Cellular Defense
by ff_b

Although the alien had cloaked himself with holographic normality, the illusion was transparent to paranormal agent James Takata of the Talamasca. He pursued the alien invisibly, confronting the unknown creature at last in an alley, not wishing to jeopardize innocents.

"Where are you from?," challenged Takata, "And what is your purpose here?"

The alien regarded Takata quizzically. "You are not like the others," he hissed. "An anomaly! We shall study you after you are dead."

"I don't think so," replied Takata, "but I've been dead before!" His ears flattened as he drew his katana and assumed the position of Warrior Ready.

Dropping his holographic deception, the alien presented his true form to the vulpine, that of a hideous, gelatinous creature with flailing tentacles. He advanced on Takata and was met with a powerful blow from a razor-sharp blade that cleaved the creature in half. Retreating momentarily, each of the pieces re-organized itself to assume bilateral symmetry. Both half the size of the original, the two segments advanced anew on Takata.

Again his blade flashed, lopping his two smaller assailants into several pieces, each of which reorganized into a yet smaller copy of the original to continue a relentless advance on Takata. Recognizing their capacity for reproduction, Takata began deflecting the amoeboids with the flat sides of his blade, but several flung themselves in unison against his legs and his back, tearing away fur and skin with their abrasive tentacles.

Bleeding from several wounds, Takata was weakening but not without his resources. "From hell's heart I stab at you; for hate's sake I spit my last breath at you, you damned thing!," he cried. As Takata's blood flowed, the leukocytes in it floated out of the streaming crimson fluid, growing to macrocellular size and wafting through the air to attack the loathsome tentacled aliens. Enveloping them as they would bacteria, the leukocytes began digesting the invading aliens, their high-pitched ultrasonic screams piercing the air. Once the aliens had been dissolved, the leukocytes shrank in size, wafted back through the air, and re-integrated themselves into Takata's blood.

Possessed of accelerated healing mechanisms, Takata was able to assume an upright posture within minutes. "What is evil," he mused , "but good that has been tormented by its own hunger and thirst?" And feeling a mite peckish himself following his ordeal, Takata went in search of a good Chinese restaurant, walking among the world of men but forever apart from them...