Love Letter

Chapter 2: Steven and Novel Club

There's a boy is in the room; sitting on the table, writing something with madness and he shouts: "NO!WRONG! This should say as: "Your shimmer eye, your facial figure, makes my heart go skyrocketed!" Love letter should be writing like this, not suicide note or blackmail! Who would go disappear herself after rejected by the boy? What about the school and her friends she made in the school?"

Steven using his professional English skill, trying to correct the grammar mistake in the love letter. His room surrounding is filled with papers and books lying on the floor everywhere; Countless trophies lied behind the glass closet. His bed beside the table

"Who is the one who wrote this letter? So many grammar mistake, not to mention she didn't even know how to write a proper love letter!" Steven started to get annoyed from the grammar mistake in the letter. He put down his pen and slides his rolling chair away from the table. He stands up and walks towards to the kitchen to get a soft drink. His kitchen is a simple complete kitchen set along with a coffee machine. He takes out 100 plus can and drinks it in one gulp and walk back to his room. He lies down on the bed and gives a sigh, he looks at the letter beside him, "Karilyn…I wonder who she is…" Steven smile and start to imagine wild about the girl facial because this is the first time he receive a love letter from a girl.

Meanwhile the café is having a thunderstorm…about the love letter.

"What? You wrote your pen name on that letter? Are you kidding me? Who would write a pen name in the love letter?" Charlotte surprised after listening from Sofia description about the love letter. She does face palm and give out a big sigh. Blake, whom is beside Charlotte, also gives out a sigh and walk away because he is starting his job as waiter as the customer is start coming to the café.

"…What? Did I done something wrong again?" Sofia confused from Charlotte and Blake reaction, she almost cry out because she lost her important love letter. Charlotte pat Sofia's shoulder and say this to her:" No ones ever writes his or her pen name on the letter…especially love letter that you are going to give to your beloved one."

"Really? I didn't know about that because I never wrote a love letter before…" Sofia answer. Suddenly Charlotte wears her glasses and school teacher costume, standing on the table and point at Sofia nose.

"If you are having trouble of writing love letter, you can find me, Miss Charlotte, the expert of writing Love letter! No one is better than me writes Love letter! Muhahahaha!" Charlotte laugh and her pride nose grew longer.

"Charlotte! Control yourself, this is a public place! Here is not for you to make advertisement recklessly!" Blake shout at Charlotte but she ignore Blake warning and continue laughing at herself.; Sofia pretend she doesn't know Charlotte walks away.

On the next day, Sofia go to school as usual and she decide to forget what happened in the café yesterday. She greet the neighbors around the street with a morning smile as she walks to the school.

"Good morning Richard, doing morning exercise? Good morning John! Are you going to wash your car? ; Good morning Mr. Robin! Getting newspaper?" Sofia greet everyone happily.

"Ah…Sofia is such a good girl, I wish I was 10 years younger…" An middle-aged man named Richard greet Sofia when Sofia greet him. Another man with bald head walks towards as he greet Sofia.

"I agree…Ah…how I miss younger times…when we done so many things recklessly…" John stand besides Richard and together stare at Sofia leaving.

"I wish Sofia would able to find a nice husband…Too bad I don't have a son." Richard give out a sigh. He feel pity for himself.

"Haha, too bad, I got 2 sons…too bad they are too young for Sofia because both of them are 7 and 9 years old…" Both of them give a big sigh. What a pity for themselves. They walk back to their own house and prepared to go for work.

At the school, Steven holding the love letter as he walks on the school corridor. He determined himself that he is going to find this girl named Katherine.

"Ahh! I'm going to be late for the first club meeting! I don't want Mint nagging on me for being late on the first club meeting and I got to bring these document to the president before recess!" Sofia runs on the corridor with the documents flying everywhere but she doesn't care. Both of them didn't notice anything on the corridor as they were busy with their thoughts in the mind and they got pass by each other without knowing each other existence.

Sofia pants hard for her breath when she reach to the club, the document on her hands are scattered and her hair is messy. She tidy herself and make the document before going into the room. This is her first time going for club meeting and she doesn't want to leave bad memory for her first appearance.

" Phew…Here goes nothing." Sofia opens the door. And what she see stunned her. The room is full of books and papers lying around; the people in the club is making paper plane and throw it around and the girls chatting with their phone. There's a girl with green hair named Mint is sitting on the table chatting on the phone. She close her hand phone when she sees Sofia standing outside the door. She jump off from the table and pull Sofia into the room.

"Hey, I'm glad you are here! I thought you are going to miss the club meeting. Do you have the document? Oh, you do! Great, let's get started!" Mint give out the document as soon she finished talking. Sofia still stunned from what she see in the club…She always thought Novel Club is a club where everyone quietly write story and chatting quietly. But this? This is out of her expectation.

"Oh yes, I haven't introduce everyone to you. Come on guys, let's introduce yourself to our new member, Sofia!" Mint cheered.

"Let me introduce myself first, I'm Mint Melody, well known as Mint. I am the sectary of the club." Mint point herself with pride. A boy with mafia looks take a microphone and start to introduce himself.

"Hey guys, I'm Kay David, as known as Kay or Clay. Nice to meet ya Sofia!" He shakes hand with Sofia when introducing himself but Sofia got drowsy from the hand shake.

A girl snatch away the microphone from Kay and start to introduce herself. She even throw confetti to make a dramatic entrance. "Aloha everyone~ I'm Passion Violet. Just call me Passion the Violet! I love strawberry and ice blended drink. I'm the club treasurer. Nice to meet you Sofia!" Passion give a hug to Sofia. Sofia still shocked from the introduction and become faint

"Oh dear… She got fainted…I was about to introduce our president. Was it my introduction too dramatic?" Passion asks everyone. In the meantime, the door was open by Steven. He saw a unknown girl fainted in front of the door along with everyone eyes on him.

"…Alright. Who made our new member fainted this time?" Steven asked. Everyone point at Passion. Passion give the microphone to Kay and start to beg for Steven forgiveness.

"Oooh, please forgive me Steven…It wasn't my fault…It was my dramatic entrance and everyone made Sofia fainted. I know you are the Best president ever, Steven."

"…That won't work on me."