The Awakening

A girl slept, her blond hair tussled over her pale face. She was snoring softly, not aware of the shadow watching her. The six-foot some dark splotch that leaned up against her bedroom door. He tilted his head to one side, he chuckled softly.

"How could someone so small, so innocent, be so powerful?" He asked under his breath. His blue eyes narrowed as he took a step closer. Reaching his hand out, as if to brush her hair from her face, when a cat jumped in front of him, knocking his hand way with a swipe of his paw.

"Ah, so you have not learned your lesson Julain?" The man smiled. "I should have guessed you'd be here as well. No matter," the cat hissed again, this time the girl rolled over, her snoring stopped.

"It seems you've made one mistake," the man whispered to the black and white cat. "When you cursed me, you were not strong enough to send me to the Summerland, instead you sent my sprit to wonder the worlds until a vessel came to sight. One that was strong but not to strong, this one is perfect, almost to good to be true, right?"

The cat arched his back, his fur standing on end.

"Oh, for the Goddess sake, would you stop that? The boy is fine, I will not kill him, I need him." The man ran a hand through his spiked blond hair. "But, I suppose I wasn't strong enough, either, you are still alive." The man chuckled. "When you stopped me from taking the twins, I was trying to kill you, not turn you into a feline. But, in a way, I suppose I did end your life. It's just a matter of how you look at it.

"When I found out my dear step-brother was going to lead the tribe in my fathers place, I was horrified! He was not the rightful leader, and then when he chose to make my cousin, your sister, the Lady! That was…" He stopped and take a deep breath. "You understand why I reacted as I did." The cat hissed, shaking it's tabby head. "You may not. Now, just so you can't run back and tell anyone."

He reached down and grabbed the cat by the scruff of the neck, picking him up, the cat squirmed it the firm grip. "If you make another sound I'll kill the girl right this second!" He hissed to the cat, which went limp at once. "There's a good boy."

A bright light filled room, waking the girl with a start.

"Coal?" She asked; looking around. The room was empty of everyone but her. Sighing, she laid back down, falling back into a restless sleep.