The change in scenery flashed by in vibrant colors. Tinsley Vernon sighed and leaned against the window of the moving limousine, wondering how much longer the car ride would be before she arrived in Manhattan, New York. She grew anxious at the thought of seeing all of her friends and family for the first time in five years. She truly hadn't expected to be so excited. But when she arrived at the LaGuardia Airport and saw her chauffer, Isaac, waiting for her, she squealed with joy.

"Tinsley, welcome home," Isaac announced. Her vision came in contact with the Metropolitan Museum of Art and she began to grin. Familiar shops and apartments whizzed by until Isaac parked the limo in front of a huge brown building.

Tinsley heard Isaac exit the car and before she knew it, he was holding the door open for her. She slid out and grabbed Isaac's shoulder to steady herself. After she tugged at her purple sequined dress and glanced down at her silver pumps, she took a deep breath and inhaled the New York air. Isaac gave her a reassuring look as she strode into the building that contained the people she loved the most.

Tinsley's road to recovery was seconds away from beginning.