October 4th, 1917


Dear Diary,

Molly is gone!

Raisin got her this morning, Diary! I'm so, so, so scared, I don't know what to do! This morning, she went to get some breakfast for me and her, and she slipped between the table and the counter and fell to the ground. I heard her scream, and I tried to give her my hand. She tried to grab my hand but then Raisin's hand came out of the ground and grabbed her foot. He dragged her all the way out of the kitchen onto the back porch, Diary! I was so scared, I was about to get off the table when I remembered that Molly told me to never ever, ever ever get off the table, no matter what.

So I'm still on the kitchen table, but I'm shaking so much I can barely write this. I'm so scared, Diary. I'm the only one left and there's nobody with me. This big house is so big, I think I hear slamming doors all the time and screaming. I cry so much that I can't even cry anymore. I wish Mommy and Daddy were here, that Bennett and Molly were here, and Grandma and even Pot! I wish they were all here with me, Diary, so much!

Should I get off the table and run as fast as I can to get out of here, Diary? I wonder if I can outrun Raisin. I'm not really a fast runner, so I don't think so. Does Raisin even run? He's just a hand out of the ground.

But I saw him in my dreams again, last night!

I was sitting on the staircase like he was, crying because something that I can't remember, and I saw Raisin coming down the hallway. He was stomping his feet really, really loud, like I used to do when I was mad. He stopped right in front of me and frowned.

I asked him what was wrong, and Raisin screamed in my face. He said that this was his house and that I needed to get out right now. He also said that I needed to stop writing in you, Diary, or bad things would happen to me. But then I said that he was gonna make me go to heaven if I got off the kitchen table but he said he wouldn't, as long as I got out of the house and never ever came back.

I don't believe him, Diary, but what can I do? I just want to go away and I don't want Raisin to be mad at me because I didn't do anything wrong!

But Raisin said that he needed to stay in the house so he could hang Betsy, hang Betsy, whatever that means.

Then he smiled really big and laughed. Raisin walked down the hallway singing, one day I'm gonna be free, and then I'm gonna hang her, hang her, hang her forever. Away and away and away.

I wish Raisin would go away, Diary. If I see a star tonight out the kitchen window, I'm gonna wish that he goes away and away and away.

When I woke up, I knew what I was gonna name you, Diary. I'm gonna name you Betsy because Raisin keeps calling you that. Stop writing in Betsy. Not Betsy, Betsy, Betsy.

Goodnight, Betsy. I'm gonna go to sleep again, and hope that this was all just a big, mean joke that everyone's playing on me.

That happened back in Ohio. All the kids pretended that I wasn't there for a whole day. But they were being really mean. Raisin is being really mean too, Betsy. Why can't he just be nice and get along with everybody?

I'm going to sleep right now, Betsy. I can't stay awake any longer.

Keep this a secret,


That is the last complete entry in Amelia's journal. The next, incomplete one starts off in hurried handwriting that even the police couldn't decipher, and eventually fades off into a disturbing smear of blood.

The police matched the blood on the diary pages to that of Amelia Porter's; the last few moments of her life were spent with her diary, if that was any consolation.

The blood-stained diary was discovered by the police the day of the investigation, hurriedly buried in a shallow grave beside the Porters' dog Pot. Her diary refers to strange happenings in the house a few days before the deaths of her family. A team of professional psychiatrics analyzed Amelia's journal to reveal that Abigail Mason, Amelia's grandmother, was actually a medium. The 'strange green leaves' she refers to in her diary are Eukorphora leaves, said to have other worldly abilities to see spirits in a closed area.

Raisin the ghost, Amelia's 'friend', was actually a Risen, according to Abigail's findings. The police brought in a famous psychic to determine the Risen. The Risen are a type of spirit that stay where they died until they have figured out why they have died, and only then can they go off into the other world. Abigail and the psychic both named the Risen by the name 'Diablo', a name we can only guess to be the killer of the Porter family.

If 'Diablo' was the killer of the Porter family, we can only hope that the Porters themselves do not become Risen and that they pass on without trouble.

Police dug through old articles from Barkforth's newspapers and documents and revealed that in 1856, a young boy was murdered in the house by his older sister. The boy's name could not be located, but we can only assume that this boy is who Amelia referred to as 'Raisin'. The boy died when he was eight.

A memorial was built to the Porter family in Barkforth in the late 40's. Amelia's diary, somewhat bitterly resembling Anne Frank's, is currently in the Museum of Barkforth History.

Thank you all so much for reading Diablo. Even though it's been ripped off several times by people with negative imaginations, there will only be one Diablo. The prequel, Bruja, will be put up soon. Diablo readers, please read it as well, as it will make sense for a few unanswered questions! Thank you all again! :) -Luck