I'm completely serious about all of this. the cure is a book because the world is the paper, and we are the pens, and the sheets are the rivers, and the trees are our blues and reds, purples, and everything new. the sky is every idea we've ever had and the ocean is every love we lost trying to understand it all. love is the sunshine and the heart beat is the sun! beating down on our backs, bending our spines, telling us "this is how it will always feel, until it is over." but by then it is summer and we are sucking it in like a drug and enjoying it.
by then our body is not a temple, it's a tomato. a berry in the bush by a river along the coast, probably poison. and if before our bodies were berries then they are now sun baked and seasoned. high, drunk, and lost somewhere in Hollywood tonight.
legs, stemy candy treats riding bicycles. they move the masses to their places where they are fucking and talking about what amazing drugs they are all on.
and if the girls are candy then the boys are tar. stoned sticky messes up and down the side walks. tripping up unsure walkers and secretly living in love.
streetlights are peace, our warm nights on the blvds, pockets filled with change and alcohol byproducts, being each other.
because of all this dreams are horizons, mostly along the shore. where the wind is heavy and sweeps up the salty air, dropping it back down on the starfish, who just go right on living.