charlotte takes out a small teabag from her bag. She asks Blake to bring out a cup with hot water filled. She put the teabag inside in the water. The teabag soaked with water and the tea aroma started to spread around the Lounge.

"Try it." She smiles.

"Ok…" Sofia took a sip. Suddenly, her face has gotten very red like an apple.

"So? How is it?" Charlotte filled with excitement while Blake gives out a worried face.

"HOT! THE TEA IS SO SPICY! HOT! HOT! I NEED WATER! GIVE ME WATER!" Sofia shouts. She uses her hand to blow the tongue. Blake quickly gets a glass of water from the kitchen to Sofia. Sofia drink the water in one gulp, she fan the tongue to cool down the spiciness.

"YES! I finally succeed! This is my new experiment tea- Spice tea! I made it with lots of chili and black pepper, so those who love spicy food would love this tea!" Charlotte was happy about her new tea. Charlotte always loves to make new 'species' tea as her hobby.

"So what did you lost this time? You haven't told me yet." Charlotte took another sip again.

"I lost my Love Letter." I answer. Charlotte spill out the tea she just sip just now. She stares at me with a O-shaped mouth, Sofia guess that's the first time she hear people lost their love letter.

"…You…You mean you lost your love letter?"

"Sniff…Yup. Well, I lost it this morning when im…"Sofia started to explain about how she lost it.
"Wait…Hold on! You mention love letter…Does it mean you fall in love with someone?" Charlotte asks.

"Oh, didn't I tell you? I even fall in love at first sight."

"WHAT? YOU EVEN FALL IN LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!" Charlotte shouted. She never expected her best friend, Sofia; the extreme negative-minded girl would fall in love at first sight.

"Yes…Well, to be exact, is only me that fall in love. That guy didn't even know who I am and I'm just a random person who just passes by him…"Sofia started to rumble about herself again, Sofia always like this when she in her extreme negative-minded state; She always blame herself not being hardworking and thinks up any possible negative things that might happen, thanks to her imagination.

"Sigh…Here we go again…" Charlotte always defeated by Sofia wild imagination. Last time, Sofia messed up her teacher's file; she was so negative that she started to imagine how the teacher would torture her like feed her lots of spicy food, drown her into the lake and many more that I could not describe.

"Look Sofia, why not you just calm down and tell me from the start." Charlotte calm down Sofia from her negative-minded. Sofia calm down for a while and try to explain the whole situation towards Charlotte.

"Once upon a time…"Sofia started her story. Charlotte covers Sofia mouth with her hands. "Edited highlights only. I do not wish to hear the story starting from ancient China long history." Charlotte gives out a warning tone to Sofia.

"Sigh, alright. I met him at the school library few days ago. He was one of the prefects in our school; he is handsome and well study. I wrote him a Love Letter yesterday and I found it gone this morning." Sofia explain her situation.

"Hm…Edited highlights indeed. When did you found out that the love letter was gone?" Charlotte asks.

"This morning. I was about to give him the love letter today, but I found it gone when I was take it out from my school bag…Sniff."

"Hm…Do anyone know that you are giving love letter today?"

"Well...only one person."

"Really? Who is it!"

"Mr. Scruffy!"

"…Mr. Scruffy?"

"Yeah, is my new dog! I adopted him yesterday and only he knows I wrote that letter!"

"…"Charlotte speechless from Sofia answers.

In the meantime, there is a boy still in the classroom. He was packing up the schoolbooks and ready to go home. When he stand up from his seat, something drop out from his drawer. The boy picks it up and looks what it is. It is a letter with a love sticker, and the letter is full of drawing love. He opens the letter.

'Dear Boy whom I love,

I know you might be reading this or might not be reading this letter; you can burn this letter if you think I am not good enough or maybe is uncomfortable for you…but I am a shy girl whom adores you a long time ago and I wish to tell you my true feeling to you. You know, I know you always love to read books and well study… Compare to you, I am useless and not clever enough like you… I missed you everyday, and I could not think enough for you because you are too shiny and sparkle to me. You are like a thunderstorm that comes forth and go away very fast. That is what makes you very charming to me.

So, could you meet me at the garden near the school? If you do not accept my love, you can say so or write a letter back to me. I promise I wont disturb you furthermore and disappears from your wonderful life.


Karilyn. "

"…" The boy blanked out himself after reading the letter. Is this some kind of suicide note or a blackmail?