A random one-shot that I might expand in the future. This little drabble is just to practice descriptive writing.


by The Crazy Cat Lady

Moonlight casted on the lithe figure standing on the edge of the cliff. A coppery tint coated her round amber eyes, almost reflecting back into the darkness as she gazed out at the vast night sky that twinkled back millions of stars. Her smooth dark skin blended in with the night, and only her movement was noticeable when shifted through the wilderness. Underneath the cliff ruled the canopies of the rainforest. It could not be hushed by crickets nor occasional wild feline calls that echoed hauntingly, sending ancient calls through her blood.

Tundra smiled quietly to herself. She breathed deeply into the scent of lingering rain and softly closed her eyelids. Her amber eyes reopened in a few seconds—renewed with a fiery sparkle that danced in her eyes. Spreading her long arms slightly, she leaped out into the open.

Tundra soared across the air, and her barefeet landed on the surface of the other side of the cliff. Absorbing the heavy impact from the jump, the feet resumed into a sprint. As fast as her legs could carry her, Tundra chased down the emptiness of the night. Her wild braided hair whipped in the wind that whispered her true nature.