Chapter 3: Things Seem Better Only After a Hot Guy Jumps Off your Balcony

I'd been sitting on the box for a while when a tall woman walked up to me. She had thin salt and pepper hair tied into a loose braid hanging over her shoulder. She was wearing a long flowing skirt and comfy Birks sandals, her weathered finger tips pressed together. The woman approached me, "Hello," she said. I looked up from the shiny key I had been fiddling with. A warm smile spread on her lips as she held out her hand, "Come, I'll make some tea," I just stared at her hand, unmoving. She laughed, "Your grandparents and I are friends, I am your neighbor," when I didn't move she sighed heavily. "Would you feel more comfortable in your own home?" I nodded, and she walked into the house, I shoved the key into my pocket and followed.

Inside the water boiled noisily, and I looked at her, "Who are you?"

"Nella," she told me. "I'm your grandmother's friend, I live down the road," she looked up from the blue tea cup she was stirring. I nodded in acknowledgement and she handed me a cup with the picture of horse on it, she herself taking the blue one. I sipped the tea as I followed her up to my room, I didn't know why, but I just had a gut feeling that I could trust her; another part of me didn't really care. When we got there I stepped onto my balcony, "Is this your favorite spot?" I nodded again. She nodded too; she seemed to be going over something in her head.

Thirty minutes later we had talked about every aspect of the weather. It was a weird subject, but surprisingly harmless. Home never came up, so I continued on about the humidity in Texas and the lush greenness of it all. She nodded, agreeing and taking the occasional sip of her Chamomile tea. That's just about when a tan, shirtless and incredibly gorgeous guy rushed in. He cupped his hand over her ear, and slowly her eyes widened and she nodded.

"Sorry, dear, but I have to go," I simply nodded and watched her go. The guy still hadn't left two minutes after she'd gone; I circled the rim of my mug with my pinky finger. I sighed and looked up at him, he was looking at me. He held out his hand, "Cole," he told me. "Poppy Fae Crown." He chuckled. I sighed heavily and again circled the rim of my coffee mug with my pinky finger ignoring his outstretched hand.

I looked up again, straight into his deep chocolate eyes. With a struggle, I diverted my gaze, and caught the look of his dark hair that was perfectly messed up so that it looked amazing. I sighed, of course, I just happen to meet this really cute guy on my second day here. What is up with my life? Then I looked down, catching a glimpse of the six pack that was just so openly revealed. Why wasn't he wearing a shirt? Wasn't there a law or something?

"Nice socks," he smiled goofiliy, showing me his perfectly white teeth. I gulped and stood up; I don't think I can take getting compliments from a cute guy. It's not like I could flirt back or anything.

But then, as ironic as this is, my socks slid unexpectedly on the wood flooring. I shut my eyes tight, expecting the hard wood to smack my back. Instead I felt muscular arms wrap themselves around me, catching me, and not letting me go. I opened one eye at a time, and realized it was Cole. A sigh of relief escaped my lips before I struggled to get out of his grasp; smacking at his arms and chest a little.

No compliments, no hugging, no saving, no deep-eye-looking. I cannot fall for somebody; no, I refuse.

When he got the hint and set me on my feet, I muttered, "I – I have to go to the bathroom," and scampered across my room into the generic blue and white restroom. I looked in the perfectly cleaned mirror at my blond curls and crystal blue-green eyes. I paced, back and forth, back and forth for at least three minutes. Until I finally decided to go back out there, if I was lucky he would be gone. Yet, I flinched as I saw this, his tan figure was still standing on my balcony. His hands in tight fists, knuckles turning white around the rickety railing of the balcony.

I padded my way across the room; he looked at me, anger in his eyes. It took all my self control not to jump back, and run into the bathroom because of that look. He sighed and released the railing, but his fists stayed clenched, and he looked at me as I stepped onto the balcony, "I have to go," he growled. I stepped out of the way of the door, but instead he turned and gripped the railing.

"Wait," I said, but he had already jumped. My eyes widened and I ran to the edge to the sound of a smack! He had landed on his feet! I didn't think my eyes could get that big. He had landed in front of the man I had met down stairs, the man side stepped and Cole walked across the street into the trees, teeth clenched and a dangerous glare set in his eyes.

I looked at him in awe, before sliding against the railing. Landing on the soft green rug, I hugged my knees to my chest, knotting my hands in my hair. I was dumbfounded. I shook my head, that couldn't have been real. No. He went out the door, walked down the stairs and through the front door and went home. Just like normal people. Just like I would. Just like anyone would. There was nothing weird about it, and he was not a Greek god sent to save me. No. I was not the slightest bit attracted to him, either.

Or at least, that's what I wanted to think.

I sighed and stood slowly, retelling the story in my head. I clomped down stairs, hopefully retracing his steps. But, I knew I wasn't. Quietly I stopped at the door, and stared at the lush green he had disappeared into. The heavy set man stood behind me. I stepped aside, allowing him to get by. Thankfully, he did nothing out of the ordinary. "That's the last of it," he told me, I nodded still staring, transfixed, at the green.

The man looked where I was, and raised an eyebrow before walking away without another word. I was mesmerized, my mind filled with images of the mysterious guy. Cole. Suddenly, things seemed to matter, again.

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