By My Hand, Brother…

Chapter One

Here I am. Sitting on a tombstone in the dead of night, in the middle of a graveyard. A graveyard! You're probably wondering why a teenage boy is sitting among the dead.

I don't plan on it becoming a regular occurrence.

My heart feels heavy but simmering behind that raw emotion is a more primal one. Anger.

I must tell you. I'm not all that I seem.

My name is Tobias. I am a Guardian Angel and the headstone I'm in front of is my charge. No, was my charge. She was both my charge and the love of my life. My immortal life. Anguish begins to stir from deep within my body once more. The pain is growing and I can't control it.

I stand up, drop down from the crumbling gravestone, take off my shirt and stretch my wings; they have not been free like this for a long time. The air spreads and washes against my body as my shirt drops to the floor. Tears sting my ears and I wipe them away as I drop to my knees, breathing in the gorgeous smell of the newly cut grass. Antithesis, I find, is always present in this strange world. My hand reaches out for the stone and rests on its head. I read it again; the words still don't change and are still the same ones I have read a hundred times.

Here lies Lily Orritt

Born: 04/06/1993

Died: 12/04/2011

Her innocence was true and potential infinite. She will be missed dearly by all those that knew her.

I carefully trace the words forever carved in to the stone. I loved her so much and a broken heart cannot be forgotten. Her killer will pay, I am an angel, I should feel peace but I am driven by the need for vengeance. If only it was that easy – My brother was the one who killed her. Aldo. Something has changed in him, he is not the same angel he once was and is desperate to become human, to have a mortal life. To live, to die. For his existence to have meaning.

I still don't know why he killed her.


Spite perhaps?

All I know is that Lily's death will not be in vain – I will avenge her. Even if it kills me.