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SUMMARY: I am Ahriman. You might have heard of me. If not, you definitely HEAR me. I am not one, I am many. I am nowhere, I am everywhere. Here you will hear about my hosts. The ones that are actually worth mentioning - the ones that shaped me. I am Ahriman, and your mind is my playground.



Killed by an object without any magic in it – it meant only one thing, I will linger in that world, and I did. It didn't even take a lot of cycles to find a new host. But I had a problem, as always.

I understood and learned too much to be one. My power was too vast. So I became more. I became two. And both hosts were in the world that was connected to the one with power, and both hosts had something inside, which made them asociated with events beyond.

One, I couldn't budge, for it was trapped here, but it could see as I once saw.

The other one was strong, an outcast, it was one of those that would walk the planet and the planet will fear it. And I would help; oh, I will help. I will help them both, and in return, they will help me become one again. By the end of everything, I will fight to have what I lost with the last host. I will have control that Annie trusted me with again, and I will have time to understand what I had to do at the edge of that pattern to rip my own hole in it.



I can't believe this story was actually meant as a one-shot (one chapter stories). And I'm sorry that it's over so soon. =( Or is it? Like I said, Ahriman connects all worlds that I'm writing about. Demons can travel between the worlds. He is in a way in War of Wings story I'm writing. But if you want to see MORE of him, you'll have to wait for me to finish that story and start on my original saga again (probably called Secrets of the Fantasy), where, after couple of books, Ahriman will strike out again in the way you came to know him here. He won't be the main character, but he still won't be that shadow that lurks in a memory of the background. He will be a troublemaker that will be feared.

In the meantime, you can read War of Wings. It's has a slower develop, but there's lots of fights in it (as you will soon find out that I love writing fight scenes). Don't be afraid of the flashbacks, they may seem lengthy and pointless, but they're not. You can skip them, but in the end you'll regret it. Go on, come to know Kiyoshiel (Eli), Surja, Hermes, Sayuri, Taichi and others ^^!

Review, I like to know what you're thinking!