A/N: New story. Story about the shadow within that all of us carry. I write many worlds and I think this is the thing that connects them all. If he wants to talk so much, I say let him talk.

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SUMMARY: I am Ahriman. You might have heard of me. If not, you definitely HEAR me. I am not one, I am many. I am nowhere, I am everywhere. Here you will hear about my hosts. The ones that are actually worth mentioning - the ones that shaped me. I am Ahriman, and your mind is my playground.

the shadow within


I do not have a name. We do not have a name. We are one and, at the same time, we are many. Just shadows following you every day. Let it be light or let it be dark, we are there. I am there. Waiting.

I have had many names. We have had many names: demons, bad-thought, darkness, the bringers of power, Ahriman. And I shall tell you how I came to be what I am now. This is what differs me from others; this is what I brought into the one that are we. Only few of my hosts made an impact enough to shape me; these are the stories of how they came to know me, and I them. I lingered in their minds, waiting to be found, waiting to be called. Sometimes the call never came, but other times it was loud as the life itself. Life that I grabbed with everything I had; life that used me and got used in return.

I am not limited to one world. Do not ask me about the philosophies or the possibilities of many worlds; I care not enough about it or you to answer such questions. The great flow carves a path, and my only goal is to end up in the right world at the right time when it gets disturbed. Other than that, I am quite capable of just following the river of destiny. Indifferent about it, for I am not alive; I merely exist.

The earth-shaking ends are important, however. Every world has them, and they usually happen without any upfront warning.

Well, to the Void with that! Ever since I met a world where the great change was foreseen, I try to stick with it. At least I know I have a chance of a fight there. Chance of not being only a shadow. Chance of not being obstructed by some whiny creature, while I am trapped in its shell.

Chance of actually controlling that shell.

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