Life and Lemons

Saga 1: And So It Begins

Jan 16th, 2011

Life never really goes the way you want it to. Take me for instance. All I wanted to do is get through school and then eventually college, become a successful businessman, marry a good looking girl and retire rich and happy. But as I said, life never really gives you what you want. I asked for lemons and got a fist down my throat instead. This is the story of an event in my life which changed what I saw forever, whether for better or worse is for you to decide.

"Get your fat ass down here Higuma, we're gonna be late!" My sister, the sweetest, kindest person I know who sings of flowers and bunnies all day long with a cheerfulness that can change a hardened criminal into a babysitter, in case you didn't realize I'm being sarcastic. Momo is the bane of my life. Tired and cranky every second of every day, she constantly nags at me until I feel like tearing my arm off just so I have something to throw at her. "Coming o dear sweet sister of mine." I replied sweetly. There was no point in fighting back, she would win anyways.

With just about fifteen minutes left until the bus arrived I began putting the finishing touches to my clothes; ruffling up my shirt so it looks just aloof enough, same goes for my hair, wrinkling my pants, you get the general idea. I walked down the stairs a minute later to my mom, a multi-tasker if you ever saw one, making toast for the family breakfast while simultaneously cleaning the kitchen.

"Honey, you're finally down. You've been taking longer and longer these days to get ready you know." Commented my mom as she juggled sweeping along with plating up an omelet. "Yeah, sometimes I wonder whether mom and dad made a mistake when they called you a boy." Put in my ever sweet sister.

"You know, with that mustache and all that leg hair, I could say the same for you." I cracked back, rather cleverly too if I do say so myself to my sisters' annoyance.

Me and my sister are both Anglo-Japanese. My dad's British and my mom is a pure to heart Jap. We kinda inherited both of their physical and personality traits though I have no idea where Momo gets that temper of hers since both my mom and dad are pacifists. I always thought she was adopted though my parents strongly deny that theory.

Oh! What am I doing? I completely forgot to introduce myself. I mean what's a story if you don't know the titular character's name. Well, let's see. My name is Higuma Koyobashi Cooper and I'm fifteen years old. I know, my name sounds weird but I've gotten used to it. My sister is Momo Koyobashi Cooper, a proud eighteener. Nami Koyobashi and Dr. Francisco Gerald Cooper are my mother's and father's name respectively and they're both forty-three years old. We're a pretty eccentric family by normal standards but that's what makes such a tight-knit bunch. Wait, we're kinda getting off-topic here, now where was I? Oh yeah!

Well, after eating and finishing up my morning pre-bus rituals I headed down with my sister to our awaiting bus. We both go to Kokorou Highschool, did I forget to mention we live in Japan. Sorry about that hehehe.

"Hey Higuma, I saved you a seat!" shouted out Marlene, my best friend and one of the few non-Japanese students in my school. She has a crush on me though she doesn't know that I know about knowing that I... where was I again? Argh, lets just skip all these boring parts. Basically I've just given you a summary of my life. Now! Let's skip to the main part, the moment my life changed forever.

Jan 22nd, 2011

Another normal day for me. I got up, got ready and went to school. As usual, Marlene saved a seat for me and also somewhat attempted to grope me, she's very open about everything sexual, which I ignored.

"Old fat guys in towels." is the mantra I repeat in my head during such episodes. If I don't, I come dangerously close to going all the 'way' with her which is not something I'm ready for as of yet. Anyway, as the day progressed nothing new or exciting happened, that is, not until the school assembly. There we are, only the students of years nine and eight as it was a special assembly or something, standing under the smoggy canopy listening to our principal drone on and on about some new event we're hosting blah, blah, blah. Thank god there's a fifteen minute time limit on these things or we would have actually died from the boredom.

Anyway, soon enough the assembly ends and we begin dispersing but as anyone can guess, something incredibly epic happens. A soundless flash of black smoke appears behind the principal who is occupied talking to the student councilor. All the students notice it but the two daft idiots don't and they continue talking about some major fund-raiser.

Suddenly, a scythe, yes a scythe, appears from the smoke and cuts them both down as if they were paper. Both of them fall to floor, dead before they hit the ground. A loud shriek echoes as a few students see the figures of their principal and councilor lying though weirdly, no one begins panicking and running around.

Finally, as the smoke dissipates, it took forever to clear up, a hooded figure steps out to view the audience of school children before him. Now, let me describe to you what I saw and felt at those brief moments.

Before me were two dead bodies and standing over them was a guy who appeared out of a cloud of black smoke. The guy was dressed in a black hood that went all the way to his ankles and he was barefoot. His face was painted with a skull and within his hand was a scythe. With blood-red eyes and what looked like black wings, it was pretty easy to put together all of that and match what this guy was. A demon. Or a special-effects expert.

My heart was pounding pretty fast at that moment and I was paralyzed with fear. I mean I literally couldn't move and as I peered around, I noticed that still, none of the other students where running away either. No one was even speaking and as I tried to, I found out I couldn't speak either. It's like this thing was so scary that just looking at it froze us in place.

After a suffocating few minutes like that, the thing finally spoke, and with a surprisingly human-like voice too. I was expecting something more Darth-Vader-ish.

"Greetings creatures." Was its first words. Funny, a thing that looked like it did calling us creatures. What a sense of humor for a demon.

"My name is Ana'Garth and for the clueless few who haven't figured it out yet, I am a demon. I'm sure your wondering what it is I want with you all. Well, there's a simple answer to that. I want to kill everyone here."

Author Notes: Well, here it is ^^ The first chapter of my saga. Its gonna be a supernatural-ish type story and hopefully will be a hit with you guys. I put a lot of what I think is humor into it to lessen the darkness and all that crap. And, what else is there to say...I LIKE COOKIES! THE COOKIES SHALL RULE THE WORLD!

P.S Everything in normal font is narration while bold font is speech.