There was a little girl with pretty eyes, and lovely hair. But little girls grow up, and the pretty eyes became enchanting, the lovely hair became a curtain and a handle. A handle for him, he liked that hair, loved it. He's run his hands through it, twist his fingers in it, even pull it. She liked it when he pulled her hair, and he liked the resulting moan. Was this what they were? Nothing but machines now, they despised one another, yet they wanted it. Actually, needed it. Needed to be that close, it was easier to pretend when they were close. Hate, that's all they had left, passion and hate. And love. It couldn't be denied that they were in utter love.

He doesn't speak to her any more, calls her a bitch, she laughs like it doesn't matter. It does, they matter, he changed and she clung. All she could do was cling, beg, give in. That's not who she was, is, she'll be a bitch. If that's what it takes, she'll show them the fire. They'd both think about it of course, that year of hate. Once he slammed her against a wall. So hard it hurt. Then shoved one hot hand down her tight jeans, forced three fingers into her. No warning. She screamed, so he kissed.

There was blood. He'd fight anyone, anyone who had a word to say against her. There were plenty of those, he has the scars to prove it. Her initials, they're carved into his flesh forever now. Those razor blades she would've never resorted to before him, they've tasted her crimson blood. Blood felt good, cutting felt good for both of them.

Twisted. That's what they were, damn twisted. She wouldn't let him fuck her, but she wanted him to. Was that the only hold she had? No, maybe in the end, but no. He wanted to love her always. He always would love that rotten bitch. Bratty, impulsive bitch. Loving that egotistical, oppressive bastard. This was their truth, always was, always will be. Now he claims not to care, so she does too.

So they'll pretend. Be puppets of strength. They have no strength truly, each one burns for the other in every single way. The time he grabbed at her, because she dared to walk away. Left bruises. He'll never forget what he did.

The next chapter, everyone else knows what's coming, but they don't. They don't know that soon they'll be at it again. He'll groan her name as her mouth envelopes his dick. She'll buck her hips as his fingers drive into her and his tongue finds that perfect place. But they're pretending now. So no one should tell them what's happening next, because what a surprise that will be for the two morons that they are.

Teenagers, that's how they love and hate.