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Thursday, January 17, 2013

7:78Pm (CT)


Spiritual Expression

Just a random thought, merely a personal opinion that is not intended to offend anyone. Simply should be taken as a small form of expression…

I am in fact someone who is very spiritual oriented. Been raised on a household that was influenced by Christian beliefs (Baptist) it was inevitable not to grow that spiritual side to myself. Yet, with the passing of time and with the many experiences I have lived and seen, I made the decision that I was not going to label myself as a member of any Religion. You see, I am a strong believer that people unfortunately has chosen to blind their minds to the truth that, our Superior (God) came to our Earth to bring us the power of enlightenment. He (who knows perhaps a 'She', or even an 'It') gifted us the fundamental teachings we all needed in order to succeed in the Physical, Mental and Spiritual aspects of our Inner Beings. Meticulously placing a path or better said foundation for all of us to follow and learn from, so that could achieve all of our life goals.

However, men with the passing of times and eras either eradicated the true teachings or took them off context to a complete different level. For instance, many religions, if not all, utilize a set of Scrolls, Gospels or in the case of Christians, a Bible in order to follow the instructions given to us by Jesus Christ. Yet, my mind as complex as it is, cannot help but to think that the many translations that have derived of the Gospel (Bible) unfortunately at times has point us to different meanings and directions. The Gospels were in fact written by MEN, not the Almighty, nor His Son, nor the Holy Spirit. In them, men utilized their own interpretations of the teaching and concepts that Jesus Christ offered us whether it was in a form of a dream, spiritual vision, or personal experience.

But at the end of the day, they were just that, Interpretations… a compilation of the most suitable Gospels collected by Men, so that other individuals could learn its teachings and then make their own interpretations as well. Time has passed since the very first manuscript, and society has created over thousands of different translations that ranged to hundreds of different languages, cultures, and religions… I am a strong believer that the more it has gotten translated, the more it has lost its original touch and influence. We are all victims of believing what we know is what's right and everyone else's is either wrong or a lie… granted, I am not here to diminish or deny the existence of Our Superior, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, nor any God you may follow or preach. I am merely stating my personal opinion in the matter.

Perhaps this is starting to sound like an insulting or none-meaningful rant… yet, it is inevitable to think nowadays that planet Earth is the only planet on the entire Galaxy that has living creatures… it is inevitable not to think that there are many others like us, or different from us somewhere out there.

We are, but a mere spec, in that vast space we all call Infinite Universe.

- Luisa Vargas

8:43Pm (CT)