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Date: June 28, 2010

Time: 5:30pm

Mood: Sorrow and Lost

Everlasting Love...

You might ask yourself my dear,

The reason of this shaking fear.

Reason why as the end gets near,

Your memory is all that is clear.

Looking deeply into my eyes,

You seek the answer for the thousand tears.

Seek the answer to the inevitable silence,

That loudly shouts it's meaningful fear.

Your velvety and sweetly voice,

Clouds my mind and broken soul.

Your sweet lavender scent,

Assaults my lungs with each breath I take.

My body yearns your tender warmth,

Your silky and softly touch.

I yearn your bewitching feminine curves,

Purest of all paths, paths of lovers nights.

Perhaps this night my dear,

You walk down the enlighten paths.

Divine paths that hardly divide,

Both worlds, the dark and clear.

With tender freezing lips,

Our love was forever sealed.

Lovers last cold embrace,

Warm embrace which melts me to very depths.

The approaching of the coldest dreams are near,

Approaching of true lovers fears.

But know this my lovely Dear,

My everlasting love will always keep you near.