I fell for the stranger , fell for his charm ,

I fell for his intensity , fell for his warmth ,

I fell for the way he spoke , how his voice quivered ,

I fell for the strangeness , the mystery of it all ,

I fell for the romance , hidden underneath the words ,

land far far away, the dark continent , I called my new home

I fell for the promises, the oath we both took

the silent caresses that touched us both , I fell for it all

I cried for him , my heart ached from joy

I fell for the sweet nothings , Fell for it all the way

he was my first love , the first of its kind

I am not ashamed to say , love was rather blind

I still think of him sometimes , though times have lapsed and more

We have both moved on , our story is all but a folk lore

But as the twilight descends , the darkness begins to fall

I have to confess to him one last time , I did fall fall for them all