Chapter 3: Coach Franco; "Just do it!"

"Hello, Penelope."

"Oh! Hi, Eli."

"Shall we?" he held out his arm to me; pointing in the direction of P.E. My eyes widened the tiniest bit, and my throat closed. My heart was racing; and the small smirk on his lips just made me more nervous. Nodding, I took his arm and let him lead me to the gym.

Yes, Eli Church was in my P.E. class. The one class were my face gets red, my shirt gets sweaty and my breathing becomes raspy. So you see why I put it off till Senior year? Eli, however, took it every year; and has since we were all Freshmen. And now, I get the privilege of having him see me at my most unattractive.

Now you're wondering: why on God's green earth do I care what this...person...thinks? The answer: I can't help it! He's just so...attractive... I hate to admit this, but he's just one of those guys that you can't help but like. And so, despite his bitchy ex-girlfriend, atrocious "popular" status and fan-girl database, I want him to see me at my best. And I'm not at my best during P.E.

I began to pull away from him, towards the girls locker room, when we entered the hallway leading to the Gym. He tugged on my arm, and again I was walking in line with him. "B-b-b-but, don't we have to change?" In my head I was screaming: What the fuck, Penn? Stuttering! Seriously! Come one woman! He's just a guy! But, another voice responded: Ha! Just a guy, right. Whatever helps you sleep at night, toots. I had a strong urge to shake my head and get rid of the voices. I so didn't need voices in my head right now. Ugh.

"No," was his all too simple reply. I stared at him. Openly and easily I stared at the much to irresistible teenage boy that I had my arm linked with. He couldn't be serious! And not only that but he just shrugged it off. Part of me was dreading having to face Coach Franco not dressed out in my clothes for P.E. And the other part was anticipating how he was going to pull this off.

He dragged me into the Gym, where numerous kids, mostly Freshmen, were doing various activities. My attention was taken from them to Coach Franco. Coach Alfreda Franco. The students of Cunningham had never seen her without her hair in a tight, high pony tail or a stick up her ass. She was always unpleasant, always wore sunglasses as if she were getting over a hangover (maybe she was) and wore "sports wear". Also, all of her students were convinced that her motto was "Just do it!" because of her Nike obsession.

I was also deathly afraid of the woman.

Eli waltzed up to the woman with the fake tan and menacing scowl, and said, "Good afternoon, Coach Franco." She turned her head to look at him, and I swear the muscles in her face relaxed slightly. "Mr. Church," she tilted her head in his direction.

"We, Penelope and I, are late to class today on account of her belongings being thrown onto the floor. I helped her gather them and since then accompanied her here. We believed it too late and a waste of time and effort to dress out. Am I correct, Coach?" He spoke fluently and eloquently. And he sounded... very, very old. But the strangest bit, was as he spoke the beautiful blue-gray eyes he had turned silver. Liquid, melted and churning silver. Not a dull gray color, but liquid silver. There's no other way to describe it other than that. It was the strangest sight. And then...

"Alright, Mr. Church. No points will be taken from you grade." She nodded again before turning her attention back to the rest of the class.

I gaped at him. What had just happened?

"Yes Penelope?" he asked after a few seconds of my open-mouthed gaping. The liquid silver his eyes had become slowly retreated from his eyes, receding into his pupils.

If at all possible my jaw fell to the floor and shattered into pieces, and my eyes popped right out of the sockets. I couldn't say anything on account of my jaw having shattered. He raised one perfect, dark eye brow at me; asking the simple yet silent question: What? Still, I found myself unable to speak. I mean, I had been rendered completely speechless! Okay, well, in reality this wasn't that hard to do. But usually, when I was speechless it was by choice. Now, in this instance, I literally had no idea what to say.

I mean, come on!, what would you say to a guy whose liquid silver eye color just receded into his pupils which is what I assume what he wanted to happen.

I stared at him, knowing nothing else to do. And he stared right on back at me, analyzing me once again. Then, as if by some magical force, my throat loosened, my jaw reformed and my eyes fit back into my sockets. Three words escaped my mouth, "Oh. My. God." And then I was reduced back to my previous state of dropped jaw, "popping" eyes and no brain. His eye brows furrowed, and his lips pursed in thought. He turned and walked away to Coach Franco. I watched him walk away, with smooth strides and watched him walk back with the same demeanor. Vaguely, I'd overheard the words, "Would you excuse Penelope and I, Coach? Just for a moment." And then there was something frigged and icy grasping my arm and pulling me back towards the Gym hallway. It scared me a little and I believe I may have begun hyperventilating. Then it looked down at my arm; and it was his hand.

When we were in the hallway, he looked deep into my eyes (thankfully without any of the "silver-eye-magic-mumbo-jumbo"), held tightly to both my arms with his icicle hands and asked me sharply, "They haven't told you?" He seemed appalled and slightly angry, but his eyes were a vault I didn't have the combination to. My eyebrows furrowed. "Excuse me?" Lines creased his forehead and confusion took over his features for a moment before he regained his composure. He straightened up, released my arms and brushed off his jacket.

A second later, a pair of girls wearing short-shorts walked through the Gym door, slamming it behind them. Giving us a weird look, they passed us into the Girl's Locker Room. Once again he brushed off his jacket, "One moment, Penelope." And with that statement, he walked swiftly through the Gym doors. Once the door clicked shut, my brain began to function. I let myself process what I'd seen. I blinked for a few seconds, and stood up straighter.

When he slid back through the doors once more, I exhaled. Funny, I hadn't even realized I'd been holding my breath...

"Come." He intertwined our arms, and pulled me out of the Gym hallway.

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