This is a completely original Movement created right here on fictionpress and I'm excited that it's finally up.

Creator: River Shadowtress

(one person out of the two people that make up Eve's Apples)

Welcome to The Fight For Acceptance, also known as The Movement.

This is like a forum for everyone to write in.

Due to being the creator I have to go first. My topic, the Different group that I would like to address is homosexuals and lesbians.

As a member of The Fight For Acceptance, I have something to say. It's very important so I would appreciate if those reading would take this to heart, considering that most people don't even realize they are being mean. Depriving homosexuals or lesbians of their rights, their confidence, and feelings is wrong. They are still human, despite who they choose to be with. And so what if they wish to be with another female or male, how does that affect your life in any way? To those that respect their fellow human beings, I thank you. But to those that have the audacity to treat someone disrespectfully and like they're nothing because they are different I personally believe that people who treat their brethren like that have no right to call themselves human. I understand that everyone has their own opinion but that doesn't mean you can spit it in their face and shove your so called "morals" down their throats. I'm not even lesbian and I'm completely horrified at how some people treat gay or/and lesbian couples. If I, someone who is younger than most, can recognize that this type of treatment is wrong then that says something. With each day passing I grow angrier because I see it with my own eyes and hear it with my own ears. I hear how people mock and tease my friends when I'm not around to stand up for them. It's heart breaking. What if someone teased you because of your hair color or the color of your skin? You had no choice in the matter. It's the same with being different. You don't wake up and suddenly decide to be different from everyone else by being solitary, or actually studying, or even being gay. That's the person you've been all along. How can we ostracize people for being who they are? I could rant and rant for days on end about this topic because I am very passionate about it, and I'm sure that I will probably post a few more discussions on this. In fact, at this very moment I am working on a few one-shots featuring gay and lesbian couples in honor of the fight for acceptance.

IF YOU AGREE THAT TREATING THOSE WHOARE DIFFERENT IS WRONG please review with comments, a statement, anything you feel that you need to get off your chest. I promise to read each and every one of them.

If you have a story to tell about an experience of yours leave it in a review, but tell me the topic and if you want it known or not, and if you do I'll post it as one of the chapters of this. If people respond to your chapter I'll go back and edit in their review to you. Each chapter will be labeled with your username or your anonymous name.

If you really, really agree that the harsh treating of those that are different is wrong then review & post the poem below in your profile:

~I'm a member of The Fight For Acceptance~

The Fight For Acceptance is a movement to gain respect:

For those different than me

and those that are just like me.

For those whose voices

are trampled within the Darkness

that we have come to known

as Prejudice and Misguided


For those that cry out

only to have their pain

stifled by the beliefs of others,

and still rise above to maintain

that spark in their eyes

and that smile on their face.

For those that don't have the strength

to stand up on their own two feet

and proudly say that they're Different

for fear of being persecuted.

The Fight For Acceptance isn't just a movement

It is a family,

a journal,

a forum,

a digital sense of pre-destined Acceptance.

We are the light that alleviates that darkness

with caring words and understanding

when no one else cares to listen.

We are here when those that thoughtlessly

reject you without a reason

leave you battered and broken.

We will pick you up,

free you of your fragile shell

and let you coax out the true you

with a few words and some ink.

The Movement,

We are here,

the combination of followers

to make you smile again,

to let you know that

being Different is beautiful

and not an ugly scar that you should hide.

Being Different is amazing

and is what makes you


….If you want to join The Fight For Acceptance than copy this into your profile and follow the link to make your voice heard...(a link that leads to this story)

~Not my best poem but I'm sure I will edit it, suggestions or new poems are welcomed XD

Thank you for reading, feel free to review with comments/stories/etc. as many times as you wish, there are no limits.

~River Shadowtress~