1960 Barkforth, Arkansas Newspaper:

In 1917, the Porter family was gruesomely slaughtered in their quaint little Victorian house at the edge of town. Six people were found dead in and around the house, as listed: Abigail Mason, her daughter Mary Lynn Porter, her son-in-law Roger Porter, and her grandchildren Molly, (14), Bennett, who was mentally retarded, (12) and Amelia Porter, (8).

All died with broken necks, severe abrasions in the torso, arm and legs and all seemed to have struggled.

There were no suspects and no murder weapon ever discovered.

According to police medical examiners, they were all clawed by some kind of animal. But none of the local wild animals seem to fit the description, which can only make everyone wonder; who or what killed the Porter family, and why?

The only thing that was seemingly out of place was the messages written in the Porter family's blood, marked on different angles and faces on the back of the house, all two feet from the ground. The police took a picture from the wheat field behind the family's house, where the words came together, reading eerily: Watch Them Die.

The only thing remaining of the Porter family that gave us any observation on their life whatsoever was the diary of the youngest Porter, the startling death of eight year old Amelia Porter.

Typed from Amelia's childish handwriting, the strange evidence is all we have left of the Porter family.

This is her diary.

September 3rd, 1917

On the back porch

Dear Diary,

Mommy gave me you today, wrapped up in pretty paper with a small bow. She said she found you in the attic, in a little box. There were a few pages where someone else had wrote in you, someone named Bethesda. That's a silly name!

It's not my birthday, but that's alright. Today is now your birthday, Diary. Mommy and Daddy went to Barkforth, the town just a few miles down the road, to get some food. It's been a while since we've had a lot in the pantry.

I asked Mommy to get some ice tea because Molly drinks that and Molly's pretty. Maybe if I drink it, it'll make me pretty too.

I'm not sure where I can put you because Bennett might try to find you, but I will try to hide you in the little space beneath the stair case. I found it the other day behind Daddy's old piano. Mommy says he doesn't play anymore because there's something wrong with his fingers. I want to learn how to play it because the piano makes such pretty noises. It kinda sounds like little people are singing every time you hit one of the white buttons, but Mommy laughed and said there are no little people in there.

Well, Diary, I have to go. There's no more light and Molly used up the last candle yesterday.

I promise I'll put you in a super secret place.

Keep it a secret,