Her tears, oh her gorgeous fucking tears.

Tears of joy and sweetness, that hit his lips as they kiss, and he can taste them. So perfect, but how can salt be sweet?

She laughs, but her voice catches, laughing at her own lovely tears.

And he wants to cry too. But no, no. He can't let anyone see, so he holds her close and buries his face in her soft hair. Pretty, pretty hair.

It's cold, so cold, to they cuddle closer in the screaming crowd. No one can hear their whispers as the fireworks explode above them.

She didn't want all this. She didn't want any of this. But she needed it.

He kisses the tears from her cheeks and it just encourages more. She doesn't feel weak, she doesn't feel trapped, she feels free and whole. She feels loved.

And she realizes how wrong she was. Just wanting to touch. This is so much more, he proved his worth, he proved he loves her no matter what she gives him. And she wants to give him everything. They want each other.

Love, perfect love.

There's lust, and there's care, and there's hope.

Oh fuck, she hopes this never ends.

She's so fucking afraid of this ending.