The Keepers; Book 1, the Beginning


They sat around the table. Each was different than the other and extremely old. They were the Element Keepers, but not for long.

"We must! This task is too hard! We are old! Get over it Water!" yelled Fire. He was the fiercest-looking, with red hair and brown eyes.

Water retaliated, "This is way out of our hands! We cannot danger them! They are only children!"

Life stood up shakily. Her brown hair and green eyes were striking, and she looked the liveliest of all six of them.

"Enough." Immediately the other five were quieted." We will pass on our powers to the children. It is out of our hands Water." She added, seeing Water about too protest.

Storm looked into her brother's eyes. Fire nodded hesitantly. "We should be able to protect them though…guide them…"

Life interrupted. "No. They will be guided though." She held her hands out to Earth.

Earth looked surprised. He waved his hand behind him, and eight people appeared. They were dressed in modern clothes and looked about fifteen.

Air looked at them, and then addressed Life. "The Secret Keepers to protect them? Why?"

A Secret Keeper stepped forward. "We will not fail Lord." and bowed.

Air backed away slowly, "Is it wise to trust such new…well…people?" He sat down again.

"We can trust them."Storm said in a final tone. "We must."

With that, Life closed her eyes and raised her arms. Her tone was hushed but clear.

"We must pass. Let our powers live in those who know this world, and let the world go back into order again." The world faded, and many miles away, six kids felt the shock.

Chapter 1-The New Kids

It was assembly day at Filder Middle School. Six kids who were destined to save the world were mixed in with the rest of the eight graders in the bleachers spanning one side of the gym.

All of the kids in the gym were talking excitedly. None of them noticed the three new people in the front of the gym who seemed to appear out of thin air.

These three people had disguised themselves as thirteen years old. Their names were Nuha, Denver, and Rezan. They were the Seconds in Command for the Secret Keeper Clan. They had come for one purpose only: to gather the new Element Keepers and get them on their quest.

The six were unidentifiable from the sea of other faces. None of the faces turned toward the Secret Keepers though. Nuha's mind control made sure of that. Denver mumbled his luck and disappeared away.

Rezan glared at Nuha. "I wish I would get to use my abilities at least once!"

"Ha ha. There's the teen talking. When should we do this?" Nuha glanced nervously around the gym. Everyone was singing the school song now.

Rezan rolled her eye. "When Denver sends Aura, dummy. She'll find them quickly." The singing stopped. The principal started talking about recycling and other fun stuff.

Aura popped out of nowhere. "Finally! Gosh, Denver has gotten faster though." said Rezan, "Get on with it." She indicated the buzzing crowd. They were paying little attention to the principal's lecture.

Aura rolled her eyes and stared at the crowd. She grinned and pointed to a girl with long, dark brown hair and a green tee shirt. "Water." Then she pointed to a boy with light brown hair and a grey sweatshirt. "Earth." And so on, until all six were defined.

Nuha had been taking notes on a notebook that she had in her bag.

"Thanks Aura." Said Rezan and Aura vanished. The spelling bee had started. The boy who was Fire was up there. It was going to be a long day.

Rezan and Nuha sat around for awhile, making plans. Nuha came up with the final plan. They were going to pose as students in the school, and then get all of them into one place, and hurriedly do a crash course in their abilities and send them on their way.

Nuha took care of the entire thing. Over the next day she got them registered as Nuha Letters, and Rezan Mankernoff (which Rezan was very unhappy about.)

Sooner than Rezan would've liked, it was their first day of school.

"So this is what the Normal's educational system is like!" Rezan said excitedly, Nuha and her had just learned how to open locker. Nuha had made sure they each went into at least one of the Element Keeper's classes.

Nuha rolled her eyes. Rezan was acting like she was actually thirteen years old. Nuha's first class was with the Storm Keeper.

Chapter 2- The Storm Keeper

Audra Pennings sat at the back of every class. She didn't enjoy school and had skipped some. Having ADHD made it not fun sitting there. And all day long at that.


At least she took her pills this morning, her twin brother, Kenneth, got off on the ADHD.

"Class," Mr. Harks, the Social Studies teacher said, "we have a new student."

A girl walked in. She had dirty blonde hair and walked self-importantly. The girl's eyes lingered on Audra for a second, and then proceeded on scanning the others in the classroom.

"I am Nuha Letters." She said evenly and sat down in an empty desk beside Audra.

"Uh, okay…" Audra mumbled and doodled while Mr. Harks launched into the American Revolution.

The strange girl looked at her curiously. "You really should listen, Audra."

The way the girl said her name bothered her. Then, she realized she had never told Nuha Letters her name.

"How did you…" she started, but Mr. Harks interrupted. "Miss Pennings, do you have something to say?"

"No-" she started to say but stopped herself. "Yes I do, in fact. You are an extremely boring teacher and I wish you were fired. There." Everyone in the classroom gasped. Mr. Harks face turned bright purple. "How dare you-"

He was luckily interrupted by the bell. Audra hurriedly got out of her seat, her things already pre-packed. Nuha Letters put her hand on her shoulder to stop her. Audra faced her.

"I warn you. Your life will never be the same after this day. You might learn to open your eyes more Audra." And with that, the strange girl called Nuha blended in with all of the other eighth graders, with Audra Pennings very confused.

Chapter 3-The Fire Keeper

Rezan walked uncertainly towards her first class. Nuha's first class was with the Storm Keeper, while Rezan's would be with her twin brother, Kenneth.

Rezan wasn't really sure of what she was expecting Kenneth to look like, but she wasn't expecting a Keeper to look so normal.

She got to the class just in time. Art. Maybe the Fire Keeper liked art. Rezan thought the old Fire Keeper hated art.

The class was large, with big, paint splattered desks and cabinets everywhere, old art work hung on the bare walls. The kids in the desks had confused looks coming Rezan's way. The teacher, Mrs. Taves, introduced her.

"This is a brand new student. Her name is Rezan Makernoff. Treat her with respect. "Mrs. Taves winked at her. Her graying hair and green eyes made her stand out.

"Uh…where should I sit?" Rezan asked nervously. She noticed there was an empty seat by Kenneth, and she hoped she got that seat.

Mrs. Taves looked around the packed classroom. "How about by Kenneth, if you don't mind sitting in the back."

All through the period, Kenneth kept making faces at Mrs. Taves. Kenneth looked nothing like the girl Aura pointed out at the assembly. He had red hair and brown eyes, while his twin had black hair and grey eyes.

When the bell rung for the next class, Rezan pulled Kenneth to the side.

"I would suggest you push the limits of your abilities, and teachers don't like it when you make faces at them Kenneth Pennings." and with that Rezan walked away, grinning, leaving behind a very mad Mrs. Taves, and a confused Kenneth.

Chapter 4-the Earth and Life Keepers

Rezan and Nuha met up after the first bell rung in the hallway. They weren't sure how the rest of the day was going to go, but the next period, they were both going to Science, and Earth and Life were going to be there.

They walked nervously into the Science room, and were immediately greeted by the science teacher, Mr. Hallens. Mr. Hallens had a strange crazy look in his eyes that unnerved Rezan.

He steered them to the front row and started explaining weird things about his life. The kids in the room kept suppressing laughs, and Nuha felt slightly embarrassed.

Mr. Hallens assigned groups (that Nuha tweaked a little bit), and they started on an experiment with water pressure with Life and Earth.

Nuha and Rezan soon found out their names were Pov (Earth), and Vivia (Life). They were both very open and enjoyable to be around.

Pov had brown hair and brown eyes. There was no doubt that they were cousins, because Vivia had brown hair too and similar features, but her eyes were green.

They were both very friendly, and smart too. Their group was one of the first finished. They were calculating how much pressure was in 3,000 feet of water compared to 3,000 feet of fresh water.

Once again, the bell rung, and the students rushed out. Nuha had the Water Keeper next and Rezan had the Air Keeper. They separated once again. Far away though, things were only getting worse.

Chapter 5-The Taken

Amanda Layson sat up fast. Her memories were scrambled; mean people breaking into their house, being grabbed by them, mom and dad killed, and her sister screaming. Harsha must've been taken too.

Once her eyes had adjusted to the faint light, she saw she was in a dark, dusty room with two mattresses and a door with a small slit in it. She got up and tried the handle. Locked.

Amanda then noticed her little sister, Harsha, on the other bed. Harsha looked so small and weak. Being only a year apart, third and fourth grades, made them closer than most siblings.

Amanda shook Harsha."Wake up! Please! Harsha?" Harsha sat up slowly."What happened? I'm scared Amanda!" Harsha was speaking in a hushed tone.

Amanda sat next to Harsha and put her arm around her. She didn't want to admit it, but she was scared too. She had to keep strong though. Harsha started crying silently. Amanda calmed her down and walked up to the door.

"Hey!" She yelled out the door."I'm not enjoying this cell! Please let us out!" She heard footsteps. Amanda rushed over to Harsha who was trembling. The footsteps stopped outside the door. Amanda heard the door unlock, and the door opened.

Her age was indefinable by looks, but she was terrifying all the same. Her hair was black with red streaks. Her eyes were red-orange and her face had a crazed, evil look to it.

"Ahh, but you see," Her voice was the scariest thing in the world, "I really don't care whether you like it or not." She laughed."You are the prisoners of the Destroyers, children of Lord Chaos. Bye now." She slammed the door and locked it, laughing evilly all the way down the hall.

Chapter 6-The Water Keeper

Nadia Savens watched the other kids file into the room. Ms. Ally didn't notice the new girl that sat down next to her. Language arts were not fun, in Nadia's opinion. The new girl had blonde hair and looked forward without a second glance at anybody. When the teacher started talking, the girl turned to her.

"Well hello. My name is Nuha." The girl smiled. "I'm pleased to meet you." The girl, Nuha, looked her up and down critically, as if she knew something Nadia didn't.

"Uh, you too I guess." Nadia copied down the notes.

After the notes, they settled into groups for group reading. Nadia picked the largest group of popular kids and started reading.

The new girl came over. "I am going to read with you." She said in a forceful tone. The other kids seemed to go into a daze. "Yes" they said together, and they started reading as if nothing had happened. Nuha smiled at Nadia, as if to prove any weird thoughts she had were wrong.

Whatever Nuha had done, it was not natural, thought Nadia. The rest of the period went smoothly, without any creepy mind tricks of Nuha's, and she started to think that she had just imagined it. Nuha took her to the side of the room just as the bell rung. She looked almost sad, as if she was dreading something horrible.

"Trust your instincts Nadia." Nuha said. "They tend to be correct." Then she left without a backwards glance.

Chapter 7-The Air Keeper

Rezan was pretty sure she would get along the best with the Air Keeper because they tend to be a little more free spirited than the other Element Keepers.

When Rezan walked into math, she was hit with a sudden bad feeling. In the back of the room was a strange boy, all dressed in black, and evil-looking. He grinned at Rezan and vanished. Rezan had no doubt; he was one of the Destroyers, the evils of the world. There were only seven of them, but they brought all of the terrible things to the Earth.

She took a seat near the Air Keeper. She snuck a peek at his paper and saw his name was Aero Mason. He had light blonde hair and light blue eyes. He had a sloppy grin on his face and was shooting rubber bands at the other kids in the class. As soon as the teacher turned around though, he hid his rubber bands and was quiet.

"Now class," Said the math teacher, "Today we will be learning how to graph linear functions."All throughout the lesson, Aero kept telling jokes and keeping the tone light, and making the lesson less boring.

As soon as the lesson was over, Rezan hurried to the commons area outside and waited for Nuha as the kids streamed past happily, totally unaware that the world was being torn apart.

Chapter 8-The Quest

Nuha arrived quickly to the commons area where Rezan was waiting anxiously. They had a lot to discuss about the other Keepers. Nuha was worried though. She sensed that something scared Rezan about last period.

"What? What happened Rezan?" Nuha said quickly. The commons area had emptied out completely and Nuha made sure nobody was listening.

Rezan took a deep breath. "They're here, at the school. They are watching us."

"What?" Nuha said in a hushed tone. "The Destroyers are here?"

Rezan nervously nodded. "We need to get them to headquarters. Now. They will not be safe long. We already have the two missing!"

"That's what we need them for." Nuha closed her eyes and concentrated hard, calling for Denver to pick them all up, and take them to Headquarters.

With a sudden lurch, they were in Headquarters conference room for the Secret Keepers. It was an open, bright room with large windows looking out on the mountains.

The Element Keepers suddenly popped up by Nuha and Rezan, and the other Secret Keepers barged into the room. There was a lot of commotion and the Element Keepers looked very confused and scared.

"Hello? What's going on here?" said the Storm Keeper, Audra.

The Secret Keeper's commotion stopped at once. The Secret Keepers, except for Nuha and Rezan, bowed to her. "Forgive us, Audra Pennings, Storm Keeper," said Zeke, the Mathematician.

Audra backed away and so did the other Element Keepers.

Nuha went over to the other Secret Keepers. "All of you except Aura, go away." They all left and Aura went over to where Rezan was.

Nuha gestured at the chairs around the conference table. The Element Keepers hesitated then sat.

Aero spoke now. "So what's the deal, crazy people? Are you going to blackmail our families or something?"

"Uh, no Aero," Rezan replied flatly. She stared across the table to the six freaked out eight graders and took a deep breath. "You are, well, Element Keepers. You may have seen us today in school, Nuha and I."

"Yeah, I did." Nadia realized she pointed at Nuha. "I saw you."

"What are Element Keepers? Why are we trapped here?" said Kenneth. Then he stood up suddenly. "You know what? I'm going to call the cops. This is insane." Aura then laughed as Kenneth took out his cell phone. "Those weird things don't work here. This is what you would call a 'dead zone.'"

Pov looked surprised. "What?" Are you going to keep us here against our wills?" Kenneth, looking furious, sat down again.

"This is crazy. Could you explain how we got here though? We just suddenly popped up here!" Vivia exclaimed.

Nuha looked into each of their faces. "We will explain. Allow me.

"You were brought here by Denver. He can transport himself and other things anywhere. The group that was in here was Secret Keepers." Nuha let that sink in. Audra laughed suddenly.

"Then prove it!" she said between breaths. Nuha gestured to Rezan and he grinned.

"I'll prove it to you twerps. Look here!" and she turned invisible and reappeared on the other side of the table.

The Element Keepers had their own unique gasps and "whoas!" for Rezan's trick. They muttered to each other. Rezan returned to her seat. "Do you believe us now?" Rezan asked exasperated.

Vivia shrugged. "I do. That was cool. No way was that a trick." The others muttered their agreement Audra and Kenneth looked hesitant, but agreed. Aero's agreement was the most entertaining though.

"That was sooo awesome! Where do I get cool powers like that? I want to fight the Joker or something." Everyone suppressed laughs.

Nuha smiled. "Actually, you already each have powers. As Rezan said before, you are Element Keepers. You control the elements of Earth." There were many questions at once, but Aura silenced them.

"Shut up!" she yelled. "I will tell you each your part in the universe and your magical potential, whatchya-macallit, so BE QUIET!" Aura yelled it so loudly, that everyone covered their ears. In a quieter voice she said, "I will tell you who you are and your powers. Then, we will send you on your quest, which we will tell you about later. She pointed to Nadia. "You, Nadia, are the Water Keeper. You can control the world's water to do almost anything." She pointed to Pov. "Pov, the Earth Keeper. Has control over earth. You can naturally speak every language on the Earth." To Kenneth. "Kenneth, you are fire. Can control fire, are invulnerable to fire, lava and any other burning thing."

To Aero. "Aero, can control the winds everywhere. Bend them to your will." Then pointed to Audra. "Audra, you can control the storms, the Storm Keeper. Any weather." Finally she pointed to Vivia. "The Life Keeper. Can control any life, anywhere. The leader of the Element Keepers." Another flood of gasps and questions.

Suddenly, the Element Keepers all stopped abruptly and looked over to a corner.

There stood a boy, red hair and yellow-green eyes that were slits. His clothes looked as if they were once grey, but had stains on them as if he had been rolling around on the ground.

The Element Keepers seemed frozen in fright, but the Secret Keepers barged into the room. The boy waved his hand and all of the Secret Keepers were bonded with rocks and soil, none could move.

He turned and addressed the six Element Keepers. "You quest is foolish and unnecessary. The world will be ripped apart at the seams. It has started. Die, foolish ones, or feel the wrath of Lord Chaos." He disappeared and the bonds holding everyone fell away. The Element Keepers unfroze.

"What was that?" yelled Nadia. She was shaking.

Nuha stood up. "That was a Destroyer, Staversiv to be exact."

Pov looked startled. "What is a Destroyer? Are there more?"

"That was not cool man, not cool." Aero mumbled.

Nuha sat back down. Rezan explained.

"There are seven Destroyers; sons and daughters of Lord Chaos, the worst thing ever. That particular Destroyer was Natural Disaster. You froze up because he is your complete opposite. They, well, destroy the world."

Nuha interrupted, "Nobody knows why they want to destroy the world, but their only orders from the Lord Chaos."

"We will soon send you on your quest-"Aura started, but Vivia interrupted. "What? What quest? We're not ready! You are crazy! Send us on a quest with that… thing?"

"That was the point, yeah," mumbled Rezan.

"What's the quest even for?" Audra asked.

"To save two of the Emotion Keepers. They are one of the lower level Keeper Clans, and they just got their abilities too," Nuha explained.

"How old are they?" Kenneth asked Nuha.

Rezan looked at Kenneth. "They are in 3rd and 4th grade. They are lower level, but they are still important enough to turn the world into craziness, if they are taken from humanity long."

"But what do those little people do?" Aero asked.

Nuha sighed, "These particular Emotion Keepers represent and particularly control happiness and love in human life. They being captured can suck all the happiness and love from this world."

"Not good is that?" grumbled Kenneth. Audra punched him in the arm. "Duh, Einstein. Stop the sarcasm or feel Miss Crazy's wrath."

"Who's Miss Crazy?" Kenneth replied.

"Her." Audra pointed to Rezan.

"Wow, so funny." Rezan rolled her eyes. "But Nuha's the one who has a strange name and Mind Control. Never disagree with her." Aero started laughing like a maniac.

Nuha pounded her fist on the table. "This is no time for laughing! Your quest is urgent! You must find the Destroyer Lair and bust out the Emotion Keepers!"

"Whoa, calm down Mind Freak. We don't even know how to use our powers," Aero said.

Vivia nodded. "Yeah, I've never really felt one with plants."

Nuha's face turned red. "Then by all means, go outside and try."

A door appeared next to the big window. The other Secret Keepers filed out of the room except for Denver, Nuha, and Rezan. The Element Keepers went outside and stood in a nervous group, discussing.

"You haven't switched on the powers yet, have you?" Rezan asked Nuha.

Nuha grinned. "No, I thought I'd let them entertain us for just a bit." Aero started waving his arms and Vivia looked like she was talking to a tree.

"Okay, enough entertainment," Nuha said and flicked her hand towards the two Element Keepers. They all stood up straight and started to glow, each a different color.

Denver transported them outside when they came to their senses.

Nuha stepped up to them. "Ready for the quest now? The memories will come clearer with time."

The six of them nodded, feeling sick from the sudden rush of information to their heads. Denver waved his hands and small backpacks appeared.

"These will help you survive. There are mats to sleep on, extra changes of clothes, and many other things to help you, including food," Denver explained.

Nuha pointed southwest. "That way is the Destroyer's Lair. You will find it."

"Good luck," Rezan said and waved. The six looked at each other and started slowly off southwest.

Chapter 9 – Amanda

She was still shaken up after the evil person had walked in. Harsha was even worse. This is the worst day ever, she thought. Harsha wouldn't let go of her and freaked at wherever she moved. Whatever that was, it had probably scarred Harsha for life.

When Harsha finally went to sleep, Amanda finally had time to think about how she was going to get them out of here. She assumed somebody would come looking for her. She set Harsha down on her mattress softly and went over to the door.

"Hello?" she whispered to the door. She heard somebody walking down the hallway again. A scruffy voice spoke outside the door. "What?"

Amanda's stomach suddenly gave a large growl. "Um, can we get some food?"

"I guess," the voice replied, and through the slit in the door came two pieces of bread and a squished apple. "Enjoy," the voice said, and the footsteps died away.

Amanda took the food and went over to Harsha. She shook Harsha awake and gave her a piece of bread and the squished apple.

They gobbled it up fast and they both fell right asleep, side by side.

Chapter 10-The Quest Starts

Aero was not enjoying his day much.

It started awesome, finding out he was a Keeper-person and then getting awesome memories of his past-self, and

the slight feeling that the wind was going where he wanted it to go. Now though, they were randomly walking southeast, with no idea the extent of their powers

Hence, the bad day part.

He trudged along with the others. Then, after about 15 minutes of pointless walking, he stopped.

"What's up?" Viva asked him.

He thought hard. "I think we should, you know, practice our powers or something."

They all stopped and looked at him. "I think that is the smartest thing I've ever heard you say." Audra said.

Pov looked down at the ground. "Well ground, rise, or something." The ground stayed put.

"Maybe you should be a bit more forceful" Kenneth suggested. Everyone was watching Pov.

Pov stomped the ground. "Rise ground!" The ground trembled. The other Keepers backed away. The ground burst up under Pov and lifted him up about 20 feet in the sky.

Pov went pale. "Um, down! I'm very scared of heights!" The ground flattened again and Pov looked relieved.

"Hey!" Nadia yelled, everyone looked towards her. "I want to try!" She screwed up her eyes in concentration, and a huge waterspout erupted out of the ground, then shut off.

Audra pointed towards the sky. "How about a thunderstorm?" A huge, black cloud suddenly filled the sky. Lightning flashed and it started to rain.

"That's kind of scary. Can I try?" Aero yelled. Audra put her hand down. "Just don't blow us away, or I'll blast you with lightning!" The storm stopped.

Aero grinned. "How can you blast me if you are blowing away?" Audra stuck her tongue out at him and sat on a rock.

Kenneth rolled his eyes as Aero danced around, calling for the wind. He held out his hand and focused, A column of fire shot out an almost hit Nadia. She backed away and Kenneth mumbled his apology. "See Aero, piece of cake!" Kenneth yelled out to Aero, still not having succeeded in summoning the wind.

Aero eventually made a small burst of wind. Everybody looked expectantly towards Vivia. On an instinct, she put her hand on a small clump of grass and it instantly turned more green and flowers shot out of it.

"Aero laughed. "I get it, you're the flower girl!" Vivia blushed and they started walking again.

They settled down for the night in a rock indentation in the side of a cliff. Vivia and Nadia went to find some dry logs, and then Kenneth set them on fire. They gathered around it. Nobody talked.

Suddenly Audra yelled, "What are we even doing? We have no idea what to do, or where we are going! This is so pointless!" Kenneth nodded his agreement.

Out of nowhere, a woman suddenly appeared above the fire and smiled at Audra.

"Many things are unknown. This sometimes helps you later in life." The woman frowned. "But you were left with pretty much nothing. The Secret Keepers are quite new you see."

Vivia raised an eyebrow. "Um, who are you? I would rather not meet another Destroyer." The woman laughed.

"No, I am not a Destroyer, I assure you. I am Keyos, the Guider." She turned again to Audra. "You can ask me anything you want, ask for any information. Consider wisely."

Audra thought for a second. "Well, I wish for a map or something to the Destroyer's Lair. Also, where are we?"

Keyos smiled. "The storms are wise." She waved her hand and a map appeared in Audra's lap. "You are in the Colorado Rocky mountains." Keyos disappeared.

"Hey, at least we got the map." Aero said halfheartedly.

"Yeah." Nadia sighed. She took her sleeping bag out of her pack and laid down, closing her eyes. Everyone else followed her example.

Chapter 11-Doomsday Begins

They both woke up to a monster staring down at them.

Amanda and Harsha both started screaming, and the monster backed away a bit. It was about seven feet tall, with three eyes and two noses. Its skin was orange and it looked a bit frightened. Then it grabbed Harsha and Amanda, tied them up and led them into the corridor.

It was so long; Amanda couldn't see the end, either way she looked. The orange monster took them down the left way.

They walked for what felt like an hour to Amanda, until they stopped outside a pair of double doors. They were black with liquid red paintings and carvings of destruction and other horrible things. Amanda did not want to see what was on the other side of the doors. Despite both of their protests, the monster shoved Amanda and Harsha into the room, shutting the doors behind them.

The room was huge, with red marble pillars lining the walls. The floor moved like molten lava, and felt warm to Amanda's feet. In the middle of the room, there was a huge throne with carvings on it like the ones on the door, except the ones on the throne were more detailed.

A figure shimmered onto the throne. Harsha started trembling. "Ah, yes. My two...prisoners." He smiled gruesomely. "I was told Visminiv captured you, but she is sometimes unreliable." He laughed, the sound bounced off of the columns.

He looked at Amanda and Harsha with distaste. "Weak mortals. Yet so valuable to the human race I plan to extinguish." Seven figures shimmered beside his throne; three girls on one side, four boys on the other. They all bowed to the man on the throne and muttered, "Father."

"Rise." The man on the throne said carelessly. "These puny children will destroy Earth." The seven other people laughed. "How weak these new generations are. It's so easy to corrupt it the world nowadays." He stood up and the seven people backed away. The man rose up to his full height. He literally grew up to 15 feet.

He smiled evilly at Amanda and Harsha again. "I am Lord Chaos. These are my children, the Destroyers. Your pain and weakness will destroy the world, and I will become supreme ruler!" Amanda and Harsha fainted from fright, and the world went black.

Chapter 12-The Betrayal

They woke up the next morning stiff and cold. Slight morning dew had settled over them. The ashes in the fire pit were black. Pov yawned. "Why did we have to wake up now?" He pointed towards the rising sun. "It must be four in the morning."

Audra started packing. "Good thing we did though, we need to get to the lair as fast as possible." She kicked Kenneth. "Hey Bro, get up and summon a fire." Kenneth moaned and turned over. "Fine" Audra mumbled.

Audra turned over the logs to the drier side and successfully tried zapping them with lightning. A fire suddenly blazed up. Audra kicked Kenneth again. "Ha, I did it. Now get up!"

Together Audra, Pov, and Vivia woke everybody up. They ate a filling breakfast of dry cereal and water. When they all had packed up and put out their fire, they gathered around Audra. She took out the map and handed it to Vivia.

Vivia looked at Audra, surprised.

"Why me? You got it from Keyos." Vivia asked uncertainly.

Audra grinned. "I'm not the leader, life is."

Aero laughed. "Yeah, if you were the leader Audra, you would zap us and make it rain all day. Talk about depressing..." Everyone except Audra laughed, who rolled her eyes and turned to Vivia.

Vivia looked down at the map. It was blank. "Um, it's blank." Everyone crowded around. The only thing on it was the word "Map."

"Hello? Map, show us the way to the Lair or something." Aero said to it. He stared at it for a minute. The map remained blank. "That's all I got." Aero sat down glumly on the ground.

"Hey, I got an idea." Vivia said. "I, Vivia, the Life Keeper, wish for a way from here to the Destroyer's Lair." She said to the map. Many multi-colored dots appeared with a small sign that said, "The Element Keepers, Colorado." A golden line led from the cluster of dots to Las Angeles, California where it said, "Destroyers Lair."

"Cool." Pov said. Aero got up and came to look. The map was highly detailed, showing the exact path they needed to follow by.

Aero stiffened up, looking the way the needed to go. Aero turned to look at them and pointed to what he was looking at. It was a golden line, exactly like the one on the map, except it was life sized.

"We finally found the way!" Nadia yelled and let out a sigh of relief.

"Can we stay in a hotel next time?" Kenneth mumbled. Vivia glared at him. "Probably not, Mr. Flamey. I would suggest getting used to it. Let's go." She set off for the golden line.

After about Aero and Pov's 20 games of "I Spy," Kenneth gave up. "This is very boring." Vivia stopped and glared at him again. "Quit complaining! We have to do this!" Kenneth shook his head. "what if we don't? Think about it, some random people come and tell us we are magical and need to save the world. It's a little weird."

Audra walked up to Kenneth. "We have to, or the world will burn or whatever the evil dude wants to do to the world. Oh, and we are 'magical.'" She sent a arc of lightning down to the other side of a mountain. "Do you happen to notice that nobody else is complaining? Or are you just too busy complaining to notice?" Kenneth backed away. He hadn't seen Audra this angry for a long time, and he was sure it wasn't going to help that she could electrocute people.

Kenneth was angry with her now. "You're siding with her? Don't you see this is pointless?"

"Uh, no." Audra said. "Don't you see that this is worth it?"

"No. I don't think this is worth it." Kenneth turned around and started walking the other way. "You are such a big baby, Kenneth Pennings!" Kenneth didn't turn around. They had always gotten along so good. He had never been angry at Audra before. Not once. She always seemed to get a little angry at him for some random things, but she had always gotten over it quickly.

He kicked a rock out of his way. Nothing was fair. He kept walking.

After awhile he sat on a rock and stared into the distance. Kenneth wondered if Audra even cared that he left. The air started shimmering next to him and he stood up quickly and backed away.

A man had appeared. He had black hair and burning red eyes. He was dressed in weird robes with strange symbols all over them. The man grinned down at Kenneth.

"Kenneth Pennings, Fire Keeper." He laughed. "Ran from the others now? I, am Lord Chaos."

Kenneth backed away more. "What do you want with me?"

"Oh, not much." Lord Chaos said. "I want you to join me. You don't need the other Element Keepers. They are weak, with the fine exception of your sister. The real power lies with darkness."

Kenneth had watched movie where this same thing had happened, it was kind of cheesy, but it had some appeal to it. "What about my sister and my family?"

"Oh, I only plan to destroy those who I hate, which is everyone, but I can guarantee none of your dear family will be harmed. Together we will destroy everything unworthy of the New Age, including those annoying Element Keepers, except Audra, of course."

Kenneth thought. Lord Chaos promised no harm to his family, and he would get back at the other Element Keepers for turning Audra against him. The whole thing seemed right, somehow.

He looked up at Lord Chaos and made his decision. "I will."

Lord Chaos nodded to him. "Wise choice, human. Or else I would've had to incinerate you." He looked slightly disappointed, and they disappeared to the Destroyer's Lair.

Chapter 13-The New Enemy

They appeared in Lord Chaos's throne room. Lord Chaos settled on to his throne and Kenneth stood before him. The seven Destroyers appeared beside Lord Chaos's throne again. They seemed surprised to see Kenneth there and Lord Chaos doing nothing about it.

Lord Chaos stood up in front of his throne. "Do not harm the boy. He has come willingly to pledge his loyalty to us." The Destroyers mumbled amongst themselves.

"Get out your thrones then!" Lord chaos yelled at the Destroyers. They waved their hands and a black throne appeared behind each of them. They sat down.

Lord Chaos walked up to Kenneth. "To pledge yourself to me, you must say this; I, your name, pledge myself to Lord Chaos and his seven children, the Destroyers, forever, or live as a Normal, with no peace ever again."

To the Destroyer's surprise, Kenneth said the lines without hesitation. His aura flared around him and turned from bright red to black and faded again. Lord Chaos turned to the Destroyers. "We now control an Element Keeper! We will rule the world!"

Chapter 14-Kenneth Attacks with His New Pet

Audra felt terrible, partly because she had yelled at Kenneth, and partly because she knew he had gone to the bad side. She had felt it. Vivia had also seen it on the new map; Kenneth was at the Destroyer's Lair.

The other Keepers had tried to comfort her, but they soon discovered that they were ineffective. Audra walked dejectedly behind them. She was beginning to become board with the scenery, when Aero stopped uncertainly. He was staring off into the sky.

"Uh, what is he staring at?" Pov went over and poked him cautiously. Aero looked at him as if he had just come out of a daze. Dreamily, he pointed to the spot he was staring at. There was a small flash of silver. "Plane." Aero said simply.

Nadia squinted up at it. "How can you see it? I can't. And plus, there are like, planes everywhere." When Aero didn't answer, she sat down on the grass. Audra, sniffling, followed her example. Vivia went over to stand by Aero. There was now a slight glint of visible silver in the sky. "Aero, why is that plane so important? And why is it getting bigger?" Vivia asked. Aero looked at her sadly. "It's going to crash. There are a lot of people on board; some will die."

Pov came over. "How do you know that?"

Aero shrugged. "i can just...feel it, I guess. It is going to crash over there." He pointed behind the hill closest to them. They saw the plane land more or less smoothly on the other side of the hill. They hiked hurriedly to the crash site, and a plume of smoke went up a few minutes later and they quickened their pace.

When they reached the airplane, they found it on fire, and a lot of people were standing off to the side, looking frightened. "I don't think it caught on fire itself." said Audra, frowning.

"What set it on fire then?" Aero asked. Audra pointed at a figure, or two figures, on the other side of the flaming plane.

Audra looked panic-stricken. "It's Kenneth." The other Element Keepers squinted and gasped. It was him.

He stood behind the orange flames, waiting for the Keepers to see him. Audra pointed him out first. He felt bad about doing this, but he was convinced that it was the right thing to do. Anyways, he had to. He had pledged himself to Lord Chaos himself.

He felt a lot more powerful than what he did before he went evil. Kenneth felt like he could burn the world. That scared him though.

Sythos had set the plane on fire, and he wanted to do more. He was a huge serpent-dragon. They could breathe fire and squeeze their enemies to death. They also had extremely poisonous 10 inch fangs. It was easily 25 feet long, and it was the only monster kept in the Destroyer's Lair that Kenneth could control.

The other Element Keepers ran around the flaming plane towards Kenneth. They stopped in their tracks when they saw the huge serpent-dragon circling Kenneth. Audra had more tears in her eyes. "Kenneth, why are you doing this? You know it is wrong!"

"No, it's right! This dumb quest is wrong! The world isn't fair to us Audra. Not to any of us!" Sythos became agitated and hissed at the other Element Keepers. They backed away.

"Not cool man, I hate snakes." Aero said nervously. Kenneth smiled.

"Like my new pet? His name is Sythos. He is an ancient serpent-dragon. It is here to help me kill you. No offence."

Audra rolled her eyes. "No offence taken, brother, especially since you are threatening to kill us and all."

Kenneth ignored her. He held his hand out, palm up. "And yes, I said help me kill you. I am going to kill you too." Out of his hands shot out a 10 foot column of pure black flames. "Sythos has orders to 'keep you busy,' while I take Audra to the Lair." Audra's eyes got big and she started backing away.

Kenneth erupted in flames, a handy transporting ability, to beside Audra, grabbed her arm, and transported them to the Lair.

Chapter 15-Audra is Trapped

The appeared in the cell of Amanda and Harsha. The two young girls jumped and the youngest started crying. Audra backed away from Kenneth. "You monster." She cried. "You've gone insane!" Kenneth looked sad that Audra felt that way. He looked around the cell. "Well, Lord Chaos isn't available at this time, so you'll spend a couple of hours in this cell with this scum." He nodded towards Amanda and Harsha. He erupted in flames and was gone.

The two girls were very dirty and small, Audra noticed. They were shaking and looked suspiciously at Audra. Audra felt tears coming to her eyes again. She wondered if there were any other children in the Destroyer's Lair. She sat down in the back of the room and looked at the girls again. "I'm not going to hurt you. We are all prisoners here." The older girl considered this and stood up, the younger scrambling up after her.

"I'm Amanda." She said to Audra. "And this is Harsha. We were stolen from our house." Amanda sat across from Audra. "I am Audra, the Storm Keeper." said Audra. "I was taken from the rest of..." Her voice trailed away. "Are you two the missing Emotion Keepers?" Amanda and Harsha looked at her blankly. Audra tried something else. "Did anyone say you would destroy the world, or without you, the world would go crazy or something?"

Amanda screwed up her face. "Yes, Lord Chaos did say something like that."

Audra was amazed that the fate of the world was linked to the two tiny girls sitting across from her. She had to get them out. She stood up and walked over to the door and pressed her palm onto the cool surface. She concentrated and a small spark went onto the door. Audra imagined the door flying off of its hinges.

A sudden bolt of lightning raced out of her hand and got the hinges on the door. The large door started falling into the hall. Audra grabbed the handle and lowered it carefully to the ground. She gestured for Amanda and Harsha to come. Amanda got up immediately, but Harsha hesitated. Audra went over to her. "Trust me." Audra whispered to Harsha. Harsha slowly got to her feet and grabbed Amanda's hand. Audra led them into the long, dark hallway.

The hallway was all stone, hastily cut. The stone was a sickly grey and was wet, so Audra figured they were underground, except that it was unusual hot for a cave. Every once in awhile they would come to another door, each completely different from the last, and each with their own strange sounds coming from it. As they reached their 5th door, they heard footsteps coming from in front of them. Audra saw a nook in the left wall and shoved the girls into it. Then she squeezed in. The footsteps stopped about 10 feet away. Audra could see the glow of the lamp splashing a long shadow of the figure along the right wall. The first person was joined by a second person. They were talking in hushed tones, and Audra could barely hear them.

"The prisoners have escaped." A girl's voice said. Another voice growled. "How? How could two puny Emotion Keepers escape?" The second voice was a boy's.

"I have no idea, Zayven. It looked as if they zapped themselves out. Maybe that new kid Kenneth will know. He said he had just come back from their cell." The first voice said.

Zayven growled again. "Yavmn, what if Kenneth set them out?"

The corridor was filled with red light, and then died out. "I heard my name." Kenneth said to Zayven and Yavmn. "Yeah, so?" Yavmn asked.

"So, I want to know what is going on." Kenneth replied coolly. Audra resisted going out there and punching him.

There was a pause. Zayven answered. "The two Emotion Keepers have broken out of their cell."

"Wow, really?" Kenneth asked nervously. Yavmn laughed. "You must've let them out! I hear the guilt in your voice!" Kenneth mumbled something that Audra couldn't hear. There was a stunned silence.

"You what?" Zayven yelled. Yavmn was growling. The sound of Zayven yelling bounced off of the walls. "To the throne room, now!" Kenneth transported away. Zayven and Yavmn's footsteps went past Audra, Harsha, and Amanda's hiding place, and echoed away. They came out of the wall cautiously. Harsha had started silently crying and Amanda was pale.

Audra wrapped her arms around them. "We're going to be fine." She said. "I'll make sure of it." And they started walking, once again.

Chapter 16-Sythos

The thing was coming towards them, and fast. They all darted out of the way. Nadia was screaming her head off and Viva looked freaked out. Pov was scared too. Aero was the only one who didn't look scared at all, but Pov figured he was just trying to look brave.

Sythos went towards Vivia and Pov thought she was toast, literately, but a huge wall of thick vines went up as temporary protection. Sythos opened up his mouth and shot out flames at Vivia's vine wall. The wall was reduced to ashes, but Vivia was already running away.

"This thing needs some serious mint breath mints!" Aero yelled. Sythos turned towards him, offended, and hissed. Aero ran away and climbed up a tree quickly to the top. Nadia and Viva went over to where Pov was hiding. The serpent-dragon didn't seem to be able to climb or lift it's enormous head high enough to get Aero.

"What do we do? What do we do?" Nadia was shaking. "We have to save him! We can't loose another one!" Vivia nodded. Pov looked towards Aero worriedly. Sythos was circling the tree Aero was in.

"I think," Vivia said hesitantly. "The way to defeat it is with water." Nadia backed away. "No way! I'm not fighting that thing!" Vivia looked pleadingly towards Pov. Pov sighed.

"We'll cover you Nadia. Just summon some water and drown it. Please." Nadia still looked worried, but nodded. Pov turned around. The people from the plane were long gone. He turned toward Sythos. Vivia looked at Pov. "We'll need a pit. A big one with the snake in it, and really deep."

Pov concentrated and imagined the giant snake falling into a deep pit. The ground trembled and Sythos was swallowed into a pit, barely a foot from the tree Aero was in. Aero looked down into the pit and dropped lightly to the ground. "It's okay!" Aero yelled towards Pov, Nadia, and Vivia. They went over. Vivia and Nadia looked into the pit. Pov backed away. "Is it deep enough?" He asked.

Aero grinned. "Why don't you look for yourself?" Pov grimaced. "No thank you." Nadia and Vivia turned around. "It's deep enough. Now Nadia just has to fill it up with water." Vivia said. Then, all four of them jumped back as a column of flame shot up out of the pit. They gathered a ways away from the pit and looked curiously at Nadia. Nadia closed her eyes. A spout of water shot up next to her, gathered into a huge bubble of water, and splashed into the pit. The water filled it to the top.

"I hope it doesn't know how to swim." Aero said, and Vivia glared at him.

"It breathes fire Aero. It probably doesn't like water too much." She said, rolling her eyes. Then, the water started boiling, and then erupted, shooting water high into the air everywhere. Nadia, Vivia, Pov, and Aero were all soaked.

Aero rushed over to the pit, which was now a small crater. "It's gone!" He announced, and they all let out sighs of relief. "Now let's go save Audra!" Vivia yelled, and they happily set off again.

Chapter 17- Lord Chaos's Punishment

When Kenneth transported to the throne room, all of the Destroyers were already there in their thrones. All seven were glaring at him. Lord Chaos's throne was empty, and Kenneth felt sick. He wondered what his punishment would be; he had really messed up. When Lord Chaos did appear, he looked furious, and Kenneth's nausea increased. The Destroyers shifted uncomfortably in their thrones. Kenneth bowed and Lord Chaos growled at him.

"Why did you do that human?" Lord Chaos asked furiously. His hands were gripping the sides of his throne very hard.

"I was only gone for a..." Kenneth started, but Lord Chaos interrupted him. "A minute, maybe? Obviously it was long enough for your darling sister to decide to blast them out!" He slammed his fist down and Kenneth jumped. In a more controlled voice he said, "Sythos has been defeated by those other annoying Element Keepers."

"They are growing stronger, my Lord. The memories are becoming clearer." said the girl sitting to the immediate right of Lord Chaos.

"Quiet Lorsivsay or I will cut your evil little tongue out of your tiny mouth!" A boy, second to the left said, in a perfect imitation of Lord Chaos.

"Distriv..." Lord Chaos began, but was immediately interrupted by Lorsivsay. "Dad hates it when you do that Distriv!" Lord Chaos's face went purple and Kenneth struggled not to laugh.

"Wow, Lorsivsay, you aren't that evil sounding for the controller of evil are you?" Zayven said next to Distriv in an offhand tone. Lorsivsay got up out of her seat. Soon, all seven of the Destroyers were arguing with each other. Lord Chaos got to his feet. "I demand you to be quiet, or I will cut out all of your tongues, painfully too!" He added. One by one, the Destroyers sat back down again, glaring at each other. Lord Chaos sat back down once they were all quiet.

"Now," He said, looking at Kenneth. "Time for your little punishment." He grinned. "I think a few days in the torture dungeon will do. I'll need you nice and obedient when you are done for a few tiny tasks." Lord Chaos snapped his fingers and the two Destroyers on the end thrones, Yavmn and Mortimer, of sickness and destruction, escorted him to the torture dungeon.

Chapter 18- A Way Out...Maybe

Audra, Amanda, and Harsha were still walking along. They had come to a divide in the cave, and it was not your normal split cave. It was a perfect four-way cave. Audra walked cautiously to the middle of the four-way and peered down each passage way. The one to the left sloped downward. The right one was pitch-black with no torches along the walls. The third, which was straight ahead, was just like the long hallway they had been following for the last hour.

Audra waved for Harsha and Amanda to follow her into the hallway straight ahead. After about 5 minutes it started to slope upwards, and Audra took that as a good sign, if they were underground.

They came to a dead end. It was a wall like all of the others, hastily cut. Audra sunk down next to the wall. She had thought it was the way out. They could wander the place for months and not find the exit. Audra heard faint voices echoing up to them, bouncing off of the walls. She and the girls crept down the hall a ways to hear their conversation at the four way in the cave.

They could hear several voices "...they could possibly be?" The voice nearest to them said.

"Curse Kenneth! Now we have to search for the kids!" Another voice mumbled.

The first voice spoke again, "It's too easy though, they have no idea how to get out. Plus, we can fight them anytime."

A third person laughed loudly. "Do not take it lightly, Lorsivsay. The Storm Keeper is one of the most powerful Keepers." The third voice addressed the rest of the group. "Zayven and Distriv, go left, Visminiv and Yavmn go right, Mortimer and Lorsivsay, come with me forward. Do not kill them. Go!"

Audra immediately grabbed Amanda and Harsha, flung them in front of her, yelling at them to run as fast as they could, and she ran after them. The three Destroyers started running and yelled after them.

Audra stopped behind Amanda and Harsha, who had stopped. In front of them was the woman from the campfire, named Keyos.

"You must hold them back Audra. I will take the Emotion Keepers to safety."

"What if I can't trust you?" Audra asked. The Destroyers were getting closer. Amanda went over to the woman, and Harsha scurried over to her side.

"We can trust her Audra." Amanda said. "She has helped us before." Audra saw Harsha nodding, and nodded too.

"I'll come back for you Audra." Keyos said, and ran towards the dead end around a bend with the girls.

Audra turned around and faced the way the Destroyers were. The memories that she had in her head made since to her now. They were the old Storm Keeper's memories. They told what her abilities were and how to use them. The Destroyers came around the corner. Audra knew there were the other Destroyers besides the three in front of her down the hall a bit, waiting to be called.

The three looked surprised to see Audra there alone, and laughed at her. Audra hurriedly searched her memories and found that they were the Destroyers who controlled destruction, evil, and natural disasters.

"So, will you come quietly, or will we have to drag you to our fancy torture chamber with your pleasant brother?" The one to the left said. It was Lorsivsay, controller of evil.

Audra stood up tall. I am going to fight you. You cannot beat me."

The Destroyer to the right looked uncomfortable. His name was Mortimer, controller of Destruction. "Are you sure about that?" He looked nervous.

Audra grinned and put her hand out to the side, palm up. A ball of electricity was floating above her hand. "Oh, I think I can handle it. Easy enough. It's a shame you can't really die though. It would be so much easier." Her memories told her that they died for awhile, then they come back to life eventually.

The Destroyer in the middle was the only one who didn't look nervous. He was Staversiv of natural disaster.

"Last time I saw you, you froze up." Staversiv observed. Audra rolled her eyes. "I've been cramped in this cave with all of these creepy doors. I think I can deal with my complete opposite." And she threw her electricity ball at Mortimer and he immediately faded away. Audra had to remind herself that they weren't human. Plus, she had to do this in order to save the world.

Staversiv and Lorsivsay looked surprised to see Mortimer get killed so quickly, but they got over the shock and ran towards Audra. She was ready though. She stuck her hand out at Lorsivsay and blasted her with a huge lightning bolt. The air hummed with electricity. Staversiv backed away. "You will get away now girl, we will hunt you down though, and you will loose." Audra yelled out how she had heard that in movies often while she was running to the dead end. She was tired. Summoning all of that made her exhausted.

She reached the dead end. Keyos was waiting there with her left hand against the wall. "You did well. Go through the wall now." Audra hesitantly pressed her hand to the rock wall, but instead of feeling the wall there, her hand sunk right through it. She pushed the rest of herself through the wall.

She was in a lush hotel room. Amanda and Harsha were sitting on one of the huge king-sized beds, watching TV. They were both perfectly clean and looked beyond happy to be out of the cave. Audra could actually feel the happiness in the air. Keyos came through the wall and it glowed red, then went back to normal. Amanda smiled to Audra. "Hi! This is a lot better than a cell. We had ice cream!"

Harsha laughed. "It was good too!" Audra smiled. It was the first time she had heard Harsha talk. Keyos smiled sadly at them. Audra sat on the other bed and looked out the window. It was late afternoon in Las Angeles. "I'm going to sleep. Zapping Destroyers really wears you out." She kicked off her shoes, saw Keyos fade away, and fell right to sleep.

Chapter 19- The Meeting

Vivia, Aero, Nadia, and Pov took a long cab ride to Las Angeles. They found about 1,000 dollars in their bags, so they were actually able to pay for it. Vivia stared at the map, keeping where the cabbie couldn't see it. She saw Audra in a hotel in LA, and that's where they were heading. Aero and Pov were playing "Would You Rather" and Nadia was talking to the cabbie up front.

"15 minutes." The cabbie announced. They had been in traffic for awhile. Vivia was slightly impressed that the cabbie was willing to take them from the western edge of Colorado to LA. Vivia was sure he would get in trouble with his boss, but the cabbie, whose name was Peter, didn't seem slightly bothered that he had to drive so long.

When they pulled into the front of the hotel, Aero was the first to jump out. "Fresh air! Space!" Everybody looked at him. He shrugged. "I am slightly claustiphobic." The other three got out. Nadia paid the cabbie and the taxi left. They walked up to the hotel and entered the lobby.

The lobby was huge. There were crystal chandeliers everywhere and many overstuffed fancy couches. Vivia looked around. She wondered how they were supposed to find Audra. The hotel had so many rooms.

Vivia led them to a private corner and took out the map. "Show me which room Audra Pennings is in at this hotel." She whispered to the map.

The map changed to a view of the hotel. It then shifted to the 6th floor. The room 6b was glowing slightly golden.

"Let's go!" Nadia said. They headed towards the elevators. They were squished in, but managed to get off on the 6th floor by squeezing out from between people. Pov almost got trapped between two people, but Vivia pulled him out into the hall right before the doors shut.

The hallway was decorated similarly to the lobby, but with doors with golden letters saying which rooms they were. They raced down the right side of the hallway. They reached the door that said 6b. Aero knocked.

A sleepy looking Audra opened the door, looking ready to fight with two little girls standing behind her. When Audra realized who it was, she hugged them all and let them in. The room was large and even had a mini kitchen. Audra and the two little girls, who Vivia figured were Amanda and Harsha, the Emotion Keepers of love and happiness. Vivia, Pov, Aero, and Nadia sat on the other bed. Audra introduced everyone.

Audra was smiling widely. "I missed you all so much! What happened?" Vivia, Pov, Aero, and Nadia told her what had happened to them. Audra shared her story.

Vivia was impressed that Audra had summoned that much lightning. The two Emotion Keepers kept adding bits and pieces of their story every once in awhile. When Audra was done, she took a deep breath.

"What do we do now?" Pov asked. Audra shifted uncomfortably. "We have to go back after Kenneth. They must've done something terrible to him as punishment. Also, I'm pretty sure we can only destroy Lord Chaos with all six of the Element Keepers." She grimaced. "This is only the beginning."

End of Book 1