A/N: New story. Story about the shadow within that all of us carry. I write many worlds and I think this is the thing that connects them all. If he wants to talk so much, I say let him talk.

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SUMMARY: I am Ahriman. You might have heard of me. If not, you definitely HEAR me. I am not one, I am many. I am nowhere, I am everywhere. Here you will hear about my hosts. The ones that are actually worth mentioning - the ones that shaped me. I am Ahriman, and your mind is my playground.

the shadow within


I do not have a name. We do not have a name. We are one and at the same time, we are many. Just shadows following you every day. Let it be light or let it be dark, we're there. I'm there. Waiting.

I've had many names. We've had many names. We are known as demons, bad-thought, darkness, the bringers of power, Ahriman. And this is how I came to be what I am now. This is how I am different from others; this is what I brought into the one that we are. These are the stories of my hosts; the stories of how they came to know me, and I them. I lingered in their minds, waiting to be found, waiting to be called. Sometimes the call never came, but other times it was loud as the life itself, life I grabbed with everything I got, life that used me and got used in return.

I am not limited to one world. Do not ask me about the philosophies or the possibilities of many worlds; I will not answer you even if I cared enough to think about it. I do not care about the great flow; my only wish is that I end up in the right world at the right time when it gets disturbed. Other than that, I am quite capable of just following the great river of destiny. I do not care, for I am not alive; I exist. But the great earth-shaking ends are important. Every world has them, and they usually happen without any pre-warning. Well, screw that, since I met a world where the great change was pre-seen, I try to stick with it. At least I know I have a chance of a fight there, chance of not being only a shadow, chance of not being obstructed by some whiny creature trapped in the shell, chance of actually controlling that shell.

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