running around that schoolyard

playing with childhood friends at recess

not a care in the world

playing at friends houses for their birthdays

getting our parents to buy something for them

not a care in the world

being taught how to read

how hard it was

but not as hard as spelling

3rd grade rolls by

learning math, and history

after school, playing with friends was a regular day.

not a care in the world.

Years go by,

learn new things

make new friends

and make enemies, but not knowing why

and still, not a care in the world.

Then the teenage years come.

Having friends, as close to you as family.

And having enemies

for reasons known to only you and you friends

but how we hated our parents

for not letting us go anywhere

but we knew the real reason

they didn't want us to be independent

and we longed for the day we could stand on our own feet

and so the years pass

friends, enemies, loved ones.

They all came and went

as you moved through life

and graduated high school.

And now you have a life ahead of you

where you will take it, only time will tell.

Will you go to college to get a degree?

Will you raise a family?

Or will you be the head of a great company,

or even nation?

And will you remember all those past memories?

From kindergarten, to senior year?

You know the people who shared those memories will.

So where will you lead your life?

Only time will tell.