A/N= Ok so I'm not much of a poem writer, yet I love Poetry! I will be posting some of the writings I so call my attempts to "Poems" I appreciate reviews, comments and constructive Criticism. There is no Beta, and well to be honest with you all I don't really rely on them, because I'll like to keep my work as original as possible. Please forgive if there are any misspells or grammar atrocities in any of my work.

Please also keep in mind that, my writing always has to do with situations I have endured, or that I am currently undergoing, as well as for people who have made impacts in my life. Enjoy, and know that I am very thankful to each of you who takes the time to look into my work.

Wishing you all the best.

Date: October 06, 2010

Time: 9:06pm

Mood: Lost yet determined

Endless Dreams…

When I think of the times you have suffered,

The times you have bleed and cry tears of pain,

I wished I was the one there to make it all just fade.

I curse the world for not allowing me to be there,

During the lonely nights you needed that healing hand.

When you needed the tenderness of soothing lips,

And the warmth of a lovers embrace.

When you said you have wished your life was no more,

I wanted to be the one to hold you closer to my soul.

Tell me why you raise up the walls and turn,

Every time I seem to get closer to your very core?

Tell me all the dreams in your mind, and desires of your soul.

Allow me to see what you eyes have seen,

And hear the things your ears have heard.

What your mind has felt, what your body has endured…

When was the last time they honestly said they loved you so?

My trust in you is endless, and my love is everlasting.

Maybe one day we'll meet,

And the truth in my eyes you will see.

But till then you must believe my dear,

That if destiny and life has it on its will,

We will indeed share our Endless dreams…