A/N: I came up with this after reading about Cupid and Psyche. There will be lemon further into the story. A little bit of yaoi but that's only one or two times. Remember you have been warned. Honorifics will be used for the most part. Last names will also be used so use the reference at the bottom of the page. Reviewing is like giving a starving man a crumb of bread. It is always welcomed with open arms! =Wink Wink=


Pain was all she felt as a mark began to form on her back. She let out a estrangled scream and fell to the ground, exhausted. She panted as tears shamelessly fell down her cheeks onto the marble floor. She clutched at the ground but the pain seared all the more. Make it stop! She plead and clawed at her exposed back but all it did was leave angry nail marks. She looked up through hazy eyes and saw the witch. She stood there with her hands folded neatly in front of her and her butler kneeled behind her. She had thin near-to-white blonde hair that reached her shoulder blades. Her bangs covered most of her eyes which shone a dull blue. Her servant had raven black hair that covered his eyes but it was those eyes that were unnerved the girl the most. They were a white color that had been smudged with gray, and it made it seems as though he was blind.

"Who are you? What's going on?" The girl could barely hear herself ask the lady. The lady just stood there and smiled crookedly at the pitiful girl. Her eyes showed she was enjoying the 12 year old girl's pain and wanted to inflict even more. She lifted a hand towards me and the girl winced in fear. Am I going to die? But the body of a boy shot out in front of her, tensed and ready to fight. Stop you idiot. You're going to get yourself killed or worse. But she did not have the strength to speak those words aloud. They continually rang in her mind as she began to see black spots in her vision. Before she lost consiousness she heard a single scream. Dai-, She tried to call out...but she was already gone.

Golden brown hair flew up into the air as the frightened teenager shot up out of bed. Sweat trickled down her face and her breaths came out as shaky pants. It was the dreams again, the nightmares. Shakily she reached for her phone on the window sillby her bed. The fingers shook as she started to dial a well-memorized number but she stopped midway. She stared at the unfinished number and closed her phone. She couldn't call him now; not this time, not about this. Especially since he was apart of the problem.

Characters: (Last/First name format)

Minasuki Aiko (the girl): Age:16, 12(dream); Eyes: Green; Hair: Brown w/ blonde highlights; Height: 5'6"
Him: classified
Eien Hitori (witch): Age: Unknown; Eyes: Blue; Hair: White/blonde; Height: 5'7"
Ankoku Daite (butler): Age: 20; Eyes: Gray-White; Hair: Black; Height: 6'1"