Life and Lemons

Saga 4: What the Future Holds

"I would ask you to spout a few last words but things like you don't deserve such honors. Time TO DIE!" Plunging his bladed hand downwards straight at Te-Quilla's chest, heart pounding, blood pouring, flashes of memories past.

The pained angel experienced all of this in her last final seconds, or what she thought was her last seconds. Whether it be a hand of fate or just damn good luck, the blade never touched her that day. Mid-way through the plunge Ana'Garth froze up, golden static electricity rippling across his slender frame. "W-what happened?" asked a stunned Te-Quilla thanking her good stars that she was still alive. "I s-see the spell took a while to *bloody cough* take effect."

Answered a weakly smiling Mirzabel. "Mirz! You did this?" "Of course, didn't you think it strange when a support type like me started throwing attacks at the B-grade demon *cough* s-suddenly?"

"Those attacks were.."
"Storing paralyzing energy in him with every shot. Even if the attacks missed they stored a few minute amounts of energy onto him and after it reaches a certain amount, it all releases."

Staring at the defeated and twitching demon near her partner's feet, she spoke "He only has a few more minutes too live. Eventually the electricity will shut down his heart. It's already managed to disable his magic manipulation processes."
"Guys! Are you alright?" Screamed a worried familiar trio of kids as they came running out of their school figuring the fighting to be over.

"Don't worry, our bodies will heal over in a few days time."
"But you're bleeding so much!" Marlene pointed out.

"Mirz, you have enough energy for a Restoration?"
"Yeah, but I'll only be able to cover up your cuts and stop the bleeding. It'll be a few days time until I can fully heal you."
"So, this means we don't have enough energy to fly back."
"Yup, though we might have enough energy for a basic teleportation and other small spells."
"So, we'll have to stay somewhere in this filthy slob-infested world!"

"Hey, who you calling slobs!" roared Marlene.

"Sorry for my partner's words, she has issues with displaying emotions. Any who, will it be alright if we stay with one of you for a few days?" asked Mirzabel bringing up the best puppy dog face she could. Let me tell you something, Mirzabel's puppy dog face is something not to be trifled with. I swear that thing has hypnotic powers, I don't see why she just didn't use it on the demon in the beginning. Plus, she's so hot!

"WOAH! What the hell? I was having a peaceful day with my friends but then this damn demon comes from nowhere, claims I have some Angel Aura, kills my principal and then almost kills me as well. Then you two poof outta nowhere in all your hotness, almost give me a 'pop the willy' in front of the whole school kick the demons ass in a fight that's practically destroyed my entire school and now you just expect US TO TAKE YOU HOME WITH US?" Roared Higuma.

Normally, I'm pretty pacifistic, I think I mentioned that before, but when things get heavy I just let loose the fury of hell. I'm not one to be messed with hehe.

"Yes, you have a problem with that?" Questioned an annoyed Te-Quilla raising her blades menacingly.

"Nope, just wanted to get the information straight." Uh, I wasn't scared. I just let her win because she's a girl, yeah that's it.

So, you mean that in a way that girls are weak huh Higuma?

Yup, pretty much. *smash* Dumbass, don't know when to keep your mouth shut huh?

S-shut up Koro and get me a fucking icepack!

"Wait? Did you just say the demon came here because you have an Angel Aura?" asked Mirzabel.
"Yeah, I think I just said that during my rant."

"Do all three of you have it?"

"Yeah, I guess. Why what's going on?" By this point in the conversation, the trio were pretty confused about their present situation but more than that, they were curious too see what'll happen. Meanwhile, Mirzabel and Te-Quilla where busy having an animated yet whispered argument between ourselves. "Alright, it's decided then?" asked Mirzabel to her partner. "Yes."

"Alright then children! We have decided that we will be staying back in your world not until we're fully recharged but until you three finish your training!" spoke out Te-Quilla saying it as if it were something the trio would have expected.

"WHAT?" was their unified response.

"Training? For what, yeah?" questioned Koroyaki, this being the first time he had spoken since they visited the underground bunker.

"To become angels of course!" answered Te-Quilla once again firmly.

"WHAT! I don't wanna die. I'm too young. I need to LIVE, yeah!" showing off once again his very rubbish skills at drama.

"No way lady! I'm not gonna be some dang angel. I'm going to be a model when I grow up and be married to this thing right here." Pointing at a terrified Higuma. At first I might have been rejecting the idea, though now that I look at it, after this event, being married to Marlene might not be so bad. I mean, you are pretty hot and as we've seen, there are a whole lotta worse things in the world.


I-ice pack….please. Dumbass, you never learn, yeah.

S-shut up Koroyaki!

While Higuma recovers, I'd like to take this moment away from our story to provide you with a short visual description of me and Marlene, yeah. I'm about two inches short of five feet and slender, yeah. I got rock hard abs…..stop laughing Higuma!...and brown hair. Golden eyes, peach complexion, all normal here. Marlene is just about my height with *slurps* long legs and she's pretty slim too, yeah.

Hmph, at least we know that there are some people who'd like to be with me.

I said I'm sorry Marlene!

Back to me, she has golden-brown hair with brown hair tied up in a pony tail. Well, that's just…

Dumbass, you're forgetting me, the most important person. I'm one inch short of six feet making me a giant. I have long blonde hair coupled with green eyes. I'm somewhat pale though I'm still pretty hot….stop laughing Koroyaki! Anyway, that's our description, back to the story.

"I'm not gonna be an angel okay! I have enough problems in my life as it is! I'm not gonna add being chased by homicidal demons to my list of troubles!" Put in Higuma rounding out the trio's response as a definitive 'no'.

"Is that so. None of you want to be angels?"
"NO!" was the unified and hearty response.

"Fine! It's good then that we don't give a giraffe's tail about your opinion cuz we're making you into angels whether you like it or not! And that my human friends, is final." And with that, the two angels poofed away to where ever they plan on hiding leaving us to ponder our futures.

A few seconds later and the entire school was back to the way it was. The buildings where intact, the students were concious and apparently didn't remember a thing and so went about their daily school life. And even more surprising, our principal and councellor were back and intact. Though whether they where real or imposters, we couldn't say. What all three of us did know is that right now, at this point, life officially sucked lemons.

Author Notes: Well this chapter was unusually short but I just wanted to get it over with. I had no idea how to put in a description of my char's so I just made them explain themselves ^^ After this we'll have them being trained as angels and maybe even some romance cuz...*drumroll*...the angels will be movin in with Higuma leaving Marlene very jealous and pissed off! COOKIES ARE MY TRADEMARK.