Dear readers! This took me FOREVER to write! I guess I'm a little bit of a perfectionist, but anyways, here it is and I hope you all enjoy it!

A slight breeze pushes fallen orange and deep red leaves across the dark asphalt pavement of the parking lot. The parking lot is full to the brim with cars, and I can see my mustang waiting across the lot in one of the few open parking spaces. The noise of hundreds of small conversations and laughter can be heard from inside the quaint restaurant behind me. I lean against the side of the building and cross my arms over my chest. I take a look over at Jaime who has not been able to stand even remotely still since we arrived around fifteen minutes ago. Jaimie is twiddling his thumbs and quickly pacing in front of the restaurant door. Several times already, he's accidentally bumped into people coming out through that door.

Jaimie has even dressed up for his big date with Cindy; wearing dark-washed jeans and a light blue button-up shirt with some nice-looking leather jacket. I couldn't tell you any specific brands because, well, I've honestly never paid attention to any brands in my life. All in all, Jaimie had paid attention to all proper details for his date, including the classic red rose he is planning to hand to Cindy the second he sees her. I've never known Jaimie to be Mr. Romantic, but I'd be a little afraid to see him on Valentines Day.

Myself, I am wearing an emerald green button-up shirt with black slacks. The more I had thought about the date with Samantha, the more I realized that I should be the good best friend to Jaime and dress nicely for Sammantha. Even though I came very close to wearing an outfit I could easily have worn to Chilies instead of a five star restaurant. Of coarse, that would not have gone over well with Jaime.

I brush my fingers through my messy chestnut colored hair, and let out a heavy sigh. The girls were supposed to arrive about fifteen minutes ago and I can tell Jaimie would not be able to handle much more anticipation. I scan the parking lot once more and fail to see any new cars pulling up. "Jaimieā€¦come on relax" I say, and he stops his incessant pacing to face me, his light blue eyes franticly darting from me to the parking lot.

"They will be here any minute, just breath okay?" I say again, hoping he can relax enough so that he doesn't have a heart attack. Jaimie slowly begins to let his guard down and slumps against the building next to me, arm limp at his side, red rose in hand. "Come on, what Hayers girl isn't going to be fashionably late?" I comfort, while elbowing my friend playfully in the ribs. Jaimie smiles faintly, for just a moment. How long has he had a crush on this girl? I have never seen him so worked up. I open my mouth to try in an honest attempt to keep Jaimie's mind off of his late date, when I hear the screeching of tire rubber on black asphalt; a sound almost as bad as nails on a chalkboard.

I look up to see an innocent white Honda swerving frantically out of the way of the speeding black Audi A5, which just made a wide turn through the entrance into the parking lot. Apparently the driver hadn't seen that poor white Honda. The black Audi speeds through the parking lot into a free space near the front of the restaurant, just barely scratching the two cars parked on either side of the Audi's parking space.

"What the he...?" I manage to get out before the driver steps out and my mouth drops open. Of coarse, I should have seen that one coming. The driver is a girl with one of the shortest black sequin dresses one can find, which is tightly drawn to her body. She is also wearing about six inch high heels, that had to match her dress with a shiny sequined look. Her thick, dark brunette hair sweeps down her back in light, glossy curls. Sammantha Hayers, everyone, in the flesh.

Sammantha gracefully trots over to Jaime and I, her eyes narrowing as she grows closer. "I suggest closing your mouth; how disgusting," she practically spits at me. This is going to be the best night of my life, thank you karma. Sammantha begins tapping her foot and darting her eyes, looking already half bored out of her mind. "God, Cindy! Take more time!" she screeches toward her car.

I throw my face into my hands and lean back into my spot on the side of the restaurant. It has only been five minutes, and dinner lasts probably two hours. I sigh and decide to suck it up; deal with this wretched person. I look up and see Cindy walking towards us in a silky red dress with a cotton-like black beaded sweater and black flats. Her hair is tied in a loose bun with some strands left out to frame her heart-shaped face. Cindy, unlike her sister, has dirty blonde hair and light blue eyes. I smile and look over at Jaime and wish I brought my camera. His eyes sparkle as he stares at Cindy, like she is some angel that just landed on Earth and he is the lucky one to be the first to lay his eyes on her.

Jaime then freezes, not saying anything, and definitely not making the situation any better for the rest of us. Sammantha's foot begins its second round of incessant tapping as Cindy dreamily gazes into Jaime's eyes as well. I tap Jaime's left arm holding the rose and give him a light shove toward Cindy. Jaimie trips over his foot and practically lands on top of her.

"Oh my, I am so sorry," Jaime says to Cindy, while turning to give me a good, solid death glare. And before I know it, Sammantha is giving me one as well. "Its fine, what is that?" Cindy smiles up at Jaime, who's approximately a foot taller than her. He finally takes notice of the rose still clasped in his hand and gently places it into hers'. Cindy delicately brushes her fingertips over the smooth petals of the rose and turns to look deeply into Jaime's eyes. Then, they freeze like this, just plain gawking at each other.

Dear Lord, I am going to be a hundred years old before we walk into this restaurant!

I sigh, "Okay! How about we go inside?" I swiftly throw open the restaurant doors and as gently as possible, push the dreamy couple in. They stumble inside and I turn to look at my lovely date. "After you?" I say and gesture to the open door. She narrows her unfeeling eyes at me and hisses, not wanting her sister to overhear, "I would rather be anywhere else mind you, and if your scummy friend ruins my baby sister's heart or upsets her in any way," she pauses to fix her purse strap, "I will blame you." She then struts away toward her sister with a plastered-on smile and links Cindy's arm in hers'.

I sigh, brush my fingers through my hair and take my chances walking inside the restaurant.

I follow our small group further into the restaurant toward our designated table with an incredibly perky waitress who has a smile glued to her face. She lays our menus on the table set for four, placed in the center of the main room of the restaurant with about thirty other tables squeezed tightly around ours. She then leaves us to situate ourselves among the table, Jaime with Cindy and Sammantha with me. I pull Sammantha's velvet cushioned chair out for her and receive a huff as she flips her dark brown hair into my face.

Jaime, after doing the same for Cindy, takes a quick glance my way and sends me a silent, pleading look. He needs me to keep my cool. So I take a breath and sit down in my own seat, with time to look again at my company. Jaime and Cindy seem to go perfectly together. They act around each other as if they had been going out for at least a few months; they look completely infatuated with each other. And by that, I mean Jaime continues to stare at Cindy while she begins to take a few glances at her menu, and when she catches him, they both blush and turn away. Until Cindy begins to stare at Jaime, and the whole cycle continues.

We all are soon focused on what to order, our eyes locked on the menu. Eventually, our peppy waitress returns, practically bouncing on her feet as she asks us what we would like, starting with Cindy.

"Um, I think I'll have the chicken on today's special" Cindy says, speaking so softly, to where the waitress has to ask her to repeat herself several times.

"How about you sir?" the waitress says, gesturing to Jaime.

"I'll have what she's having," Jaime replied, earning him a bright smile and a nudge from Cindy. Already I could see that if these two were to become exclusive, they would be that one annoying couple that you would not want to be seen with in public.

"And how about you sir?" the waitress says, turning to me, her smile widening. And sure though her smile couldn't get any bigger.

"I'll-" I started, before being interrupted by Sammantha. "I'm having the Greek Salad Special," she says and makes sure to give me a good glare before roughly slamming her menu into the waitress's hands.

I sigh again, "Um, I'll just have the chicken special too I guess." The waitress smiles at me, turns on her heel, and leaves us to place our orders with the chef.

"Lame" Sammantha snorts, as she leans back in her chair to cross her arms. And that is the last I can take of my date.

"Sam..." Cindy says, displeased with her older sister's behavior. Well, I would think anyone would be displeased with this piece of work.

I send an apology look to Jaime before turning to Sammantha and quietly saying, "Look, what is your problem?" Her brown eyes slant and she turns fully toward me, arms still crossed. "Well, anyone would have a problem going on a date with you and having a waitress as peppy as that" she nearly spits the words into my face. I can already start to see other customers beginning to stare at our conversation.

"Would you like to talk in private?" I say, my voice low in order to help keep my temper in check. I couldn't last twenty minutes with this girl on one single date!

"Yes," she states, before nearly knocking her chair over and squeezing her way through the tightly placed chairs. I slowly get up in order to follow her out after apologizing to Cindy and Jaime. Jaime just shook his head knowing that this double date with Sammantha and I was risky in the first place. Cindy just softly smiles at me in apology of her sister and like many other times, I wondered if she or Sammantha were adopted and not in fact blood related.

I meet up with Sammantha outside, along the side of the restaurant, near the parking lot. We are pretty much in an alleyway between the restaurant and a small apartment building. The only way out of the alley is the way we had come in; from the parking lot. The parking lot is still filled to the brim with cars of all kinds, but completely vacant of all other human beings. I turn to face Sammantha, who glares at me with more hatred than I'd seen all night, or even better, more than I'd seen all throughout high school. She stands strong, her shoulders squared, and surprisingly her face looks flushed.

"I can't stand you!" she spits at me, her voice rising. "You are ruining my sister's first date!" She screeches, throwing her arms at her sides in frustration. Now, I am officially angry.

"Look," I walk closer to her until we are about a foot apart, "You are the only thing that is ruining this date!" I can feel my anger rising, "I don't know what problem you have with me, but you are being selfish!" Okay, now I've lost it. I can feel my face grow hot with my anger. I take a breath and shuffle a few steps away from Sammantha who looks clearly shocked at my outburst. And frankly, so am I. I was never one to loose my temper so quickly.

Sammantha just stood there for a minute or two, not knowing what to do next. A few times she's looked as though she would say something, only to close her mouth and cross her arms. I decide to take this time to lean against the building and calm myself down. Sammantha sighs, she clasps her hands together as she begins to make her way toward me, "Okay, it's just that I..." and then she pauses. She stands frozen, starring at the opening to the alleyway. Her mouth slightly droops to a complete expression of shock and incomprehension.

"Sammantha..." I say, trying to get her attention back. Her expression instead changes into one of horror; her jaw locks, her complexion pales, and her eyes begin darting from me to whatever she is seeing behind me.

I quickly turn around to see what is behind me, hoping for it to be some sort of fluffy bunny. But I see the complete opposite, instead.

Dear God, I think, as my eyes take in the full picture. What is that thing? The next moment, all I see is blackness as I fade into unconsciousness.